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AKG H 85

103.00 € AKG H85 - flexible microphone holder for 19-26mm diameter microphones. Fits C2000B, C3000B, C4000B, Blue Line and ULS Series.

Aston Microphones Swift

65.34 € Aston Microphones Swift; Universal Mic Mount without Rubber Bands; fits Mics from 40 bis 60 Diameter; two quick release spring clips; made of Aluminium, grade glass-fill nylon pol ymer and medical ... Loe edasi

Audio-Technica AT8410 A

78.66 € Audio-Technica AT8410 A Flexible suspension for AT 825.3/8" Adapter NOT Included

Audio-Technica AT8415

103.00 € Audio-Technica AT8415 universal microphone spider

Audio-Technica AT8449a

108.00 € Audio-Technica AT8449a, Microphone Shock Mount for AT2020, AT4033a, AT4040, AT4047MP, AT4050 and AT4050ST, black

Audio-Technica AT8484

137.00 € Audio-Technica AT8484, flexible microphone holder for BP40, black

Audix SMT CX112

66.55 € Audix SMT CX112,flex. mic holder for Audix CX112

beyerdynamic EA19/25

50.82 € beyerdynamic EA19/25, elastic holding for microphone D 19-25mm, incl. clamp MKV11

Blue Radius III

71.39 € Blue Radius III, shockmount for YETI and YETI PRO USB microphone

Blue S2 Shock Mount

78.66 € Blue S2 Shock Mount, for Blue's Dragonfly, Blueberry and Cactus microphones

Blue S3 Shock Mount

120.00 € Blue S3 Shock Mount; for Kiwi, Bottle Rocket Stage One, Bottle Rocket Mic Locker, Baby Bottle, Bluebird, Spark and Ember

Blue The Radius MkII

95.60 € Blue The Radius MkII, Shockmount for Blue Yeti and Yeti Pro, Isolates the microphone from ambient vibration

Blue The Ringer

71.39 € Blue 'The Ringer' - vintage-style suspension mount designed to isolate the microphone body from low-frequency energy when mounted on a mic stand. Ideal for the Ball, 8-Ball, Snowball and Kickball. ... Loe edasi

EV 309A RE-Series

163.00 € EV 309A - RE series shockmount, for RE20/27 or PL10/20, 5/8" (27 tpi) inner thread, thread adapter not included, suitabl e 3/8" thread adapter e.g. 104948

JoeMeek JM37 SM (shockmount)

6.04 € JoeMeek JM37 SM shock mount for JM37 and JM37-DP

JZ Microphones JZI-7

70.18 € JZ Microphones JZI-7, shock-mount for JZ BT201 and BT301 series microphones, recommended for any pencil type microphone which has similar thickness (24mm)

Lewitt LCT 40SHS

77.45 € Lewitt LCT 40SHS, Shockmount for Lewitt LCT140/LCT340

Lewitt LCT 40SHX

78.66 € Lewitt LCT 40SHX; Shockmount for Lewitt LCT550/LCT640;

Neumann EA 1

275.00 € Neumann EA 1 Elastic Suspension - for TLM127, M147,TLM103 & TLM193.

Neumann EA 1 mt

264.00 € Neumann EA 1 - black elastic suspension for M147, TLM103 and TLM193.

Neumann EA 2124 A mt

169.00 € Neumann EA 2124 A mt, elastic mounting clamp for microfones with 21-24mm, black

Neumann EA 4 bk

163.00 € Neumann EA 4 black, Elastic Suspension - for TLM 102

Neumann EA 4 ni

163.00 € Neumann EA 4 silver, Elastic Suspension - for TLM 102

Neumann EA 89A

324.00 € Neumann EA 89 A, Elastic Suspension

Neumann EA 89A - mt

324.00 € Neumann EA 89i-mt - Elastic Suspension

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