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Alesis Nanoverb 2

120.00 € Alesis Nanoverb 2 Effect Processor, 52-bit DSP resolution, Tremolo, Chorus, Flange, Delay, Plate, Tape, Spring, Halls and mixed programs, 16 different program settings for each of its 16 effects = ... Loe edasi

Behringer FX2000 3D FX Processor

120.00 € Behringer FX 2000 - 3D FX processor with 71 new algorithms including studio quality stereo and 3D effects, modulation, dynamics, psychoacoustic and EQ algorithms, authentic amp emulation, distortio... Loe edasi

Bricasti Design M7

4104.00 € Bricasti Design M7 - stereo reverb processor with 100 reverb presets, 12 program parameters, 100 user presets, MIDI I/O, 24bit AES digital I/O, 6 analogue devices DSP chips, balanced analogue I/O (... Loe edasi

Eventide 2016

2570.00 € Eventide 2016, Reverb Effect Processor for Stereo Room, Room Reverb and High Density Plate, build-in 24-Bit DSP, up to 99 User Presets can be stored, Bypass-Switch, Connections: 2x Line I/O XLR and... Loe edasi

Eventide Eclipse

2295.00 € Eventide Eclipse Harmonizer effects processor - Eventide's signature pitch change, reverb, and special effects program presets, all with uncompromising quality. Digital SPDIF and AES/EBU I/O, analo... Loe edasi

Eventide H-7600 Ultra Harmonizer

5141.00 € Eventide H-7600 Ultra Harmonizer, 2-Channel Effect-Procssor, 1100 Presets, 24-Bit - 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz or external, LCD-Display, Bypass/Mute Function, Memory Card Slot, Connections: 2x Line-Input X... Loe edasi

Eventide H8000FW

6685.00 € Eventide H-8000 FW Multi-Channel FX System - 24bit processor, 1600x presets (including reverb, chorus, pan, filter, delay & multi-band compression), over 80x 5.1 presets (including 5.1 reverb),... Loe edasi

Eventide H9000 Harmonizer

7190.00 € Eventide H9000 Harmonizer; Multi-Effect Processor; 4 Quad Core ARM Processors (16 DSP engines); 1600 algorithms; create complex FX Chains; large colour Display; 8 assignable LED meters; 16 channels... Loe edasi

Lexicon MX 300

249.00 € Lexicon MX 300 Multi-FX - 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays & modulation effects, dbx compression and de-essing, quad-processor design, 5x effect routing options, 99 factory/99 user programs... Loe edasi

Lexicon MX200

212.00 € Lexicon MX200 stereo effects processor - 2 independent internal processors, 24bit converter, Presets and parameters on VST plug-in controllable, MIDI interface and tap-delay button. Legendary Lexic... Loe edasi

Lexicon MX400

307.00 € Lexicon MX400 Multi-FX - 17 legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays & modulation effects, dbx compression and de-essing, quad-processor design, 7 effect routing options, 99 factory/99 user presets fo... Loe edasi

Lexicon MX400 XL

356.00 € Lexicon MX400 XL Multi FX - 17 legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays & modulation effects. DBX compression and de-essing. Quad processor design, 7x effect routing options, 99x factory/99x user prog... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM92

1953.00 € Lexicon PCM92 - professional effects processor for studio and live applications, based on the PCM96, 28x different reverbs, delays and modulation effects, HiQnet remote compatible, up to 96kHz samp... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM96

2742.00 € Lexicon PCM96 - professional 24bit/96kHz stereo reverb/effects processor with 28x legendary Lexicon reverbs, modulation and delay effects, new mono reverbs and effects including chamber, hall and p... Loe edasi

Lexicon PCM96 Surround D

3898.00 € Lexicon PCM96 Surround D Professional Surround Processor - new and legendary reverb and effect algorithms, up to 24bit/96khz, 6-channel FireWire audio streaming, 'hardware plug-in' operation for Ma... Loe edasi

Roland VT-3 Bundle

242.00 € Roland VT-3 Bundle containing ROLAND VT-3 (order code 331457), DECKSAVER ROLAND AIRA VT-3 (order code 352146)

tc electronic D-Two

600.00 € tc electronic D-Two Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay - based on the legendary TC 2290. Up to 10 second delay (spatial, ping pong, reverse, dynamic delay), chorus and filter.

tc electronic M-One XL

433.00 € tc electronic M-One XL - dual-effects processor with improved algorithms and balanced XLR inputs and outputs, 200 presets and 100 user memories, 25 algorithms (reverbs, delays, dynamics, pitch, cho... Loe edasi

tc electronic M100

95.60 € tc electronic M100; Stereo Multi-Effects Processor; 16 TC-Effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, pitch shifter and multi-effects; Edit and Tap/Select function; 24... Loe edasi

tc electronic M3000

1130.00 € tc electronic M3000 multi-effect device with Dual-engine structure enabling two simultaneous reverbs or effects, award winning intuitive user-interface, 600 factory presets and multiple I/O formats... Loe edasi

tc electronic M350

220.00 € tc electronic M350 dual engine rack processor - 15x stereo reverbs, 256x multi-effect/reverb presets + 99 user presets, total of 355 presets, full DAW integration through VST/AU compatible editor, ... Loe edasi

tc electronic Reverb 4000

1388.00 € tc electronic Reverb 4000 - single engine stereo version of the System 6000. 24-bit AD/DA converter, 44.1-96kHz sampling rates, USB interface, ICON software editor for PC/Mac, analogue and AES/EBU,... Loe edasi

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Raumzeitmaschine

2776.00 € Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Raumzeitmaschine; Tube-Reverb; Combination of digital and analog Components; integrated DSP; remotely controllable by the DAW-Plugin (AU, AAX, VST) via Servo-Motors; two do... Loe edasi

Vermona Retroverb Lancet

514.00 € Vermona Retroverb Lancet, electromechanic effectdevice, Springreverb with overdrive, filter, VCA, Envelope and LFO for creating effects like: Auto Wah, Tremolo, Distortion, Delay, Gates and Reverb,... Loe edasi

Vermona ReTubeVerb

923.00 € Vermona ReTubeVerb, Tube Spring Reverb, ix-spring reverb tank (three double-springs) made by Accutronics, Equalizer with bypass Function; Bass: ca. 80 Hz, Middle: ca. 200 Hz, Treble: ca. 1 kHz, Tub... Loe edasi

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