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Apogee Groove

320.00 € Apogee Groove, usb dac and headphone amp, usb 2.0 connection to mac and pc, up to 24 bit / 192khz audio, ess sabre dac, enhances your itunes, tidal, spotify, pandora or other music listening experi... Loe edasi


83.50 € ART HeadAMP 4 - 4-channel headphone amplifier with level control on each channel, 4x stereo headphone outputs (1/4" and mini-jack) and 1x stereo input (1/4" and mini-jack). Includes external power ... Loe edasi

ART HeadAMP 4 Pro

152.00 € ART HeadAMP 4 Pro, 5-Channel Headphone Amplifier with level control on each channel, XLR Input for external Talkback Microphone, switchable Phantom Power, 4x Aux Input for Headphone Outs, Talkback ... Loe edasi

ART Headamp 6

221.00 € ART Headamp 6, six-channel stereo headphone amplifier, Six Independent High-Power Headphone Amplifier Channels, Dual Function Balance/Mix Control per Channel, Front Panel Stereo Aux Input for each ... Loe edasi

ART Headamp 6 Pro

239.00 € ART Headamp 6 Pro - 6-channel stereo headphone amplifier with separate bass & treble controls, front & rear panel outputs, XLR & 1/4" balanced inputs. Operates in Stereo, mono (source l... Loe edasi


71.39 € ART HeadTAP, Sometimes floor monitors are a problem. There isn’t enough room for them onstage or someone sits in and can’t hear the monitors or the drummer can’t hear them well enough. Or perhap... Loe edasi

Behringer Amp800

47.19 € Behringer Amp 800 - ultra-compact 9.5" headphone amplifier system for studio and stage applications, 4 totally independent stereo high power amplifier sections, highest sonic quality with virtually... Loe edasi

Behringer HA400

22.99 € Behringer MicroAmp HA400 - ultra-compact 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier, output level control for each channel, 1x 1/4" TRS stereo input (100kohm), 4x 1/4" TRS stereo outputs (80ohm), include... Loe edasi

Behringer HA8000 V2

120.00 € Behringer HA8000 V2, Professional, multi-purpose headphones amplifier system for stage and studio applications, 8 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in 1 U rack space, 2 stereo Main i... Loe edasi

Behringer MA400

22.99 € Behringer MA 400, 1 Channel Headphone Amp, Mic., Monitor Input, Headphone and Mic through Output

beyerdynamic A 2

1336.00 € beyerdynamic A 2 Audiophile headphone amplifier, incl. remote control for all functions, slide switches for selectable gain and impedance, the A 2 can optimally be tuned to connected dynamic headph... Loe edasi

beyerdynamic A 20

424.00 € beyerdynamic A 20 Premium headphone amplifier - 2 stereo jack outputs 6.35 mm (1/4") in parallel mode, frequency range 10 - 100000 Hz (-1dB), T.H.D. 0,01 % bei 170 mW / 250 ohms, maximum output pow... Loe edasi

beyerdynamic Impacto Essential

264.00 € beyerdynamic Impacto Essential Hi-Res-DAC Cable - Digital-Analog-Converter for T 1 (2. Generation), T 5 p (2. Generation) and Amiron, Maximum sample rate dimensions 384 kHz / 32 bit, DSD 5.6 MHz, f... Loe edasi

Fostex HP-A3

318.00 € Fostex HP-A3, headphone pre-amp and DA converter with USB, 2 4 Bit/96 kHz, supports all types of regular headphones, AK43 90 AKM D/A-Chip, 32 Bit, inputselector: USB and digital opti cal TOS-Link, ... Loe edasi

Lake People F388D Phone Amp

1130.00 € Lake People Phone Amp F388D, 2x2 Stereoamplifier,

Lake People G103-P Phoneamp

350.00 € Lake People G103-P, stereo headphoneamp, highest transmission quality and compact dimensions to drive 2 headphones,, optimized to lowest noise and distortion, featurs: electronically balanced xlr -... Loe edasi

Lake People G103-S Phoneamp

296.00 € Lake People G103-S, stereo headphoneamp, highest transmission quality and compact dimensions to drive 2 headphones,, optimized to lowest noise and distortion, featurs: unbal. RCA inputs, two gains ... Loe edasi

Lake People G105 Headphone Amp

403.00 € Lake People G105 PHONEAMP, compact dimensions to drive 2 headphones, optimized to highest output, voltages, lowest noise and lowest distortion, bal. XLR inputs, for wide spread of headphone impedan... Loe edasi

Lake People G109-P HighEnd Phoneamp

559.00 € Lake People G109-P HighEnd Phoneamp, highest transmission quality for low-, medium- and high-impedance headphones. features: electronically balanced inputs, unbalanced inputs with priority, DC coup... Loe edasi

Lake People G109-S HighEnd Phoneamp

497.00 € Lake People G109-S HighEnd Phoneamp, highest transmission quality for low-, medium- and high-impedance headphones. features: unbalanced RCA inputs, DC coupled amplifiers (switchable), Overall gain ... Loe edasi

Lake People HPA RS 02 Reference Series

620.00 € Lake People HPA RS 02 Reference Series, - stereo headphone amp with unbalanced in/outputs RCA goldplated, DC coupled amplifier, 5-step adjustable pre-gain, NF frequency response: 5-60Khz (-0,5dB), ... Loe edasi

LD Systems HPA 4

44.77 € LD Systems HPA 4, 4 channel headphone amp, 4x Headphones out with leveler, 6,3mm stereo jack connectors, RCA L/R and 6,3mm stereo jack input, Mono-Stereo switchable, works with external DC powersup... Loe edasi

LD Systems HPA 6

189.00 € LD Systems HPA 6, 6 channel headphones preamp, 2x Headphones out per channel on the rear, Stereo Main-Input XLR and jack, Stereo Main Output XLR and jack, adjustable Direct In (Stereo), 6x Aux In (... Loe edasi

Lehmann Audio Linear Pro Black

886.00 € Lehmann Audio Linear Pro (Black) - high end headphone amplifier, 10Hz-35kHz, switchable between 0/10/18/20dB max, 2x XLR-Combo ins, internal power supply. Dimensions: 110 x 44 x 280 mm (WxHxD). Wei... Loe edasi

Lehmann Audio Studio Cube

435.00 € Lehmann Audio Studio Cube Headphone Amplifier - XLR/jack combo inputs, TRS thru outputs, 2x stereo headphone outputs, adjustable gain (+6/+12dB), mono/stereo source selector, input level indicators... Loe edasi

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