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Audio-Technica ATM350PL

365.00 € Audio-Technica ATM350PL, Condenser Clip Microphone with Piano Mount, Modular design for high flexibility with various available brackets and capsules, Polar pattern: Cardioid, Frequency range: 40 ... Loe edasi

Neumann KM184 MT Stereo Set Bundle

1419.00 € Neumann KM184 MT Stereo Set Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Neumann KM184 mt Stereo Set, Microphone Stereo Set, 2x Smal condenser microphones KM 184 (with continual serial number), Cardioid, 2x... Loe edasi

Neumann M147 Tube Set mit EA 1

3239.00 € Neumann M147 Tube Set mit EA 1@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Neumann M147, Tube condenser microphone, Pressure gradient transducer with the same large diaphragm capsule of the legendary U 47 and M 4... Loe edasi

Neumann M150

7195.00 € Neumann M150, Tube Microphone, Ideal for DECCA Tree recordings and surround microphone, Pressure receiver capsule with 12 mm titanium diaphragm, Unique directivity: In the range of low frequencies... Loe edasi

Neumann MCM 114 Set Piano

1332.00 € Neumann MCM 114 Set Piano, Microphone Set, Neumann MCM System for piano and grand piano@+@+*Set consisting of 2 each*@+@+, KK 14 capsule, SH 150 gooseneck, AC 31 connection cable 3.5 mm mini jack ... Loe edasi

Neumann U87 Ai Stereo Set

6273.00 € Neumann U87 Ai Stereo Set, Stereo Set Comprising: 2x U87 large diaphragm microphone, 2x EA87 Ni microphone shock mount, 1x Aluminium case (suitable for 2 microphones and 2 shock mounts)@+The U87 i... Loe edasi

the t.bone Lucan System Piano Bundle

103.00 € the t.bone Lucan System Piano Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, the t.bone Lucan System CC 200 RC, Condenser instrument microphone, Easy installation with various instrument holders for many diff... Loe edasi

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