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micW accessories Set-1

50.82 € micW accessories Set-1, Accessories Kit for the micW microphones i-Series, includes: CB011 extension cable 2m, CB012 Splitcable, CL013 Clip, WS013 Windscreen, AC011 The TUBE (storage, stand adapter... Loe edasi

micW iBoundary

117.00 € micW iBoundary, Boundary Mic for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices with a 4-pol jack input, Type: Electret Condenser, Capsule Diameter: 7.0mm, Principe of operation: Pressure, Polar Pattern: Ha... Loe edasi

micW Sa012

22.87 € micW Sa012, split adapter for 4 pole devices like smartphones, splits 4 pole connector (mic and headphones) into 2 separate connectors, this enables the use of regular headphones with optional suit... Loe edasi

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