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Millenium DI-PRO

71.39 € Millenium DI-Pro - professional passive DI box - Haufe transformer, XLR/jack in, XLR/jack link, XLR/jack out (Haufe transformer), ground lift switch. Dimensions: 107 x 94 x 40mm.

Millenium dimode

39.93 € Millenium dimode, passive DI box stereo for mobile devices, optimal solution for mobiles, tablets, notebooks, portable media player, input on 3.5 mm mini jack (stereo) on approx.1.5 m audio cable, ... Loe edasi

Millenium PCX 2

59.29 € Millenium Silverblade PCX 2 Dual Isolation Box - RCA in/out, adjustable gain, includes 1x RCA cable. Suitable for Hi-Fi or PC applications.

Millenium Phantom Blocker

35.09 € Millenium Phantom Blocker, blocks phantom power not the signal, XLR 3-pole male <> XLR 3-pole female, blocks phantom power while leaving the audio signal intact, works in both directions, pro... Loe edasi

Millenium Pocket DI 1

30.25 € Millenium Pocket DI 1, passive 1 - Channel DI Box, 1x 6,3 mm Jack Input, 1x XLR Input, 1x 6,3 mm Jack Link Output, 1x XLR Output, Ground / Lift Switch, PAD - switch ( - 20 dB / - 40 dB ) suitable f... Loe edasi

Millenium Pocket DI 2

42.35 € Millenium Pocket DI 2, passive 2 - Channel dual / mono DI Box, 2x 6,3 mm Jack Input, 2x 6,3 mm Jack Link Output, 2x XLR Output, Ground / Lift switch, PAD - switch ( -20 dB / - 40 dB ) suitable for ... Loe edasi

Monacor MA-100/15

24.08 € Monacor MA-100/16, Microphone matching transformer, with Hi/Lo switch, balanced XLR connection as well as 6.3mm plug, unbalanced, with 15cm microphone cable.

Monkey Banana Banana D.I.

142.00 € Monkey Banana Banana D.I. had been developed to pack all the necessary tools you expect from a professional direct injection box in a unique, smart cocktail of convenience, toughness and audio perf... Loe edasi

Mooer Micro DI

66.55 € Mooer Micro DI, DI box, speaker simulation, ground lift switch, balanced and unbalanced output (XLR/jack), 0/-20/+20 dB switch, status LED, requires 9V DC power supply (not included), dimensions (L... Loe edasi


58.08 € MOTU ZBox Impedance Converter - no extra cables, power, software or drivers required. Plug and play operation with any guitar. Sturdy, lightweight metal housing, built-in 16" cable with 1/4" jack p... Loe edasi

Neunaber Iconoclast

318.00 € Neunaber Iconoclast Speaker Emulator, effects pedal, digital, Dynamically shapes your tone as a speaker would, paired with a distortion pedal or preamp of your choice, Iconoclast delivers consisten... Loe edasi


85.92 € Palmer DACCAPO Re-Amplification Box - takes care of all impedance matching issues and also eliminates ground loop hum thanks to the use of a transformer. The signal level to the amplifier can also ... Loe edasi

Palmer PAN 01

47.19 € Palmer PAN 01, DI Box passive Direct-Injection Box, 1/4" Jack input (1/4" Jack Link Output) Xlr Output, Dimensions: 110 x 73 x 42 mm, input impedance of 68K Ohm, 5 years warranty

Palmer PAN 01 Pro

103.00 € Palmer PAN 01 Pro, DI Box passive Direct-Injection Box, merge function to convert 2 mono signals to a balanced signal, 1/4" Jack input (1/4" Jack Link Output) Xlr Output, Dimensions: 110 x 73 x 42 ... Loe edasi

Palmer PAN 02

67.76 € Palmer PAN 02 -active DI box, phantom power or battery operation, Pad switch (0dB/-30dB), Balanced XLR Output, link output 6,3mm Jack 5-year warranty.

Palmer PAN 02 Pro

189.00 € Palmer PAN 02 Pro, 1- channel active DI-Box, 6,3m jack and XLR Female Input, 6,3mm Parallel Output, XLR Male Output, PAD-switch (-10dB/-20dB/-30dB), switchable Gain Bosst +12dB, switchable GND Lift... Loe edasi

Palmer PAN 03

275.00 € Palmer PAN 03 - 4-channel active DI box. Dimensions: 19”/1U. Includes 5 year warranty.

Palmer PAN 03 Passive

193.00 € Palmer PAN 03 Passive - 4-channel passive DI box., Trafosymetric XLR Output, Input Sensitivity Adjustable, Input Impedance: 68,000 ohms, Output Impedance: 600 ohms, Transformer Ratio: 10 : 1, Maxim... Loe edasi

Palmer PAN 04

77.45 € Palmer Pan 04 2-channel passive DI box, Pad Switch (0dB/-30dB), 1/4" jack input, XLR out, 1/4" jack link out, 5-year warranty.

Palmer PAN 04A

163.00 € Palmer PAN 04A, active 2-channel DI-Box, switchable PAD (0dB/-30dB), 2x jack input, 2x jack link out, 2x balanced XLR-Output, balanced XLR Mix out, switchable Gnd/Lift per channel, imput impedance ... Loe edasi

Palmer PAN 08

365.00 € Palmer PAN 08, active DI-Box, Line-Isolation-Box or amplifier, unbalanced and balanced inputs, balanced outputs with 2 XLR connectors per channel (front and rear), 20 dB Pad for microphone inputs, ... Loe edasi

Palmer Pan 16

264.00 € Palmer Pan 16, passive 8 channel Di-Box with up to 16 input, mono summing by switchable Merge-in, switchable Pad -10 dB, -20 dB, -30 dB, switchable Gnd Lift per channel, XLR and Link out per channe... Loe edasi

Palmer PDI 03 JB

196.00 € Palmer PDI 03 JB guitar DI-box & speaker simulation, Joe Bonamassa signature, JB switch (off/medium/heavy - acts like a mid boost), attenuator (24/12/0db), deep/normal/flat voicing switch, brig... Loe edasi

Palmer PDI-09

103.00 € Palmer PDI-09 - guitar DI box & speaker simulator. 5 years warranty, optional mounting plate: 292106

Palmer PDIR 01

83.50 € Palmer PDIR 01, reversed DI-Box Direct-Injection Box, to feed a balanced signal into an unbalanced signal, single channel, XLR female in, Jack out, switchable GND Lift, max. Input Level +6dBu, max.... Loe edasi

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