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IK Multimedia USB-C to Mini-DIN cable

43.56 € IK Multimedia USB-C to Mini-DIN cable; for iRig MIDI 2, iRig Pro, iRig Pro Duo, iRig HD, iRig HD-A, iRig Pro I/O, iRig Keys I/O, iRig Stomp I/O; length: 60cm

IMG Stageline MPA-102

148.00 € IMG Stageline MPA-102; 1-channel low-noise microphone preamplifier; 1 microphone input, XLR, bal.; Gain control, 11 steps, 20-70 dB; LED green/red for indicating operation/peak; Phantom power +24 V... Loe edasi

K-Tek Stingray Waist Belt

103.00 € K-Tek Stingray Waist Belt; 4 carabiners (2 on each side); each carabiner set is connected via same strap to a buckle; Molle Straps and D-Rings along waist for mounting additional accessories; desig... Loe edasi

Keith McMillen Bop Pad Mount

50.82 € Keith McMillen Bop Pad Mount; Holder for Keith McMillen BopPad Smart Fabric Drum Pad; M8 thread; Mounting on most popular cymbal stands; Diameter: 273 mm; Height: 45 mm; Weight: 600 g

Kenton LNDR Linedriver

167.00 € Kenton LNDR Linedriver; sends MIDI signals up to 500 meters via CAT.5 network cable; Set contains a transmitter, receiver and power supply; 1x MIDI-In / 1x MIDI-Out; Dimensions: 100 x 46 x 32 mm; W... Loe edasi

Lehmann Audio Tripod Mounting Set StudioCube

59.29 € Lehmann Audio tripod holder/mounting set for StudioCube; mounting bracket with 3/8" tripod thread; can also be used for under-table mounting; incl. drilling template

Lindy HDMI Audio Extractor 4K

73.82 € Lindy HDMI 4K Audio Extractor, with Bypass, extract Stereo Audio from a HDMI-Signal, analog out (stereo minijack) and digital out (TOSLink & Coaxial), HDMI up to UHD 4K & 1080p3D, HDMI in/out.

Lindy Notebook-Arm

83.50 € Lindy Notebook-Arm, mount your notebook above your desk (up to 8cm thick), height adjustable up to 25cm high, extends outwards up to 57cm, supports a maximum weight of 8kg, Aluminium vented platfor... Loe edasi

micW accessories Set-1

50.82 € micW accessories Set-1, Accessories Kit for the micW microphones i-Series, includes: CB011 extension cable 2m, CB012 Splitcable, CL013 Clip, WS013 Windscreen, AC011 The TUBE (storage, stand adapter... Loe edasi

micW iBoundary

117.00 € micW iBoundary, Boundary Mic for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices with a 4-pol jack input, Type: Electret Condenser, Capsule Diameter: 7.0mm, Principe of operation: Pressure, Polar Pattern: Ha... Loe edasi

micW Sa012

22.87 € micW Sa012, split adapter for 4 pole devices like smartphones, splits 4 pole connector (mic and headphones) into 2 separate connectors, this enables the use of regular headphones with optional suit... Loe edasi

Mode Machines REL-1

120.00 € Mode Machines REL-1; Recording lamp; professional studio lamp with "RECORDING" lettering; LED technology; high quality, sturdy and scratch-resistend enclosure; Lifespan: < 50.000 hours; includin... Loe edasi


405.00 € MOTU AVB Switch, Five-Port AVB Ethernet Switch, Plug & Play, 10/100/1 Gigabit Opertation, 12 LEDs, supports CAT-5e or CAT-6 Ethernet cables up to 100 meters, incl. external Power Supply

MOTU Rack Kit for UltraLite MK5

42.35 € MOTU Rack Mounting Kit for UltraLite MK5; 19" rack mount for a Motu UltraLite MK5 (9,5"); contains: 2x rack bracket incl screws; color: black

MOTU Rack Mounting Kit 1HE

19.97 € MOTU Rack Mounting Kit 1U; for MOTU interfaces that are 1U high and 19" wide; for MOTU interfaces that are 1U high - connecting two 9.5" units into one unit; Contains: 1x rack ear left 1U, 1x rack ... Loe edasi

Mutec MW-03/19

35.09 € Mutec MW-03/19, 19" Rackmount-Kit for backside mounting in a Rack, for SMART DIGITAL and MCs Units, black

Mutec MW-05/19 Mounting Frame 19"

35.09 € Mutec MW-05/19 mountingframe 19", for one piece MC series,

Netgear MS510TXUP 8-Port POE++

740.00 € Netgear MS510TXUP 8-Port Multi-Gigabit/10G Ethernet Ultra60 PoE++ Smart Switch with 2 SFP+ Ports, 295W PoE Budget, 4 x 2,5Gbyte ethernet POE++, 4 x 10Gbyte ethernet POE++, 2 x 10gbyte SFP+ extensio... Loe edasi

Oktava -10dB Pad

23.60 € Oktava -10dB Pad - color silver, -10dB pad for the Oktava MK-012, MK-101, MK-102, MK-103, MK-104 microphones

Oktava -10dB Pad Black

23.60 € Oktava -10dB Pad - color black, -10dB pad for the Oktava MK-012, MK-101, MK-102, MK-103, MK-104 microphones

Olympus RS30W Remote

70.18 € Olympus RS30W Remote, wireless IR Remote Control for LS Series, not compatible with the LS-P Series

Presonus SL 16 Series III Cover

53.24 € Presonus SL 16 Series III Cover; Dustcover built for the Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III; Material: Durable Nylon

Presonus SL 1602 Cover

29.04 € Presonus SL 1602 cover, Dustcover built for the Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2

Presonus SL 3242 cover

78.66 € Presonus SL 3242 cover, Dustcover built for the Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2 and 32.4.2 AI

Presonus SL1642 Adapter

142.00 € Presonus SL1642 Adapter, rugged steel panel, for permanently connecting two StudioLive 16.4.2 to one 32 Channel Unit

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