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Behringer SU9920

83.66 € " Behringer SU9920, Sound ProcessorThe SONIC ULTRAMIZER SU9920 gives your music the extra dimension you've always wanted. This processor is the ultimate sound enhancement tool for home recording st... Loe edasi

Behringer SX3040 V2

140.00 € " Behringer SX3040 V2, Stereo Exciter / Bass Processor, Gives the overall sound more transparency, space and depth, Separate knobs per channel for Tune, Harmonics and Mix on the Exciter section, Se... Loe edasi

Elysia karacter

1285.00 € " Elysia karacter, Stereo Saturator, 100% Discrete Class A topology, Modulation and remote control of Drive and Mix by external control voltages, Dual Mono / Stereo Link, Integrated M/S matrix, Mas... Loe edasi

Elysia karacter qube

949.00 € Elysia karacter qube, Portable Stereo Saturator, 100% Discrete Class-A Topology, Dual Mono/Stereo Link, Integrated M/S matrix, Mastering-grade saturation, Tube-inspired distortion, Unique colour f... Loe edasi

Looptrotter Sa2rate 2

1107.00 € " Looptrotter Sa2rate 2, 2-Channel Saturator, Drive knob to control input level and depth of saturation, 2 LEDs indicate 4% and 8% THD, Dry and Wet controls for parallel processing, LO safe: preven... Loe edasi

Sonic Farm Creamliner III

3136.00 € " Sonic Farm Creamliner III, Class-A Tube Saturator, Preamplifier developed for sound colouration and enhancement of line signals (e.g. keyboards, synthesizers, drum computers), individual tracks, ... Loe edasi

SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T

1149.00 € SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T, Effect for Musical Processing of Stereo Signals, Based on psychoacoustics and audiometry, Intuitive operation, Sovtek 12AX7 double triode tube, Drive controller for controlled... Loe edasi

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