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AMS Neve 4081 Rackmountkit 19"

90.76 € AMS Neve 4081 19" Rackmount kit for 1 or 2 units

API Audio Rack Ears 500-6B/8B Lunchbox

108.00 € API RackEars for 6 slot Lunchbox 500-6B/8B, for Lunchbox HC only!

Avalon RM-1 Rackmount

120.00 € Avalon RM-1 - 19" rackmount adaptor, 2U, for Avalon 9.5" equipment (M5, U5).

Avalon RM-2

131.00 € Avalon RM-2, 19"- Rackmount, 2HE for two Avalon 9,5" units (M5 and U5)

Chandler Limited PSU Cable

66.55 € Chandler Limited connectioncable Module - PSU, 4pol XLR

Chandler Limited PSU-1

314.00 € Chandler Limited PSU-1 - power supply for Abbey Road and Neve Edition. Powers up to 2 units, Connection Cable not included (235927)!


72.61 € DBX ZC-2, Remote for DBX DriveRack 260, 220i and ZoneProTM, volume and muteswitch, connection with Cat 5 cable

Drawmer MC 2.1 Rackmount

130.00 € Drawmer MC 2.1 Rackmount made for MC2.1

Palmer Peabi

75.03 € Palmer Peabi, balanced Footswitch Input selector, 2x XLR in, 1x XLR out, big footswitch, channel A switchable 0/1-5 dB, channel B 0/-15-dB and 0/-6 dB switchable, switchable Gnd/Lift on channel B, ... Loe edasi

Presonus SL 1602 Rackears

59.29 € Presonus SL 1602 Rackears, 19" Rackmount Kit for Presonus Digitalmixer StudioLive 16.0.2

Presonus SL 1642 Rackears

61.71 € Presonus SL 1642 Rackears, Rackmount Kit for Presonus Digitalmixer StudioLive 16.4.2 (19"), 16.4.2AI (19"), 24.4.2, 24.4.2AI, 34.4.2AI and CS18AI

Presonus SLMAD-Rack

66.55 € Presonus SLMAD-Rack; Rack Ear Mounting Kit for StudioLive Series III; for StudioLive 16 (fits 19" racks); replaces the original side panels; 6U solid steel rack ears; 14U rack space required (same ... Loe edasi

Radial Engineering j-Clamp

42.35 € Radial Engineering j-Clamp, J-Clamp is used to secure the JDI, J48, TwinIso and most other full-sized Radial products

Radial Engineering P-Clamp

42.35 € Radial Engineering P-Clamp, P-Clamp is used to secure the smaller Radial items as Pro48

RME Rackmount Kit RM19-X

53.24 € RME RM19-X rackmount kit for Fireface UCX, Fireface UC, Quad mic II, Multiface II, ADI-2, Fireface 400, MADIface XT, Incl udes rack ears with RME signature and 4 screws (M4 x 8).

TC-Helicon HarmonyControl Guitar

139.00 € TC Helicon Harmony Control Guitar - reads your guitar playing and tells your MIDI equipped harmony processor how to sing 'the right stuff'. MIDI I/O, guitar I/O, includes external power sup... Loe edasi

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Single Connection

47.19 € TC-Helicon VoiceTone Single Connection Kit, Mix and match up to 4 TC-Helicon vocal effect pedals together, contains 12V power supply (1000mA) incl. EU and UK Plug, 3xDC daisy-chai ning connectors a... Loe edasi

Xilica Xpanel SW

382.00 € Xilica Xpanel SW, Compatible with XP/XD Series processors, 32 fully programmable menu’s, Programmable main menu description, 2x16 Character LCD display, Up to 63 XPanels in one network, Standard E... Loe edasi

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