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AKG C 411 PP

134.00 € AKG C411 PP - condenser microphone with XLR phantom power adapter, suitable for guitar and violin. Colour: Black


114.00 € AKG C1000s MKIV condenser microphone - cardoid/supercardoid, works with 2x 1,5v AA battery or phantom power, on/off switch, Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 20 kHz, Impedance: 200 Ohms, Sensitivity: 6 mV/P... Loe edasi

AKG C1000s MKIV Bundle

137.00 € AKG C1000s MKIV Bundle containing AKG C1000S MKIV (order code 314903), K&M 27105 (order code 104916)

Audio-Technica AE 5100

318.00 € Audio-Technica AE 5100 Condenser Overhead Microphone - cardioid, 20Hz-20kHz, 12dB/octave bass rolloff @ 80Hz, 150ohms, 148dB SPL max (158dB SPL max with 10dB pad), highpass filter, 10dB pad switch,... Loe edasi

Audio-Technica AT5045

1645.00 € Audio-Technica AT5045, condenser Studio microphone with large single membrane in a small housing, especially for use on any acoustic instrumet as Overheads, acoustic guitar, strings, percussion etc... Loe edasi

DPA 4006A

2159.00 € DPA 4006A, Reference Standard Microphone containing capsule MMC4006 and power adapter MMP-A, condenser capsule, omni-directional, frequencyrange 10 - 20.000 Hz, 147 dB SPL max, 48 Volt Phantom, swi... Loe edasi

DPA d:vote Core 4099 Guitar

560.00 € DPA d:vote Core 4099 Guitar - condenser clip microphone for acoustic guitar, super-cardioid polar pattern, frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, 2dB soft boost at 10 - 12 kHz, 142dB maximum SPL, goosenec... Loe edasi

DPA KIT-4099-DC-10C

5862.00 € DPA KIT-4099-DC-10C, microphone case, set consists of: 10x d:vote core 4099 Instrument Microphones, 10x Microdot adapters, 10x Miniature Microphone Cables, 8x Clips for Violin, 3x Clips for Cello, ... Loe edasi

DPA KIT-4099-DC-10R

5862.00 € DPA KIT-4099-DC-10R, microphone case, set consists of: 10x d:vote core 4099 Instrument Microphones, 10x Microdot adapters, 10x Miniature Microphone Cables Heavy Duty, 6x Clips for Drums, 4x Clips f... Loe edasi

DPA KIT-4099-DC-4C

2519.00 € DPA KIT-4099-DC-4C, microphone case, set consists of: 4 x 4099-DC-1 microphones, 4 x DAD6001-BC XLR adapter, 4 x 1,6mm CM1618B00 cable, 4 x VC4099 clip for violin, 2 x PC4099 clip for piano, 2 x CC... Loe edasi

Haun MBC660 L Pair

435.00 € Haun MBC660 L matched pair Condenser Studio Microphone, cardoid, especially for Hi-Hat, Acoustic-Guitar, Choir and Overhead, 2 Stück matched pair, mic clamp optional: 181608

Oktava MK 012 Black

286.00 € Oktava MK 012 Black Small Diaphragm Microphone, Multi-Capsule Condenser mikrophon, color: black, omnidirectional, cardioid, hypercardioid, 20 Hz - 20kHz, inkl. Mic holder, in wood box - made in Rus... Loe edasi

Oktava ML 52-02 Matched Pair

710.00 € Oktava ML 52-02 Matched Pair - ribbon microphone with figure-of-eight polar pattern, frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, 135dB maximum SPL (@1kHz), Made in Russia.

Prodipe GL21 Lanen

120.00 € Prodipe GL21 Lanen, Clip Condenser Microphone for Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele, Polar Pattern: Cardiod, Sensitivity: -47 dB (+/- 3dB), max. SPL: 140 dB, Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 20 kHz, requires ... Loe edasi

Rode M5 MP

172.00 € Rode M5 MP, Stereo-Set condenser small diaphragm microphone, 1/2" capsule with gold-plated membrane, Cardioid polar pattern, Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz, Output Impedence: 200 Ohms, max. SPL: 140... Loe edasi

Rode NT5 S

191.00 € Rode NT5 S - true condenser transducer with cardioid polar pattern, gold sputtered 1/2" capsule, heavy duty satin nickel plated body, low noise, full frequency response. Includes windshield, standm... Loe edasi

Rode NT5 S Bundle

222.00 € Rode NT5 S Bundle containing RODE NT5 S (order code 189186), K&M 27105 (order code 104916), CORDIAL CAM 9 BK (order code 168999)

Shure PGA181

142.00 € Shure PGA181, PG Alta Series, compact small diaphragm condenser microphone, Lollipop-Design, side adress for closely recordings, cardioid, 50 - 20.000 Hz, 120 Ohms, Sensitivity @ 1 kHz: -38 dBV/Pa ... Loe edasi

the t.bone RB 100

83.50 € the t.bone RB 100 ribbon microphone - figure-8 pattern, frequency response: 30Hz-15kHz, sensitivity: -54dB; max. SPL: 148dB. Impedance: =< 600 Ohms, Dimensions: 37 x 175mm. Weight: 496g ATTENTIO... Loe edasi

the t.bone RB 500 Wizoo Bundle

120.00 € the t.bone RB 500 Wizoo Bundle consisting of THE T.BONE RB 500 (order code 172090), WIZOO PUBLISHING MICROPHONES (order code 235033)

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