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Engl Cabloader

323.00 € Engl Cabloader, speaker cabinet simulator, impulse response loader, DI-box, 12x built in speaker cab models based on Engl cabinets, 4x user slots for 3rd party IR models via micro USB, 4x power amp... Loe edasi

Fire-Eye Dee-Eye Instrument Preamp

148.00 € Fire-Eye Dee-Eye Instrument Preamp, a simple solution for connecting instruments with high-impedance piezoelectric pickups to a Mixer, any passive or active instrument pickup is supported, high fid... Loe edasi

Fire-Eye Red-Eye Instrument Preamp

260.00 € Fire-Eye Red-Eye Instrument Preamp, all analog, handmade, hi gh input impedance DI, footswitchable Boost with volume cont rol for amplifying solos, high fidelity, low noise and simpl e plug and pla... Loe edasi

Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin Instr. Preamp

350.00 € Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin Instr. Preamp, all analog, handmade, high input impedance DI and clean boost solution for musicians that play two instruments at the same gig, A/B footswitch selects alternate... Loe edasi

Fischer Amps Mini DI-Box

77.45 € Fischer Amps Mini DI-Box, compact and hard aluminium housing with metall belt clip, Neutrik In- and output connectors, active balanced (Phantompower neccessary), LED signal when phantompower is on,... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik DI 10A

42.35 € Klark Teknik DI 10A, active DI box for general purpose and multimedia applications, MIDAS transformer, powered by +48 V phantom or internal 9 V battery (not included), automatic switchover to batte... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik DI 10P

35.09 € Klark Teknik DI 10P, passive DI box with stereo input / summed mono output, MIDAS transformer, stereo input on 3.5mm mini jack and RCA connectors, level control for both channels, ground lift, 1x N... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik DI 20P

54.45 € Klark Teknik DI 20P, passive stereo DI-Box, MIDAS transformer, 2x 6.3mm jack input, 2x input pad (-15 dB), ground lift, Neutrik XLR outputs, aluminium extrusion casing with protective rubber corner... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik DI 22P

54.45 € Klark Teknik DI 22P, passive stereo DI box AV 2 for general purpose and multimedia applications, MIDAS transformers, stereo input on 2x 6.3 mm jack, 1x 3.5 mm mini jack (stereo) and 2x RCA connecto... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik DN 100 Active DI

95.60 € Klark Teknik DN 100 ACTIVE DI-BOX, plug in/out, XLR in/out, changeable chassis, only use with phantom power, 30 dB Groundlift

Klark Teknik DN 200 Active DI

173.00 € Klark Teknik DN200 AKTIVE DI, two channel DI-Box, Neutrik XLR/Jack Input connector with HiZ-Input, RCA Inputs, Phantompower for each channel switachble, Sum switch optionally routes both inputs to ... Loe edasi

Klark Teknik DS20

35.09 € Klark Teknik DS 20 Pro Splitter 2, passive line level splitter, 1 input (XLR), 2 outputs (XLR), 1 thru (XLR), switchable ground lift on both isolated outputs, Neutrik connectors, compact and rugged... Loe edasi

Koch Amps Dummybox Home

182.00 € Koch Amps Dummybox Home, DI-Box, dummyload 60 watts, thru output: speaker output with no volume loss, monitor output: low power speaker output with three selectable levels: 5% (H), 3% (M), 1% (L), ... Loe edasi

Koch Amps Dummybox Studio/PA

246.00 € Koch Amps Dummybox Studio/PA, DI-Box, Dummy-load 60 watts, thru output: speaker output with no volume loss, monitor output: low power speaker output with three selectable levels: 5% (H), 3% (M), 1%... Loe edasi

LD Systems LDI 02

52.03 € LD Systems LDI 02 - battery/phantom powered active DI box with XLR/jack input, jack-link, -20dB pad, XLR output and ground lift. Strong galvanised metal housing.

Mackie MDB-1A

78.66 € Mackie MDB-1A, active direct box, suitable for stereo sources like keyboards, media players, etc., high impedance 6,3mm jack input with Thru-output and 20 db pad, balanced XLR output with Ground Li... Loe edasi

Mackie MDB-1P

59.29 € Mackie MDB-1P, passiv direct box, suitable for guitars, bass and more, high impedance 6,3mm Klinken Eingang with Thru-output and 15 db pad, balanced XLR output with Ground-Lift, extremely low noise... Loe edasi

Mackie MDB-2P

90.76 € Mackie MDB-2P, passiv stereo direct box, suitable for stereo sources like keyboards and media player, high impedance 6,3mm jack-inputs with Thru-outputs and 15db pads, balanced XLR-outputs with Gro... Loe edasi

Mesa Boogie CabClone 8 Ohms

339.00 € Mesa Boogie CabClone 8 Ohms, passive speaker simulation, for amps up to 150 watts, headphone amp, jack input, THRU out (jack), 3-way minitoggle for cab-voicing (open/closed/vintage), variable DI-Ou... Loe edasi

Millenium ADI 6 Aktiv 6-way DI Box

133.00 € Millenium TD I6 - 6 way active DI box. Front connections: jack in/out, ground lift and individual -20db/-10db/0db/+10db input switches. Rear connections: XLR out. Dimensions: 19" x 1U.

Millenium DB-400

42.35 € Millenium DB-400 2-way passive DI box with -30dB attenuator, 2 jack sockets per channel (input and output link), 2 XLR outputs & ground lift per channel. Dimensions: 45 x 108 x 95mm.

Millenium DI 66

42.35 € Millenium DI 66, active Stereo DI-Box (Batteypowered), 6,3mm Jack in, 6,3mm Jack Link, Pad +20 dB, 0dB or -30dB, XLR out, Stereo or Mono, gnd-lift, Solid metal construction with protective rubberco... Loe edasi

Millenium DI-33

30.13 € Millenium DI-33 - active DI box (battery or phantom powered), XLR/jack input, jack link output, -20dB pad, XLR output, ground lift, frequency range 10 - 40,000 Hz, solid metal housing.with protecti... Loe edasi

Millenium DI-A Active DI Box

31.46 € Thomann DI-A - active DI box, powered by battery (9V) or phantom power, -30db pad, ground lift switch.

Millenium DI-E

11.98 € Milennium DI-E passive DI-box (jack in and jack/XLR out), Ground Lift Switch, 100 x 130 x 40 mm

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