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Zoom BT-02

35.09 € Zoom BT-02, Rechargable lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery for Zoom Q4 and Q4n

Zoom CMF-8

18.03 € Zoom CMF-8; Camera Mount Adapter for Zoom F8 and F8n; 1/4" thread to attach the F8 and F8n to DSLR cameras

Zoom DHC-1

59.29 € Zoom DHC-1, DC-HIROSE cable; For Zoom F8, F4 and FRC-8

Zoom ECM-3

142.00 € Zoom ECM-3, Mic Extansion cable built for the following Zoom devices: F8, H5, H6 and Q8, cable length appr. 3m

Zoom ECM-6

152.00 € Zoom ECM-6, Mic Extansion cable built for the following Zoom devices: F8, H5, H6 and Q8, cable length appr. 6m

Zoom EXH-6 Combo Capsule

71.39 € Zoom EXH-6 Combo Capsule for Zoom H-6 and H-5, expand the recorder with 2 analogue Inputs, Connections: 2x Combo-Input 1/4" TR/XLR, Pad-Switch, 2x Gain-Control, Attention - does not support phantom... Loe edasi

Zoom F-Control FRC-8

406.00 € Zoom F-Control FRC-8, hardware controller for zoom f4 and f8; 9x 60mm fader (tracks + master); 3.5 mm headphone output; usb port for connecting external computer keyboards; input / output control f... Loe edasi

Zoom GHM-1

47.19 € Zoom GHM-1, Mount adapter for Zoom Q4 and Q8 Handy Video Rec order, for mounting to a guitar head stock

Zoom HS-1

22.99 € Zoom HS-1, flash socket adapter for ZOOM H1 and H4n Handyrecorder

Zoom LBC-1

59.29 € Zoom LBC-1, li-ion battery charger for zoom battery bt-02 and bt-03, using usb bus power from a computer or optional ad-17 ac adapter (item number 325751), connector: mini usb typ b

Zoom MA2

18.15 € Zoom MA2 Clip Adapter for H1/H2/H4n/H4/Q3/Q3HD

Zoom MSH-6

120.00 € Zoom MSH-6, Accessorie mic capsule for Zoom H5 and H6, combines a unidirectional mid mic that captures sound from the center with a bidirectional side mic that captures sound from the left and righ... Loe edasi

Zoom MSM-1

37.51 € Zoom MSM-1, Mount adapter for Zoom Q4 Handy Video Recorder, for mounting to a standard microphone stand

Zoom RC2

42.35 € Zoom RC2; cable remote for Zoom H2n; easily manage and control your recordings; controllabel functions: recording start, playback, stop and mark point; 1,0 m cable lenght + 3,0 m extension cable

Zoom RC4

35.09 € Zoom RC4 – cable remote for Zoom H4n, H4n SP & H4n Pro. Access a range of functions including start recording, play, stop, fast forward/reverse, recording level adjustment and input source swi... Loe edasi

Zoom RKL-12

108.00 € Zoom RKL-12; Rack Mount Adapter for Zoom LiveTrak L-12; made of steel; mount a LiveTrak L-12 in a standard 19" Rack; incl. two adapters with screws (M4 x 8 mm).

Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Mic Capsule

123.00 € Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule for Zoom H-6 & H-5, incl. hairy windscreen, super-cardioid polar pattern

Zoom SMF-1

47.19 € Zoom SMF-1; shock mount for Zoom F1 Recorder; shock mount made for Zoom F1 Recorder (item 432197)

Zoom SSH-6

142.00 € Zoom SSH-6, stereo shotgun microphone capsule built for zoom h5, h6, and q8, mid-side stereo shotgun capsule includes a super-directional microphone for picking up sound in the center, as well as a... Loe edasi

Zoom XYH-5

85.92 € Zoom XYH-5, Accessorie mic capsule for Zoom recorders, shock -mounted X/Y microphone capsule provides two matched unidire ctional condenser microphones set at a 90 degree angle; mics are housed wit... Loe edasi

Zoom XYH-6

93.18 € Zoom XYH-6, Accessorie mic capsule for Zoom recorders, two a djustable cardioid mics for X/Y recording; the angle of the two mics can easily be changed from 90 degrees to 120 degree s for a wider s... Loe edasi

Tascam AK-CC25

120.00 € Tascam AK-CC25; Caddy for DA-6400 Series SSDs; for a 2.5-inch Serial ATA SSD (SSD not included); Hot Swapping; USB-3.0; Dimensions: 78 x 21 x 130.3 mm (BxHxT); Gewicht: 106g

Tascam AK-DR10 Ch

60.50 € Tascam AK-DR10 Ch, DR-10 C Jack Adapter for Shure Microphones

Tascam AK-DR11C

60.50 € Tascam AK-DR11C, Accessory Kit for DR-Series (DR-05, DR-07MKII, DR-40 und DR-100MKII), contains: Cable with built-in Level Attenuator, Windscreen, Splitter cable for simultaneous connection of head... Loe edasi

Tascam AK-DR70C

71.39 € Tascam AK-DR70C, Accessory package for DR-70D contains wind screen, shoe mount adapter, 2x 1/8" TRS stereo mini jack cables

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