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Antelope MRC

830.00 € Antelope MRC, USB Remote Control, Multi-channel remote control for Antelope Galaxy 32 and Antelope interfaces with surround support and immersive audio monitoring, Bus-powered, Supports 23+ format... Loe edasi

Apogee Control

301.00 € Apogee Control, Hardware Remote, For Apogee Ensemble Thunderbotl, Element and Symphony series, 8 Programmable buttons, Great controller for a variety of settings, Connection via USB cable (not inc... Loe edasi

Bricasti Design M10

3136.00 € Bricasti Design M10, Remote Control, For Bricasti M7, Milled housing made of solid, anodized aluminum, Complete control of up to eight Bricasti M7, Easy connection via RS422, Meter display for 8 c... Loe edasi

KS Digital KSD-RC

1007.00 € KS Digital KSD-RC, Remote Control for KS Digital Monitors, Suitable for monitors built from 10/2017, Set-up adjustment: delay and filter adjustable for the monitors, Volume can be adjusted with dB... Loe edasi

Loupedeck CT

484.00 € Loupedeck CT, Control Desk For Streamers And Content Creators, Ideal for all desktop and mobile setups, Compatible with keyboard, mouse, editing and streaming tools, Unlimited customisation, Suppo... Loe edasi

Loupedeck Live

258.00 € Loupedeck Live, Control desk for streamer and content creator, Ideal for all desktop and mobile setups, Compatible with keyboard, mouse, editing and streaming tools, Unlimited customisation, Suppo... Loe edasi

Neve 8804 Faderpack

1411.00 € Neve 8804 Faderpack, Fader Pack Expansion, For the Summing Mixer 8816, High-quality Long Throw fader, 16 Fader, 2 Master fader, 16 Mute/solo switch@+@+*Note:* For a description of the installation... Loe edasi


186.00 € RME ARC USB, Remote Control, Easy operation of TotalMix FX software, Compatible with RME Fireface UFX + and UFX II (direct) and all RME devices with TotalMix FX (via computer), Controls the DSP-ba... Loe edasi

RME MRC Multi Remote Control

43.06 € RME MRC Multi Remote Control, Infrared Remote Control for RME ADI-2 DAC@+*For controlling the following functions:*@+@+, On/Off, Volume, DIM, Mute, Balance L/R adjustment, EQ On/Off, Bass/Treble A... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-10

60.28 € Tascam RC-10, Wired remote control, Compatible with Tascam DR-40 and other portable audio recorders from Tascam, 6 buttons for transport control and setting of marks during recording, 4 function b... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-1F

47.98 € Tascam RC-1F, Non-Locking Foot-Switch (push-button), Compatible with Tascam Model 24, TA-1VP and DP-008EX, Non-slip rubber surface, Resistant cast material, Polarity switch for normally open and n... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-3F

84.89 € Tascam RC-3F, Footswitch, With three pedals, Hands-free operation of certain Tascam products (eg GB-10, LR-10), Function is determined by the controlled device, Battery status indicator on the bot... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-SS150

490.00 € Tascam RC-SS150, Remote control for Tascam SS-R250N and CDR250N, Wired, 3.5-inch TFT colour display, 12 Immediate start buttons, Access playlists with up to 96 tracks (8 × 12), Display of playb... Loe edasi

Tascam RC-W100-R86

165.00 € Tascam RC-W100-R86, Programmable Control Module For Wall Installation, Suitable for switching between four or eight audio sources of a compatible, permanently installed audio system, Four switch b... Loe edasi

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