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A-Designs Audio Pacifica

2036.00 € A-Designs Audio Pacifica; 2-channel Mic-/Instrument-Preamp; Cinemag Input and Output Transformers: 72dB Gain; Phase Reverse and -20dB Pad switchable per Channel; +48V Phantom Power; Frequency Range... Loe edasi

AER Colourizer 2 Pocket Tool

476.00 € AER Colourizer 2 Pocket Tool, preamplifier for microphones or line signals, controls: gain, DI Level, Volume, Balance, Intensity, Enhancer Intensity, Level, Bandwidth, Frequency, Switches: Line / M... Loe edasi

AMS Neve 1073 DPA Preamp Stereo

2437.00 € AMS Neve 1073 DPA - two legendary 1073 microphone pre-amps i n a convenient 1U rackmount design, hand-crafted and hand-wi red by Neve in Burnley, UK. Dedicated input gain controls an d output trim ... Loe edasi

AMS Neve 1073 DPD Preamp Stereo

2745.00 € AMS Neve 1073 DPD, two legendary 1073 microphone preamps in a convenient 1U rackmount design, superior Neve-designed analogue-to-digital 24-bit converters, 192Khz operation with DSD conversion, sel... Loe edasi

AMS Neve 1073 DPX Dual Preamp & EQ

3589.00 € AMS Neve 1073 DPX Dual Preamp & EQ, analog microfonpreamp stereo, from the legendary Class A design, each with 3-band EQ (fixed HF plus two switchable bands with cut/boost capability) and high ... Loe edasi

AMS Neve 1073N Mono Mic Pre, EQ

1902.00 € AMS Neve 1073N, micpreamp and EQ, Class A design 1073N microphone preamplifier has 3-band EQ (fixed HF plus two switchable bands with cut/boost capability) and a high pass filter, mic pre and EQ co... Loe edasi

AMS Neve 1073SPX mono preamp & EQ

2237.00 € AMS Neve 1073SPX mono mic preamp & EQ unit, legendary 1073 microphone pre-amp & EQ Unit in a convenient 1U rackmount design, hand-crafted and hand-wired by Neve in Burnley, UK. +48V phantom... Loe edasi

AMS Neve 4081 QuadMic Preamp

3085.00 € AMS Neve 4081 Microphone Preamp - legendary Neve design, four genuine 1081 mic preamp channels in a single 9.5" wide unit, two units can be fastened together to provide 8 channels in one 19" unit. ... Loe edasi

Aphex Channel

934.00 € Aphex Channel, 19" 1U channelstrip includes tubepreamp, Compressor, gate, split band de-esser, aural exciter, parametric eq, Big Bottom - circuir, +4 dBu and -10 dBV outputs, 24 Bit 96 kHz A/D conv... Loe edasi

API Audio 3124V

3414.00 € API Audio 3124V; 4-channel Mic-, Instrument- and Line-Preamp; Classic API Circuit Design; API 2520 Op Amps; switchable Functions per channel: 3:1 Output Transformer Tap Selection, +48V Phantom Powe... Loe edasi

API Audio A2D Dual 312 Preamp AD

2767.00 € API A2D Dual 312 Mic Preamps With Digital Output - pair of signature 312 mic preamps, API 2520 op amps, 20-segment LED metering on both analog and digital sections, mic and line inputs, polarity, p... Loe edasi

API Audio The Channel Strip

3332.00 € API Audio The Channel Strip - combines many well-known and highly coveted pieces in one package: 512C mic pre, 550A EQ, 527 compressor and 325 line driver. Each processing piece can be switched in ... Loe edasi

ART Digital MPA II

640.00 € ART Digital MPA II - 2-channel mic preamp with A/D converter, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF & AES/EBU out, Word Clock, 44.1-192kHz, analogue & digital output level control, discrete class A design, vari... Loe edasi

ART Dual Pre USB

115.00 € ART Dual Pre USB - 2-channel mic preamp with USB connection, 2 XLR/jack combi inputs, 48V phantom power, stereo TRS moni tor & headphone outs, USB Bus powered (also supports optiona l battery o... Loe edasi

ART Pro Channel II

476.00 € ART Pro Channel II, discrete Class-A Tube microphone preamp, Optical Compressor with separate Attack and Release controls, Auto/Manual Attack/Release switch, Parametric EQ, VU and LED meters, Multi... Loe edasi


466.00 € ART Pro MPA II, - 2-channel mic preamp (discrete class A), variable input impedance for flexible microphone voicing (150-2400ohms), selectable plate voltage, large VU meters, backlit function switc... Loe edasi


264.00 € ART TPS II,Tube Pre-Amplifier System II - 2-channel tube pre -amp with built-in limiter, 12AX7A tube, EQ & limiter preset s, frequency response: 5Hz-150kHz, XLR/jack combo connectors .


59.29 € ART Tube MP - superior preamplification for microphones, instruments and line level sources. Hand selected 12AX7A provides 70dB of gain. Smooth, warm and fat sound quality, variable input and outpu... Loe edasi

ART Tube MP Project Series

115.00 € ART Tube MP Project Series, 70dB gain, fast FET Limiter to Prevent Overload, selectable Input Impedance, LED Metering, +48V Phantom Power, XLR and 1/4Inputs and Outputs, Phase Invert switch Low Cut... Loe edasi

ART Tube MP Project Series USB

137.00 € ART Tube MP project series USB Preamp - 70dB gain, fast FET limiter to prevent overload, selectable input impedance, LED metering, 48V phantom power, XLR & 1/4" inputs and outputs, phase invert... Loe edasi

ART Tube MP Studio V3

115.00 € ART Tube MP Studio V3 tube microphone pre-amp - limiter & VU meter, hand selected 12AX7A tube, +48V phantom power, phase reverse, OPL (output protection limiter), XLR & jack I/O and variabl... Loe edasi

ART TubeOpto 8

640.00 € ART TubeOpto 8, Eight Channel input / output expander for any ADAT lit-pipe equipped audio interface, Eight Fully Featured Class-A Tube Mic Preamps, Eight Channels of ADAT lite-pipe Digital 24 Bit ... Loe edasi

ART Voice Channel

640.00 € ART Voice Channel Valve Channel Strip - class A valve preamp, compressor/expander/de-esser/gate, 4-band semi-parametric EQ with cut/boost (switchable pre/post compressor), 12Hz-100kHz analog, 44.1-... Loe edasi

Audient ASP 880

924.00 € Audient ASP 880, 8-channel mic preamp, 2x Hi-Z Class-A Instrument Inputs, 8 x Insert points, variable input impedance and High pass Filters, phase invert on all channels, signal status indication, ... Loe edasi

Audient ASP800

740.00 € Audient ASP800, 8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier and ADC with HMX & IRON, 8 x World Class Audient Console Mic Pres, 2 x Retro Channels with Dual Stage COLOUR Saturation Controls - HMX & IR... Loe edasi

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