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934.00 € AEA RPQ500, Ribbon Microphone Amplifier with 2-Band EQ in API 500 Format, 81 dB gain at 1 kHz (in mic mode), Adjustable between +13 dB and +62 dB in 12 steps, Low noise preamp ON < -130 dBu A-w... Loe edasi


838.00 € AEA TRP 500, Ribbon Microphone Amplifier in API 500 Format, Amplification 85 dB gain at 1kHz, Adjustable between +7 dB and +65 dB in 12 steps, Low noise preamp ON < -128 dBu A-weighted, Switcha... Loe edasi


1408.00 € " AMS RMX16, Reverb in 500 Series API Format, Access to the basic reverb parameters of each programme (pre-delay, decay time and decay filter), Input, output, and mix (wet/dry) levels can be set gl... Loe edasi

API Audio 312 Mic Pre

1028.00 € API Audio 312 Mic Pre, Microphone Preamplifier for the 500 Series, Max. 69 dB gain, Totally discrete circuit design with 2520 op-amp, Proprietary AP2516 input transformer, 20 dB Pad switch, Switch... Loe edasi

API Audio 500-8P Lunchbox

838.00 € " API Audio 500-8P Lunchbox, Housing for 500 Series Modules, Accepts up to max. 8 x 500 standard modules, 250 mA per slot, Internal 48V phantom power, Integrated power supply from 100 - 250 Volt sw... Loe edasi

API Audio 500VPR

1224.00 € API Audio 500VPR, 10-Slot Rack, 10 Module slots for standard module 500 from different vendors, Inputs and outputs via XLR, Incl. external power supply L200PS

API Audio 505 Di Direct Input

817.00 € " API Audio 505 Di Direct Input, Instrument Preamp for Guitar / Bass / Keyboard, Front-side Hi-Z input 6.3 mm jack, Thru output: 6.3 mm Jack, Gain control with 55 dB gain, Tone control, ""Bright"" ... Loe edasi

API Audio 512c Mic Pre

1151.00 € API Audio 512c Mic Pre, Mic Preamp, The 500 series, 65 dB gain, Microphone input on the front and back, Line / instrument input jack, 20 dB pad-switch, 48V phantom and phase switchable, LED-VU met... Loe edasi

API Audio 512v Preamp

1367.00 € API Audio 512v Preamp, Microphone / Instrument / Line Preamp, Microphone preamp with 65 dB gain, Line and instrument pre-amplification with 45 dB gain, Button for 3: 1 output transformer, LED VU m... Loe edasi

API Audio 527A Compressor Limiter

1388.00 € API Audio 527 Compressor Limiter, Compressor / Limiter in the 500 rack format, Uses the discrete operational amplifiers 2510 and 2520, Controllable Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio and Output, 10... Loe edasi

API Audio 550A Discrete 3 Band EQ

1573.00 € API Audio 550A Discrete 3 Band EQ, Equalizer, Discrete 3 band EQ from the 500 Series, 7 centre frequencies selectable per band, 12 dB of boost / cut per band, EQ band 1 and 3 in selectable shelf /... Loe edasi

API Audio 550b Discrete 4 Band EQ

1593.00 € API Audio 550b Discrete 4 Band EQ, Discrete 4-band equalizer, From the 500 series, 7 centre frequencies selectable per band, 12 dB of boost / cut per band, EQ band 1 and 4 in selectable shelf / pe... Loe edasi

API Audio 565 Filter Bank

740.00 € API Audio 565 Filter Bank, Filter Bank, Low-pass filter: 500 to 20,000 Hz (-6 or -12 dB slope), High-pass filter: 20 to 400 Hz (-12 or -18 dB slope), Variable notch filter: 20 to 20,000 Hz, Type: ... Loe edasi

API Audio Blank Panel 500er 5B1

26.62 € API Audio Blank Panel 500er 5B1, Blank panel, For 500 10slot, 6slot API Lunchbox and 1608

API Audio Select SV12 Compressor

789.00 € API Audio Select SV12 Compressor, Compressor in 500 Rack Format, Original analogue compressor circuit for the ATI Paragon console, Variable threshold, ratio and make-up gain controls, LED display,... Loe edasi

API Audio Select SV14 4-Band EQ

770.00 € API Audio Select SV14 4-Band EQ, 4-Band Equaliser in 500 Rack Format, Based on the classic APSI 562 EQ, Continuous control of frequency and gain, 12 dB boost/cut per band, All 4 bands are peak/dip... Loe edasi

Black Lion Audio Auteur MKII 500

264.00 € Black Lion Audio Auteur MKII 500, 1-Channel Preamplifier, All-rounder for detailed pictures, e.g. Vocals, drums, guitar, The sound captivates with clarity and warmth, Low-noise circuit design, Gai... Loe edasi

Black Lion Audio Bluey-500

849.00 € " Black Lion Audio Bluey-500, Mono Compressor, Modified ""Blue Stripe"" compressor based on a unit by Chris Lord-Alge in 500 format, Discrete circuit with 2 Cinemag transformers modeled on the orig... Loe edasi

Black Lion Audio PBR-8 500

1233.00 € Black Lion Audio PBR-8 500, 8-Slot Rack for 500 Modules, Integrated balanced TT / Bantam Patchbay for freely adjustable signal flow in the rack, 2 Multiples / Signal splitter, 'On Slot Technology'... Loe edasi

Burl Audio B1D Mic Pre

1233.00 € Burl Audio B1D Mic Pre, Microphone Preamplifier, BURL custom BX3 input transformer, BURL custom BX4 iron output transformer, Audiophile, Discrete class-A signal path, Rasterized gain poti, Indepen... Loe edasi

Chandler Limited GERM 500 MKII

1233.00 € Chandler Limited GERM 500 MKII, 1-Channel Microphone Preamp in 500 Format, Max. Gain: +60 dB, +48 V Phantom power switchable, Phase switchable, Input between mic and DI switchable, Class A circuit... Loe edasi

Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor

1439.00 € " Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor, FET Compressor, In 500-module design with the concepts of the Chandler Germanium Comp and 2264 Comp, Input Control Curve with selection: Zener and German... Loe edasi

Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ

1696.00 € " Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ, Equalizer, In 500 modular construction, English-style EQ consoles similar to the 1081 and 33115 vintage devices, Treble and bass shelf, Treble is set at 12k, whi... Loe edasi

Chandler Limited Little Devil Preamp

1028.00 € Chandler Limited Little Devil Preamp, 1-Channel Microphone/Line/Instrument Preamplifier, Design: 500 Series module, Switchable impedance, Low-cut switch, +48 V phantom power, Phase reversal switch... Loe edasi

Chandler Limited TG12345 MKIV EQ

1398.00 € Chandler Limited TG12345 MKIV EQ, Mono Equalizer in 500 Format, Presence EQ with seven bell bands and a shelving band as well as infinitely variable cut / boost, Between 90 and 150 Hz switchable s... Loe edasi

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