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AMS Neve 8816 Summing Mixer

3178.00 € AMS Neve 8816 - hand-built, hand-wired 16 channel summing mixer for use in professional computer based studios, classic Neve analogue transformer mix buss, instant recall of settings (stored on PC ... Loe edasi

Dangerous Music 2 Bus LT Black

1774.00 € Dangerous Music 2 Bus LT, 16 channel analog summing amplifier, 16 inputs 2 outputs, cascadeable and compatibel with 2-Bus, Frequency Response: 1 Hz-100kHz within 0.1 dB, Total Harmonic Distortion: ... Loe edasi

Dangerous Music 2 Bus+

3712.00 € Dangerous Music 2 Bus+, cascadable 16-channel analog summing mixer, connectors xlr and d-sub, 2 parallel stereo-outputs (main + monitor), switchable stereo analog insert for easy outboard gear inte... Loe edasi

Fredenstein Mix Cube 16

1542.00 € Fredenstein Mix Cube 16; 16-channel digital controlled Analo g summing amp; fully Analog and balanced Signal path; every Input channel with Level- (0.5 dB Steps), Pan- Control (-3 dB Law) and Switc... Loe edasi

Fredenstein Mix Cube 8

1403.00 € Fredenstein Mix Cube 8; 8-channel digital controlled Analog summing amp; fully Analog and balanced Signal path; every Input channel with Level- (0.5 dB Steps), Pan- Control (-3 dB Law) and Switch f... Loe edasi

Heritage Audio MCM-32

3609.00 € Heritage Audio MCM-32; 32-Channel analogue Summing Mixer; Sub-D25 Connections balanced; 2x Master Insert Send and Return XLR (L/R); VU-Meter; Rotary Knobs for Pan, Volume, Insert point and On/Off p... Loe edasi

Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16MK2

3314.00 € Phoenix Nicerizer 16MK2; 16 Channel DAW Summing Mixer; Class A, discrete, transformer balanced output stage (DSOP-2); individual detented pan control for each channel (16 x Pan pots); +8 dB Boost b... Loe edasi

Radial Engineering Space Heater

2405.00 € Radial Engineering Space Heater, 8 channel tube summing mixer with 12AX7 tubes, switchable 35, 70 and 140 Volt, 8x +4dBu balanced Line-inputs and 25 Pin SubD, 8x jack Insert send/return, XLR LR out... Loe edasi

Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite

3885.00 € Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite, active 6x2+2 Summing Mixer, Continuously variable control for Silk and Silk+ modes allows the engineer to fine tune the harmonic ratio and tonality of both stere... Loe edasi

SPL MixDream

3009.00 € SPL MixDream - analogue mixer & insert box. Dimensions: 19”/2U

SPL MixDream XP

1063.00 € SPL MixDream XP; highend 16 channel analogue mixing on only 1HE, highend Class-A/60V-amplifier for analogue, active mixing in best quality, mixing of all analogue tracks before A/D-conversion, late... Loe edasi

SSL Sigma Delta

4711.00 € Solid State Logic Sigma, Remote Controlled Analogue Summing Mixer, 32 ins and outs via 25pin D-Sub, Advanced DAW automat ion driven SSL SuperAnalogue mix engine, Works with all majo r DAW's includi... Loe edasi

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur TSM Tube Summing Mixer

1705.00 € Tegeler Audio Manufaktur TSM Tube Summing Mixer; 2 × 16 balanced inputs via 4 sub D connectors (XLR or TRS via adapter cable, Tascam layout); 2 × 4 balanced TRS inputs (stereo jack); Internal mix... Loe edasi

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