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Triad-Orbit AV-PCK

59.29 € Triad-Orbit AV-PCK; AV/Video adaptor pack; contains Triad-Orbit IO-H1, IO-H2, IO-H3, IO-H4, IO-H, LTADA and GPADA; incl. carrying bag

Triad-Orbit Cable Control CCL

17.30 € Triad-Orbit Cable Control CCL; cable management for stands; 127 mm lenght; diameter: 38 mm; 2 pieces per set

Triad-Orbit Cable Control CCS

17.30 € Triad-Orbit Cable Control CCS; cable management for stands; 127 mm lenght; diameter: 19 mm; 2 pieces per set

Triad-Orbit GB-3 grav-bags

103.00 € Triad-Orbit GB-3 grav-bags, 3 ballast bags to stabilize tripod stands (nylon, containing little stainless steel balls), for use individually at the end of each leg or combined around the large cast... Loe edasi

Triad-Orbit IO-FLX Flexible Gooseneck

67.76 € Triad-Orbit IO-FLX Flexible Gooseneck; rubber-Coated; strong, flexible and quite; compatible with IO-W Wallplate, IO-C Clamp or M2 micro boom for example; accommodates all Triad Orbit accessories; ... Loe edasi

Triad-Orbit IO-G

29.89 € Triad-Orbit IO-G; IO quick change adapter for GoPro cameras

Triad-Orbit IO-H4

13.55 € Triad-Orbit Quick Release Head IO-H4, Quick-Change Head, fits any conventional stand equipped with an IO-R Quick-Change system and all TRIAD systems, Material: brass, for consumer and prosumer phot... Loe edasi

Triad-Orbit IO-H5

26.02 € Triad-Orbit Quick Release Head IO-H5; Quick-Change Head; 1/4" male mounting thread, adaptable to 5/8"; fits any conventional stand equipped with an IO-R Quick-Change system and all TRIAD systems; M... Loe edasi

Triad-Orbit IO-H6

17.30 € Triad-Orbit Quick Release Head IO-H6 "Baby Pin" Quick-Change Head; made of aluminum and stainless steel; compatible with Triad-Orbit IO and IO-R couplers

Triad-Orbit IO-RL

66.55 € Triad-Orbit IO-RL; full-size quick-change coupler built specifically for photo/video lighting support

Triad-Orbit IO-SC Spring Clamp

95.60 € Triad-Orbit IO-SC Spring Clamp; with IO Quick Change connector; unique articulating jaws that firmly hold odd shaped objects; max. jaw opening: 50 mm; width of jaws: 30 mm; Accommodates all Triad O... Loe edasi

Triad-Orbit iOrbit Universal Tablet Holder

172.00 € Triad-Orbit iOrbit; Universal Tablet/Smartphone Holder incl. IO-C Clip; adjust from a width of 6 cm to 27.5 cm; features a stainless steel ball swivel enclosed in a cast alloy housing that provides... Loe edasi

Triad-Orbit LTADA

17.30 € Triad-Orbit LTADA; 5/8? thread Lighting Stud Adaptor

Triad-Orbit TC

79.87 € Triad-Orbit TC; set of 3 casters for Triad T3 stands

Triad-Orbit TSB Shuttle Bag

497.00 € Triad-Orbit TSB Shuttle Bag; robust double decker bag with wheels; specifically designed for Triad-Orbit Systems; store up to two Triad-Orbit Systems; extra room for mics, cables and accessories; h... Loe edasi

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