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audiowerkstatt midi-restarter V2

193.00 € audiowerkstatt midi-restarter V2; sends a MIDI start/stop command at the push of a button to synchronize all following MIDI devices; connections: MIDI input and output; input for optional power sup... Loe edasi

audiowerkstatt trigger2midi2trigger V2

221.00 € audiowerkstatt trigger2midi2trigger V2; converts analog trigger clock to MIDI clock signals and vice versa; can also be used as a multifunctional analog trigger tool; Connections: MIDI input, MIDI ... Loe edasi

Bome BomeBox

221.00 € Bome BomeBox; universal MIDI-Hub; enables MIDI network via ethernet or WLAN; classic 5 pin low latency MIDI In/Out; USB host type A supports USB-MIDI controllers, multi-port USB-MIDI devices or USB... Loe edasi


71.39 € CME WIDI BUD; compact USB Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth LE) receiver; MIDI-Wireless for Computers and Tablets, that have no Bluetooth 4.0; auto pairing with CME Xkey Air 25 and Xkey Air 37; transfer dis... Loe edasi

Doepfer Dark Link

152.00 € Doepfer Dark Link, USB/Midi-to-CV/Gate Interface to control vintage monophonic synthesizers via Midi or USB, 4 analog control voltage outputs (CV1...4) and one Gate output, USB-Connection, MIDI-Inp... Loe edasi

Doepfer MCV4

142.00 € Doepfer MCV4 MIDI-to-CV-Interface, to trigger monophone Synthesizers with MIDI

Doepfer MTV-16

111.00 € Doepfer MTV-16 MIDI-to-Voltage Interface - 16 analog voltage outputs. PC board connections: power supply, MIDI in &out. Includes 2x 10-pin ribbon cables (approx 30cm) with a suitable female con... Loe edasi

Doepfer USB64

158.00 € Doepfer USB64, Universal MIDI Control Electronics with 64 inputs, Midi and USB interface, with Cable-Set and Power Supply

Doepfer We Wheel Electronic

47.19 € Doepfer We Wheel Electronic, universal Midi Control Electronics especially to connect modulation or pitch wheels, joy sticks, foot controller, breath controller and sustain pedal, with 230V power s... Loe edasi

E-RM MIDIclock+

217.00 € E-RM MIDIclock+, MIDI Masterclock, Live- and Normal-Mode adjustable, rotary Knob to change BPM, Play/Pause Switch, Resync/Reset Switch, two MIDI-Out, USB-Connection, LED-Display, USB bus-powered or... Loe edasi

Expert Sleepers USAMO

142.00 € Expert Sleepers USAMO; Universal Sample-Accurate MIDI Output; sample-accurate, jitter-free MIDI output from a DAW; the MIDI signal is generated by the USAMO software, a plug-in which runs as a virt... Loe edasi

Future Artist MIDI Looper

296.00 € Future Artist MIDI Looper; Recording and simultaneous playback of MIDI notes and MIDI controller data; 4 independent tracks with individual lenght (1 - 64 bars); 64 note polyphony; Quantization of ... Loe edasi

Hammond XPK-250W

3188.00 € Hammond XPK-250W, MIDI Bass Pedals (Wooden Pedals) - 25 notes for XK-5

Keith McMillen SoftStep Midi-Expander

71.39 € Keith McMillen SoftStep Midi-Expander, accessory for the SoftStep Hardware, expands the controller with 1x MIDI in and 1x MIDI out, incl. powersupply

Kenton Merge 8

187.00 € Kenton Merge 8; MIDI Merge Box with 8x MIDI-Input to 2x MIDI-Output; incl. external 9V Power Supply; Dimensions: 155 x 80 x 35 mm; Weight: 0.22 kg (Weight without Power Supply)

Kenton MIDI Merge

126.00 € Kenton MIDI Merge - 4 opto-isolated MIDI ins, 2 MIDI outs, merges all data, power indicator, metal housing, includes power supply. Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 35mm. Weight: 700g including power supply.

Kenton MIDI Thru 12

152.00 € Kenton MIDI Thru 12; MIDI Thru box with opto-isolated MIDI i n and separate drive for each MIDI out; 1x MIDI-In + 12x MID I-Thru; works for all MIDI messages including Clock, SysEx, MTC; incl. 9V s... Loe edasi

Kenton MIDI Thru 25

242.00 € Kenton MIDI Thru 25; MIDI Thru box with opto-isolated MIDI in and separate drive for each MIDI out; 1x MIDI-In + 25x MIDI-Thru; works for all MIDI messages including Clock, SysEx, MTC; incl. 9V swi... Loe edasi

Kenton MIDI Thru 5

83.50 € Kenton MIDI Thru 5 - MIDI Thru box with opto-isolated MIDI in and separate drive for each MIDI out, 1 x MIDI in, 5x MIDI thru, includes signal quality restoration circuitry, power indicator light, ... Loe edasi

Kenton Midi USB Host

147.00 € Kenton Midi USB Host, USB Host to MIDI Converter, Connections: 1x MIDI In/Out, USB, incl. 5V Power Supply, Dimensions: 110 x 55 x 32 mm

Kenton Pro Solo MkIII

210.00 € Kenton Pro Solo MkIII; Single Channel MIDI to CV converter; Features: Aux 2 & 3 with continuously variable voltage, ADSR for using with synths and modules, Drum trigger mode on the Aux outputs,... Loe edasi

Lab4Music Sipario

361.00 € Lab4Music Sipario, Advanced MIDI router; Colour touch screen 320 x 240 pixel, Powerful 32 bit microproccessor; Solid and strong metal chassis; 40 scenes including instrument icons; 30 performances;... Loe edasi

MIDI Solutions Beat Converter

152.00 € MIDI Solutions Beat Converter; sends note or control change commands corresponding to an incoming clock; enables devices that only allow their tap tempo function to be controlled by a Note or Contr... Loe edasi

MIDI Solutions Beat Indicator

148.00 € MIDI Solutions Beat Indicator; ultra-bright LED can be programmed to flash on the beat in response to MIDI Clock messages; allows the musician to stay in timing during breaks or intros; The flash c... Loe edasi

MIDI Solutions Dual Footswitch Controller

202.00 € MIDI Solutions Dual Footswitch Controller - 1/4" stereo jack input for connection via an external Y-adapter to two footswitches (not included), MIDI input and MIDI output.

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