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DirectOut Anna-Lisa

981.00 € DirectOut Anna-Lisa, battery powered, mobile MADI signal analyser and generator. Analysis results are displayed on the device itself via easy readable `traffic light' LEDs, detailed information can... Loe edasi

Fredenstein U70F

620.00 € Fredenstein U70F, Peak-Program-Meter, simultaneous RMS indication, Dual ranges: -39 to +20dB at 1 dB resolution or -19.5dB to +10dB at 0.5dB resolution, switchable peak hold function, balanced inpu... Loe edasi

Pinguin PG-AMM-Stereo

829.00 € Pinguin PG-AMM stereo multi-meter for MAC and PC with USB dongle, max. 10 instruments, free position on screen, Viewinstruments for: PPM, correlation, gonio, FET-spectrum, RTA-spectrum, spectralvie... Loe edasi

RTW 1169R

83.50 € RTW 1169R – 10800 series power supply. 100-240V, 24V DC (1.05Ah).


640.00 € RTW MM3; MusicMeter; 4,3" capacitive touch Screen and USB power supply for multifunctional audio messurement; analog Stereo-Input RCA (unbalanced, adjustable from 61 mV to 12,28 V); digital Stereo-... Loe edasi

RTW TM3-Primus

1019.00 € RTW TM3-Primus, Loudness and Audio Measurement Unit Stereo, 4.3" capacitive touch screen (272 x 480 pixel), selectable instruments, PPM/TruePeak meter with analog and digital scales, Moving Coil in... Loe edasi

the t.meter PCM 223 Stereo Peakmeter

292.00 € the t.meter PCM 223 - DIN 45406 analogue peak meter & phase correlation meter, LED display, 2x XLR switchable balanced inputs (-10dbm, 0dbm, +6dbm), meter range -50 dB to +5 dB, Power supply in... Loe edasi

Toft Audio Designs ATB-16MB

640.00 € Toft Audio Designs ATB-16MB, Meter Bridge for ATB 16, 16-Channel 12-Stage LED Level Meter

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