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Cordial CMK 422 Twin

3.40 € Cordial CMK 422 Twin, Professional Zwilling's Cable (sold by the meter)@+The use of twin microphone lines often shortens the set-up times of modern audio equipment significantly and provides an ov... Loe edasi

pro snake 31000 Pink /100m

155.00 € pro snake 31000 Pink /100m, Microphone Cable, High-quality NF cable, Conductor area: 2x 0.22 mm², Length: 100 m, Colour: Pink, Made in Germany@+@+*Note:* Delivery only as whole reel. Sold by th... Loe edasi

pro snake Phono Line

4.19 € pro snake Phono Line, Twin - Audio Cable, Very high quality twin cable for Hi-Fi applications with high demands, Ideal for connection of turntables due to the included earthing wire and the perfec... Loe edasi

Sommer Cable Colonel Incredible

4.41 € Sommer Cable Colonel Incredible, Instrument Cable, Sommer Cable Offroad series, 2-Wire configuration, 2x 0.35 mm², PVC jacket, Sheath diameter: 7.2 mm, Conductor resistance per 1 km: 55 Ohm, Co... Loe edasi

Sommer Cable Logic MODF32

19.07 € Sommer Cable Logic MODF32, Multicore for Installations@+It may be a little stiffer, but at least as cheap. In summary, this is exactly what is required for a modulation cable with solid wire. Due ... Loe edasi

Sommer Cable Onyx 2025 BK

3.21 € Sommer Cable Onyx 2025 BK, Unbalanced Twins Patch Cables, Sold by the metre, Inner conductor 2 x 1 x 0.25 mm², External dimensions: 3.8 x 8.3 mm, Black

Sommer Cable SC Isopod SO-F22 BLK

1.55 € Sommer Cable SC Isopod SO-F22 BLK, Balanced Patch Cable, Sold by the metre, For internal wiring of racks, audio cabling, patch panels, Cross-section: 2x 0.22 mm², Sheath diameter: 3.3 mm, Shiel... Loe edasi

Sommer Cable SC-CICADA 4

2.37 € Sommer Cable SC-CICADA 4, Patch and Microphone Cables, Highly flexible due to fine CU strand construction, Easy to handle with additional wire slit (0.22 mm²), Excellently shielded by a tight s... Loe edasi

Sommer Cable SC-Stratos

19.68 € Sommer Cable SC-Stratos, Hi-fi Cables, Unbalanced enormously resistant hi-fi cables for home entertainment and studio applications, Especially suitable for fixed installations, More shielding (bra... Loe edasi

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