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ART AV Direct

97.19 € " ART AV Direct, Audio / Video Direct Box, Allows connection of a laptop, DVD / video player, iPod or other hi-fi devices to an XLR microphone input, Transformer isolated XLR mic level output, Freq... Loe edasi

Black Lion Audio T4BLA Opto Element

165.00 € Black Lion Audio T4BLA Opto Element, Central Control Element for Optical Compressors, Replacement for T4B photocells, Compatible with 7-pin steel tube socket@+*Suitable for the following units:*@+... Loe edasi

D&R Telephone Hybrid 1

301.00 € " D&R Telephone Hybrid 1, Analogue Telephone Hybrid, TRS inputs / outputs for line in / out and telephone a / b, Format: 9.5""/ 1U"

D&R Telephone Hybrid II

589.00 € " D&R Telephone Hybrid II, Analogue Telephone Hybrid, With balanced inputs / outputs, High- and Low-shelf filter, Ducking function for better intelligibility in broadcast, Remote controllable, ... Loe edasi

Dangerous Music Liaison

4181.00 € " Dangerous Music Liaison, Mastering Patchbay - Router, 6 Stereo insert loops - assignable to 2 stereo buses, Flexible Potent Parallel processing loop, route, switch, matrix, flip and audition with... Loe edasi

Dangerous Music S&M

2917.00 € Dangerous Music S&M, Mastering M/S Processor, Centre/side processor designed by Chris Muth, Limited to 100 pieces worldwide, Midrange and side signal with balanced insert, Stereo width control... Loe edasi

Genelec 9301B

1045.00 € " Genelec 9301B, AES/EBU multi-channel interface, For operation of the Genelec 7300 subwoofer series via AES/EBU, Supported sample rates: 32 to 192 kHz, 16-24 bit, Connectors: 8x AES/EBU on 2x DB25... Loe edasi

Hosa SLW-333

144.00 € Hosa SLW-333, Audio switcher, Offers 3 options for signal routing, Eliminates the need to rewire equipment, Ideal for comparing mixes on up to 3 sets of studio monitors or switching between 3 ster... Loe edasi

Lindy Audio Converter SPDIF Digital

73.82 € Lindy Audio Converter SPDIF Digital, Audio Converter SPDIF Digital, Converts digital optical Toslink into electrical coaxial SPDIF signals and vice versa, Inputs: 1x TosLink (Optical), 1x Digital ... Loe edasi

Lindy optical 2 Port Audio Switch

67.66 € Lindy optical 2 Port Audio Switch, Optical 2-Port Audio Switch, Connects two digital optical TosLink sources with an optical TosLink input, Automatic or manual switching function, Inputs: 2x TosLi... Loe edasi

Lindy optical 4 Port Audio Switch

79.97 € Lindy optical 4 Port Audio Switch, Optical 4-Port Audio Switch, Connects four digital optical TosLink sources to one optical TosLink input, Automatic or manual switching function, Inputs: 4x TosLi... Loe edasi

Presonus SW5E AVB Switch

467.00 € Presonus SW5E AVB Switch, 5-Way AVB Switch with PoE, Lockable Ethercon sockets, 4 Ports with PoE (Power over Ethernet) as well as a port for connecting additional switches, PoE standard: IEEE 802.... Loe edasi

Radial Engineering Phazer

463.00 € Radial Engineering Phazer, Class A phase controller, For combining two sources such as microphone and DI signal, Switchable Gnd / lift, Polarity and bypass, XLR in out, Low pass filter, Includes p... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-BL2

533.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-BL2, Unbalanced to Balanced Bi-Directional Converter, For connecting consumer and semi-professional devices to balanced line level systems, 2 x XLR inputs, 2 x RCA inputs, 2 x XL... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-BL4

719.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-BL4, Dual 2-Channel, Bi-Directional Level Converter, Unbalanced level adjustable by trimmer from -28 dBu to +15 dBu, Blanaced level adjustable from -15 dBu to +15 dBu, 4 x XLR in... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-DA6

712.00 € " Sonifex Redbox RB-DA6, 6 Channel Stereo / 12-Channel Mono Distribution Amplifier, 2x XLR inputs, Input impedance 20 kOhm, Max. Input level +28 dBu, 12x XLR outputs, Output Impedance 50 Ohm, Max o... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-DA6G

742.00 € " Sonifex Redbox RB-DA6G, Audio Interface, 6-channel stereo or 12-channel mono distribution amplifier, With level adjuster per output, Housing: 19 "", 1U"

Sonifex Redbox RB-DDA6A

749.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-DDA6A, 6x AES / EBU distribution amplifier, Supports resolutions from 16 bit 44.1 kHz to 24 bit, 96 kHz, 1 AES / EBU input XLR, 6 AES / EBU outputs XLR, Dimensions 28 cm (width) ... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-LU4

719.00 € " Sonifex Redbox RB-LU4, 8 Channel Level Converter, From sym. XLR to unsym. Cinch, Level adjustable via trimmer from -28 dBu to +15 dBu, 19"" / 1HE"

Sonifex Redbox RB-SD1

988.00 € " Sonifex Redbox RB-SD1, Silent Detector, 2 source inputs to 1 master output, Automatic switching time adjustable from 2 - 30 sec, Remote input for ext. Switching and status messages, Bal. in / out... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-UL4

719.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-UL4, Quad 2-channel balancer, Change from unbalanced to symmetric, Trimmer level adjustable from -15 dBu to +15 dBu, 8 RCA inputs unbalanced, 8 XLR outputs balanced, Frequency re... Loe edasi

SPL Gemini Black

2707.00 € SPL Gemini Black, Mastering M/S Processor, Mid/side processor in 120 V technology, Ideal for M/S mastering, Mid signal with solo and insert, Centre position and level precisely adjustable via bala... Loe edasi

SPL Hermes All Black

5218.00 € SPL Hermes All Black, Mastering Router, Router for eight 2-channel processors, Two parallel mix stages with switchable level correction, Create, save and compare processing chains, Quick compariso... Loe edasi

SPL Pro-Fi Performer s800 black

3450.00 € SPL Pro-Fi Performer s800 black, Stereo Power Amplifier, Bi-polar transistor output stage with VOLTAiR 120 V technology, Power: 2x 285 W at 4 ohms, 2x 185 W at 8 ohms (stereo mode), 450 W at 8 ohm... Loe edasi

tc electronic Icon Dock

235.00 € tc electronic Icon Dock, USB 2.0 Docking Station, For the modern DAW-based studio, The integrated USB hub provides connectivity and power for up to 7 controllers of the tc electronic Icon series, ... Loe edasi

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