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Alesis Multimix 4USB FX

120.00 € Alesis Multimix 4USB FX; 4-channel mixer with digital output; low-noise digital 16bit/44.1kHz signal on USB for easy computer interface; 15 DSP effects; 4x line inputs; 2x channels of XLR inputs wi... Loe edasi

Antelope Orion 32 HD | Gen 3

4113.00 € Antelope Orion32 HD | Gen 3; 64-channel HDX / USB 3.0 Audio Interface; compatible with Pro Tools HD and Native; 24-Bit/ 192kHz AD/DA converters with up to 136dB dynamic range; onbo ard FPGA for rea... Loe edasi

Antelope Orion 32+ | Gen 3

2766.00 € Antelope Orion 32+ | Gen 3; 64-Kanal Thunderbolt / USB Audio Interface with on-board FX; 24-Bit/192kHz AD/DA converters with up to 129dB dynamic range; onboard FPGA for realtime m odelling effects ... Loe edasi

Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core

538.00 € Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core,4x8 USB-C Audio Interface with Synergy Core FX processing platform;, AD/DA conversion with up to 127dB of headroom; 2x microphone/line/Hi-Z inputs, on combo XLR jacks; ... Loe edasi

Apogee Jam+

193.00 € Apogee Jam+; mobile audio interface and AD/DA converter for computers and iOS devices; 96 kHz / 24 Bit PureDIGITAL converter; instrument input for pristine sound quality, designed for electric guit... Loe edasi

Apogee Symphony Desktop

1470.00 € Apogee Symphony Desktop; USB-C audio interface; 10 In x 14 Out desktop audio interface with high-quality converters and circuit design taken from the Symphony series; two mic preamps with up to 75d... Loe edasi

ART TubeMix

307.00 € ART TubeMix; 5-Channel Mixer and USB Audio-Interface; Inputs: Balanced 1/4" TRS inputs for stereo or mono line-level sources; 2x balanced XLR Mic or unbalanced 1/4" Instrument inputs; switchable +4... Loe edasi

ART USB Phono Plus PS

120.00 € ART USB Phono Plus PS, USB Interface with RIAA Phono Preamp, Low Cut Filter, S/PDIF Input optical and coax, S/PDIF Output optical, 2x Line-/Phono-Input RCA, 2x Line-Out RCA, Headphone Out, Plug&... Loe edasi

Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre

729.00 € Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre; USB 2.0 Audio Interface mit USB-C Anschluss; 24-Bit / 96 kHz; 16 input / output channels; 8x mic / line input (XLR / TRS combo jack); inputs 1 & 2 switchable to instrume... Loe edasi

Arturia AudioFuse Rev2

640.00 € Arturia AudioFuse Rev2; 14x14 USB audio interface; 24-bit / 192 kHz; talkback via integrated microphone (up to 96kHz sampling rate); integrated re-amping function; separate master & monitor mix... Loe edasi

Arturia AudioFuse Studio

934.00 € Arturia AudioFuse Studio; USB 2.0 Audio Interface with USB-C Connector; 24-Bit / 192 kHz; 18 input / 20 output channels; 4x mic / line input (XLR / TRS combo jack); 4x line input (6.3 mm TRS); Phon... Loe edasi

Audient iD14

250.00 € Audient iD14, USB 2.0 Audio Interface, 24 bit / 96 kHz High Performance Burr Brown AD/DA Konverter, up to 10 Inputs and 4 Outputs (combined), 2 analog Inputs, 2 analog Outputs, Headphone-Out 1/4" T... Loe edasi

Audient iD14 MKII

264.00 € Audient iD14 MKII; USB 3.0 audio interface; Connection: USB C; 24 bit / 44.1 - 96 kHz; ADC dynamic range: 121 dB; DAC dynamic range: 126 dB; 2x Audient Class A console mic preamps; 2x mic/line inpu... Loe edasi

Audient iD22

392.00 € Audient iD22, 10/14 Channel USB-Audiointerface and Monitor-Controller, 24-Bit/96 kHz, 2 combined Mic-/Line-Inputs XLR/TR Jack 1/4" (Input 2 switchable to Instrument), 4x Line-Out 1/4" TRS (2x Main ... Loe edasi

Audient iD4 MKII

163.00 € Audient iD4 MKII; USB 3.0 audio interface; Connection: USB C; 24 bit / 44.1 - 96 kHz; ADC dynamic range: 121 dB; DAC dynamic range: 126 dB; Class A Audient console mic preamp; Mic Gain 58 dB, <0... Loe edasi

Audient iD44

596.00 € Audient iD44, 20-in, 24-out desktop audio interface; all-metal desktop housing; knobs made of solid, hand-milled aluminum; 4 x Class-A Audient console microphone preamplifier microphone preamplifie... Loe edasi

Audient Sono

318.00 € Audient Sono; Guitar Recording Interface; 24-bit/96 kHz, 10x 4 Amp Modeling Audio Interface; 2 Combo Inputs Mic/Line with Audient Class A Microphone Preamplifier (60 dB Gain); Instr ument Input wit... Loe edasi

Audiowerkzeug CoDi

249.00 € Audiowerkzeug CoDi, 2 channel USB Audio Interface with balanced XLR Audio Outputs and galvanic isolated USB connection, high quality sound - free of interferences, for hooking ab a computer to a pr... Loe edasi

Audiowerkzeug DiGI

245.00 € Audiowerkzeug DiGI; 2 channel USB audio interface with galvanic isolated AES/EBU digital output as XLR connector; transmits digital audio signals from the computer without loss of quality (max. 100... Loe edasi

BandLab Link Digital

95.60 € BandLab Link Digital; USB Audio Interface; XLR combo jack with XLR and 6.3 mm jack for microphones and instruments; 6.3mm headphone and monitor output; gain control for adjusting the correct level;... Loe edasi

Behringer GUITAR 2 USB

18.15 € Behringer GUITAR 2 USB; 1/4" TS-to-USB Adapter with build-in A/D converter for audio; for connection and recording of Guitar/Bass on a PC; 1/4" TS male to USB male; Plug & Play; USB-Bus-Powered... Loe edasi

Behringer LINE 2 USB

24.20 € Behringer LINE 2 USB; 2x TS-to-USB Adapter with build-in A/D Converter; 2x ¼“ TS Jack; Length: 2 Meter; supported Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz, Plug&Play; for PC and Mac

Behringer MIC 2 USB

18.15 € Behringer MIC 2 USB; XLR to USB cable with build-in A/D audio converter; connect a dynamic or battery powered condenser microphones to your PC (female XLR to male USB), plug-and-play; USB bus power... Loe edasi

Behringer Podcastudio 2 USB

108.00 € Behringer Podcaststudio 2 USB; Set contains Behringer Xenyx 302 USB Mixer, Ultravoice XM8500 Microphone and HPM1000 Headphones; Features Xenyx 302 USB: 5-channel Mixer with USB, 1x Mic Input with 1... Loe edasi

Behringer U-Control UCA202

24.56 € Behringer U-Control UCA 202, USB/Audio Interface, 48 kHz converter, 2x Cinch IN/OUT, headphone output with dedicated level control 3,5 mm, S/PDIF optical output, bus powered, Plug and Play for WIN ... Loe edasi

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