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AMS Neve 8801 ADC Option

670.00 € AMS Neve 8801 ADC Option, AD-converter for channelstrip 8801, convert direct to digital format: AES/EBU, SPDIF, DSD with samplerate up to 192Khz, synchronisation with WC in/out, AESsyncIP,

AMS Neve 8816 AD Card

670.00 € AMS Neve 8816 AD-Converter for 8816 Summing Mixer, samplerate up to 192kHz and DSD,

Appsys MVR-64 SRC Module

838.00 € Appsys MVR-64 SRC Module; Samplerate Converter Module for Appsys Multiverter MVR-64; asynchronous bi-directional conversion of 64 I/O channels; supported Sample Rates: 32 - 192 kHz; Summing Mode (6... Loe edasi

Avid Pro Tools MTRX MADI Baseunit

392.00 € Avid Pro Tools MADI Module for Base Unit

Behringer X-Adat

286.00 € Behringer X-Adat, 32 channels via 8 Toslinks, Simultaneous 32-in, 32-out audio streaming, BNC word-clock in/out for external clock synchronization in/out switchable, High-speed 24-bit signal transm... Loe edasi

Behringer X-Dante

466.00 € Behringer X-Dante, 32-channel 48 kHz, bi-directional audio interface for Dante IP networks, High-speed 24-bit signal transmission with sample-accurate synchronization and low latency, Allows interf... Loe edasi

Behringer X-LIVE

220.00 € Behringer X-LIVE; X32 expansion card with audio interface and 32-track recorder; 32-channel, bi-directional USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface for recording, playback and DAW control; HUI/Mackie Control ... Loe edasi

Behringer X-Madi

339.00 € Behringer X-Madi, 32 channels Madi via Optical duplex SC-plugs, BNC plugs for up to 100m

Behringer X-USB

108.00 € Behringer X-USB, 32 Channel USB 2.0 Audio Interface, 32 In and 32 Out Simultane, for Behringer X32

Cymatic Audio ADAT Option Card

242.00 € Cymatic ADAT Option Card, 24 channel option card for uTrack24, ADAT compatible gear can be used with uTrack24, up to 24 tracks with realtime loop out, 24 channels at 24 bit/48 kHz, eight channels (... Loe edasi

Cymatic Audio Audiolan Option Card

253.00 € Cymatic Audiolan Option Card, 24 channel option card for uTrack24, supports AES67/Ravenna audio network, allows routing up to 24 network channels to the uTrack24, plays back 24 tracks to the networ... Loe edasi

Cymatic Audio MADI Option Card

264.00 € Cymatic MADI Option Card, 24 channel option card for uTrack24, 64(56) sources can be routed to the 24 tracks of the uTrack24, 24 playback tracks of the uTrack24 can be routed to 64(56) outputs, opt... Loe edasi

DiGiCo DMI Dante Card

1224.00 € DiGiCo DMI Dante Card, Dante-Card (64 channels in and out at 48 kHz and 32 channels in and out at 96 kHz)

DiGiCo DMI Madi BNC Card

901.00 € DiGiCo DMI Madi BNC Card, MADI-Card with 2x BNC

DiGiCo DMI Madi RJ45 Card

867.00 € DiGiCo DMI Madi RJ45 Card, MADI-Card with 2x RJ45 (64 channels in and out), 48 or 98 kHz

DiGiCo DMI Waves

1286.00 € DiGiCo DMI Waves, Waves Soundgrid Card with 2x RJ45 (64 channels in and out), 48 or 98 kHz


71.39 € DirectOut MONTONE.42 MADI NO.IO, blade for empty MADI I/O Slot


120.00 € DirectOut MONTONE.42 MADI SFP IO modul, 1x SFP Port without SFP transceiver (optional),

Focusrite A/D Card ISA 428 / 828

640.00 € Focusrite A/D Card ISA 428 / 828 - 8-channel 24bit/192kHz A/D converter for 2 ISA 428 or one ISA 828 preamps. The eight channel 192kHz A/D converter utilises Burr-Brown pro audio amplifiers and fla... Loe edasi

Friendchip DigiMax MAES

183.00 € Friendchip MAES Module for Digimax 16/32, 4 x AES/EBU IN/OUT -> D-Sub

Friendchip DigiMax MQT Module

183.00 € Friendchip MQT Module, AES / SP-DIF <-> TDIF Format- and Samplerateconverter for DMX 16, 32, 64

Lynx Studio LT-DANTE Module Aurora & Hilo

789.00 € Lynx Studio LT-DANTE Module, Expansion card for Lynx Aurora and Hilo, DANTE, Windows and Mac certified

Lynx Studio LT-TB3 Thunderbolt 3 Module

740.00 € Lynx Studio LT-TB3 Thunderbolt 3 Module; Expansion card for Aurora(n) and Hilo A/D D/A converter; upgrades devices with 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports; Thunderbolt daisychaining; supports up to 192 kHz with... Loe edasi

Lynx Studio LT-USB Module for Aurora

466.00 € LYNX LT-USB, USB Module for Aurora, Expansion for Lynx Aurora 8 and Aurora 16 converters, 1x USB 2.0 port, up to 16 I/O at 96 kHz (Aurora 16) or 8 I/O at 192 kHz (Aurora 8), Supports ASIO, WDM and ... Loe edasi

Mackie Digital Xbus Line Card

35.09 € Mackie Digital Xbus Line Card - 8 channels of balanced analogue line level inputs and outputs, +4dBU/-10dBV jumpers for each channel, 2x female 25-pin D-Sub connectors.

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