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Lexicon MX 300

249.00 € Lexicon MX 300 Multi-FX - 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays & modulation effects, dbx compression and de-essing, quad-processor design, 5x effect routing options, 99 factory/99 user programs... Loe edasi

Lexicon MX200

198.00 € Lexicon MX200 stereo effects processor - 2 independent internal processors, 24bit converter, Presets and parameters on VST plug-in controllable, MIDI interface and tap-delay button. Legendary Lexic... Loe edasi

Lexicon MX400 XL

356.00 € Lexicon MX400 XL Multi FX - 17 legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays & modulation effects. DBX compression and de-essing. Quad processor design, 7x effect routing options, 99x factory/99x user prog... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM92

1953.00 € Lexicon PCM92 - professional effects processor for studio and live applications, based on the PCM96, 28x different reverbs, delays and modulation effects, HiQnet remote compatible, up to 96kHz samp... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM96

2742.00 € Lexicon PCM96 - professional 24bit/96kHz stereo reverb/effects processor with 28x legendary Lexicon reverbs, modulation and delay effects, new mono reverbs and effects including chamber, hall and p... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM96 Surround A dig/Analog

4207.00 € Lexicon PCM96 Surround A, professional surroundprozessor with digital and analog i/o, new and legendary reverb and effectalgorithm, up to 24bit/96khz, firewire audio streaming for six channels, "ha... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM96 Surround D

3898.00 € Lexicon PCM96 Surround D Professional Surround Processor - new and legendary reverb and effect algorithms, up to 24bit/96khz, 6-channel FireWire audio streaming, 'hardware plug-in' operation for Ma... Loe edasi

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