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BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i

183.00 € BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i, 2 channels of process for stereo or separate mono mixes, 5 segment LED output meters, 18dBu headroom, RCA and1/4" inputs and outputs, hardwire bypass, bypass switch for co... Loe edasi

BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i

221.00 € BBE Sonic Maximizer 882 -The 882i is a dual-mono Sonic Maximizer that features our fourth generation processing engine and perfectly suited for any studio, PA system, guitar/bass rig or any applica... Loe edasi

Behringer SU9920

131.00 € Behringer SU9920 Sonic Ultramizer - dramatically improves your sound by adding clarity, dimension and depth. Produces natural brightness through harmonic enhancement and tighter bass with increased... Loe edasi

Behringer SX3040 V2

137.00 € Behringer SX3040 V2, stereo sound enhancement processor / exciter, improves your sound by adding clarity, dimension and depth, dedicated Tune, Harmonics and Mix controls per channel on the exciter ... Loe edasi

Elysia karacter

1264.00 € Elysia karacter 19", Stereo Saturator, 100% Discrete Class-A Topology, Control Voltage capabilites for modulating or recalling Drive and Mix parameter settings by feeding external CV into the unit,... Loe edasi

Elysia karacter qube

934.00 € Elysia karacter qube; Stereo Saturator; 100% Discrete Class-A Topology; Dual Mono/Stereo Link; integrated M/S-Matrix; Mastering-Grade Saturation; Tube-Inspired Distortion; Glorious Destruction; uni... Loe edasi

Elysia nvelope

1295.00 € Elysia nvelope 19", Stereo Impulse Shaper, Discrete Class-A Topology, Full Range Mode, Dual Band Mode, EQ Mode, Mixed Mode, Dual Mono/Stereo Link, Auto Gain, Stepped Potentiometers, Frequency Respo... Loe edasi

Looptrotter Sa2rate 2

934.00 € Looptrotter Sa2rate 2; 2-channel saturator; Drive knob to control input level and depth of saturation; two LEDs indicate 4% and 8% THD; Dry and Wet controls for parallel processing; LO safe: preven... Loe edasi

Sonic Farm Creamliner III

3342.00 € Sonic Farm Creamliner III; Class-A Tube Saturator; preamplifier designed for coloring and conditioning line level signals (e.g. keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines), single tracks, groups of ins... Loe edasi

SPL Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T

934.00 € SPL Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T tube - for re-mastering stereo sources via master or sub-group inserts, excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Tight bass sound with bass compressor, mid, high, and harmonic pr... Loe edasi

SPL Transient Designer 4 Mk2

1182.00 € SPL Transient Designer 4 Mk2; 4-channel dynamic processor with Differential Envelope Technology; for level-independent envelope processing of audio signals; Attack: transient phase of a signal can ... Loe edasi

SPL Tube Vitalizer

2046.00 € SPL 9530 Tube Vitalizer - optimized Vitalizer with LC transistor and semiconductor technology, RC filter and LC filter. 2 band compressor controls the levels of bass and high frequencies.

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Magnetismus 2

1748.00 € Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Magnetismus 2, Stereo Compressor un it, Input: XLR balanced, Output: XLR transformer balanced, V CA compressor, Adjustable threshold and ratio, Wide range of timing, LED co... Loe edasi

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