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M-Audio Bass Traveler

41.14 € M-Audio Bass Traveler, Battery-powered amplifier can drive two sets of headphones, Long-lasting (approx. 8 hours) rechargeable Lithium polymer battery (built-in), LED indicator for power on, batter... Loe edasi

Mackie HM-4

42.35 € Mackie HM-4, ultracompact 4-way headphone amplifier, share a single stereo source with up to 4 pairs of headphones, 1x 6,3mm jack stereo-input and 4x 6,3 mm jack stereo-outputs with individual volu... Loe edasi

Mackie HM-400

173.00 € Mackie HM-400, 19"-4-channel headphone amplifier, L/R main inputs and L/R stereo outputs, LED-level display with 7 segments each channel and in stereo inputs, 3x headphone outputs each channel, Aux... Loe edasi

Mackie HM-800

219.00 € Mackie HM-800, 19"-8-channel headphone amplifier, up to 10 mixing lines bei insgesamt 16 headphone outputs, 2 discreet stereo inputs with separate volume control and stereo outputs, LED-level displ... Loe edasi

Millenium HA 4

32.55 € Millenium HA 4 ultra-compact 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier - output level control per channel , stereo jack input, 4x stereo jack outputs, DC 12V adapter included, Dimensions (WxHxD): 129 x ... Loe edasi

Millenium HP 1

54.45 € Millenium HP1 - 1-channel professional headphone amp, 350mW, balanced input (L&R), works with all headphones (including 8 Ohms), thru output, 2 headphone outputs. Dimensions: 108 x 45 x 90mm (1... Loe edasi

Millenium HP4

90.76 € Millenium HP4 Headphone Amplifier - 4x separate stereo inputs with servo-balanced 1/4" jack inputs, separate volume control for each channel, 4 units can be driven together, fully shielded internal... Loe edasi

Millenium Pocket Headphone

39.93 € Millenium Pocket Headphone, 4 - channel Headphone amplifier,1x 6,3 mm stereo Jack Input, 4x 6,3 mm stereo Jack Output, Volume control for each Output, incl. 18 V AC power supply, optional Standhold... Loe edasi

MOTU Monitor 8

1182.00 € MOTU Monitor 8, Combination of Monitor Mixer 24x16x 8, 6-Channel Headphone Amp and USB/AVB Audio Interface, 24 Inputs and 8 Stereobus-Outputs, 2 Monitor Out (Main / Aux) for 2 Pairs of Monitors, 6 ... Loe edasi

Palmer PHDA 02

339.00 € Palmer PHDA 02, Studio headphone amp with reference sound, Stereo- Mono or Dual-Mono application, 2x 6,3mm headphones out, works with an impedances 8 - 200 Ohms, hard 9,5" metall housing, XLR/jack ... Loe edasi

Presonus HP4

137.00 € Presonus HP4 Headphone Amp - four high-power headphone outputs, very loud (130 mW per channel), ultra quiet operation, control room monitor outputs with level control, mono or stereo operation, mon... Loe edasi

Presonus HP60

329.00 € Presonus HP60, 6-channel headphone amp. Six independent ultra-low noise, high output headphone amplifiers (150mW per channel), 2 sets of stereo inputs (A/B) with balanced jack connectors, stereo ex... Loe edasi

Rolls HA 204p

183.00 € Rolls HA 204p, 4 channel Headphone amplifier, Input 3,5-mm mini Jack, outputs 3,5-mm Mini jacks, 4 individual outputs with seperate volume controls, frequency range 15 - 35.000 Hz, Battery powered ... Loe edasi

Rolls HA 43 Pro

120.00 € Rolls HA 43 Pro, 4 KChannel Headphone amplifier, Stereo 6,3mm Jack Input, 4 seperate 6,3mm Jack Outputs,with individual gain control, PS 27 powersupply included

Rolls PM 52

83.50 € Rolls PM 52, Headphone Tap, Converts speaker signal into Monitor signal, Mono/Stereo Mode, 6,3 mm JAck in/outputs

Rolls PS 16

142.00 € Rolls PS 16, Personal Monitor Centre, PS-16 divides 4 signals for the PM-50, PM-50 OB or PM-351, Input XLR + 6,3-mm Jack, Trafo Balanced XLR-Eingang, 4 Stereo 6,3 mm Jack Outputs

Rolls RA-53b

221.00 € Rolls RA-53b, 5 channel headphone amp for professional Monitoring in Studios and Live, 3 jack inputs (Insert), XLR L/R Input, jack- and RCA inputs, 6,3 mm and 3,5 mm headphone outs per channel with... Loe edasi

Rolls RA-62c

361.00 € Rolls RA-62c, 6 channel Headphone amp for professional Monitoring in Studios and Live, 6x jack input (Insert), XLR L/R Input, jack- and RCA inputs, 6,3 mm and 3,5 mm headphones out per channel with... Loe edasi

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP

579.00 € Rupert Neve Designs RNHP; Precision Headphone Amplifier; based on the headphone amplifier used in the 5060 Centerpiece; 3 Inputs (Line, RCA, 3.5mm TRS); Output Impedance 0.08 Ohms @ 1KHz, 16-150 Oh... Loe edasi

Shure SHA900

857.00 € Shure SHA900, DAC-headphones preamp, highest sound qualitiy, silver aluminium housing, 3,5mm headphones out, internal 4- Band parametric EQ, switchable Presets: Flat, Low Boost, Voc al Bosst, Loudn... Loe edasi

Sonifex Redbox RB-DHD6

759.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-DHD6 - headphone distribution amp with digital inputs (AES/EBU or S/PDIF), 150mW into 32-600 Ohms, 6x individual headphone outputs on the front. Dimensions: 19"/1U

Sonifex Redbox RB-HD1

435.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-HD1, headphoneamplifier, XLR stereo and XLR mono input for adjustable "talkover", VCA-controlled, remote for levelcontrol, two outputs,

Sonifex Redbox RB-HD2

430.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-HD2, headphoneamplifier, sing XLR stereo and XLR mono input, two outputs,

Sonifex Redbox RB-HD6

616.00 € Sonifex Redbox RB-HD6 - headphone amplifier with XLR inputs and 6x separate outputs.

SPL Phonitor 2 Black

1748.00 € SPL Phonitor 2 Black, Preamp / Monitor-Controller, switchable Level adjust (Conusmer- to Professional Level 1:1, +6dB, +12dB), Line- and Headphone-Preamp for 3 Sources, Speaker Simulator on Headpho... Loe edasi

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