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Yellowtec Litt 50 BaseController YT9101

193.00 € Litt 50 BaseController YT9101, BaseController Wall Mount, Bus Controller with automatic segment color recognition, drives up to 5 color segments, solid aluminium body, individual control inputs for... Loe edasi

Yellowtec Litt Signal Light YT9100 Base

163.00 € Litt 50 BaseController YT9100, ø 51mm aluminum, for up to 5 ColorSegments, incl. Universal Mounting Kit and Installation Tool, free Litt configuration Software downloadable,

Yellowtec Litt Signal Light YT9201 Red

115.00 € Litt 50 ColorSegment YT9201, ø 51mm, height 27mm, RED

Yellowtec Litt Signal Light YT9202 Green

103.00 € Litt 50 ColorSegment YT9202, ø 51mm, height 27mm, GREEN

Yellowtec Litt Signal Light YT9203 YEL

108.00 € Litt 50 ColorSegment YT9203, ø 51mm, height 27mm, YELLOW

Yellowtec Litt Signal Light YT9301 Red

119.00 € Litt 50 ColorSegment YT9301, ø 51mm, height 41mm, RED

Yellowtec Litt Signal Light YT9302 Green

120.00 € Litt 50 ColorSegment YT9302, ø 51mm, height 41mm, GREEN

Yellowtec Litt Signal Light YT9304 White

137.00 € Litt 50 ColorSegment YT9304, ø 51mm, height 41mm, WHITE

Yellowtec Litt Signal Light YT9305 Blue

138.00 € Litt 50 ColorSegment YT9305, ø 51mm, height 41mm, BLUE

Yellowtec Litt Signal Spoiler YT9550

29.04 € Litt 50 Spoiler YT9550

Yellowtec Litt SignalLight YT9303 Yellow

120.00 € Litt 50 ColorSegment YT9303, ø 51mm, height 41mm, YELLOW

Yellowtec MiKA Copy Stand M, YT3271

186.00 € Yellowtec MiKA Copy Stand M with QuickFix, YT3271 (Caution: the monitor-arm is not included!

Yellowtec MiKA MonArm YT3230

264.00 € Yellowtec MiKA, YT3230, Monitor Arm, Size "M", color: aluminium, maximum range 19,89" (50,5cm)

Yellowtec Plastic Sleeve YT3247

26.62 € Yelowtec Plastic Sleeve YT3247; necessary to mount m!ka Mic Arm, m!ka Studiolight and m!ka EasyLift; guarantees smooth fit of m!ka Arms to mounting devices; always to be attached to the bolt at the... Loe edasi

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