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Bellacura Polishing Cloth Guitar

4.84 € Bellacura Polishing Cloth Guitar, Cover and polishing cloth, Made from high-flow cotton, Dimensions: 35 x 35 cm, Motive: guitar

Big Bends Fret Board Juice 1 oz.

6.77 € Big Bends Fret Board Juice 1 oz., Fretboard Conditioner@+Many care products for fretboards contain either lemon or citrus oil. Many guitarists prefer however a fretboard maintenance product that d... Loe edasi

Big Bends Gem Tone Wipes 25

9.72 € Big Bends String Cleaning Wipes 25, String Cleaning Wipes, Treated cotton wipes, Quickly removes dirt, oil, and oxidation, Increases string life, Strings sound longer and better, Leaves behind no ... Loe edasi

Big Bends Gloss Sauce Polish

8.49 € Big Bends Gloss Sauce Polish, Polish / Cleaner, Cleans and renews/maintains gloss, Suitable for all high-gloss finishes - included nitrocellulose lacquer, Contents: 59 ml (2 oz), Made in the USA

Daddario PW-FBC Fretboard Cleaner

7.26 € D'Addario PW-FBC Fretboard Cleaner, Fretboard Cleaner, Cares for and cleans unvarnished, dark fretboard woods, Also protects the wood from dirt and hand perspiration, Contents: 59 ml

Daddario PW-FRP

10.95 € Daddario PW-FRP, Fret Polishing Paper, Polishing papers for guitar- and bass neck frets, With fret polishing template

Daddario PW-GCB-01 Inst.Care Essentials

26.94 € " Daddario PW-GCB-01 Inst.Care Essentials, Instrument Care Set, Contains everything needed to care for the surface of an instrument: 3-step polishing system, Hydrate fingerboard conditioner and a c... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-HPRP-03 Refill Pack

27.07 € Daddario PW-HPRP-03 Refill Pack, Care / Maintenance Product, Humidifier refill pack, ABSORB, PW-HPRP-03, Contents: 3 Pieces@+1 Humidipak keeps for around 2 - 4 months, depending on temperature and... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-LMN

6.77 € Planet Waves PW-LMN, Lemon Oil, Natural cleaner for unpainted wood surfaces, Removes dirt and grease, Protects the wood from drying out, Prolongs the life of the instruments, Content: 59 ml

Daddario PW-MPC

12.18 € Daddario PW-MPC, High Quality Microfibre Cloth, This cloth is made from unique cleaning fibers and removes water-soluble and fat-containing dirt, specifically without cleaning supplies, The cloth ... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-PC2

8.49 € Daddario PW-PC2, Polishing Cloth, Untreated, Made of high-quality cotton flannel, Removes dust and dirt more effectively than conventional polishing cloths, Long lasting, Machine washable

Daddario PW-PL 03 Instant Spray Cleaner

10.95 € D'Addario PW-PL 03 Instant Spray Cleaner, Spray Cleaner, Restores the original colour of the instrument, Removes dust, fingerprints and minor dents, Step 3 of a three-part restoration system by D'... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-PL01

10.46 € Daddario PW-PL01, Polish Cream, With deep cleansing - can also remove slight scratches, Removes even the hardest dirt, Applicable to all common guitar finishes, Removal of sanding marks, Content: ... Loe edasi

dAndrea Guitar Care Kit Deluxe

34.32 € dAndrea Guitar Care Kit Deluxe, Care Deluxe For Guitar, Guitar polish, Fingerboard care (lemon oil), String cleaner, Polishing cloth

dAndrea Guitar Polish

9.72 € dAndrea Guitar Polish, Guitar Polish, Liquid cream with natural waxes, Cleans / polishes / seals, Suitable for wood, metal and plastic, Contents: 118 ml

dAndrea Lemon Oil

8.00 € dAndrea Lemon Oil, Cleaning Oil For Fingerboard Care, Suitable for guitar and bass, Cleans the pores, Weight: 56 ml

dAndrea String Cleaner

8.00 € D'Andrea String Cleaner, String Cleaner, Extends the string life and revitalises string tone, Removes sweat, dust and dirt, Content: 59 ml (2 oz)

Dr.Ducks Ax Wax

13.41 € Dr.Ducks Ax Wax, Care products, Can be used for any guitar - whether painted or oiled - but also for other stringed instruments, Also suitable for the fingerboard as a string cleaner and for the m... Loe edasi

Dunlop 5430 Polishing Cloth

26.94 € Dunlop 5430 Polishing Cloth, Polishing cloth made of microfibre, For all surfaces

Dunlop 6504 Formula 65 GuitarTech Kit

47.98 € Dunlop 6504 Formula 65 GuitarTech Kit , Care set for guitars and basses*Set contents:*@+@+, 1x Ultimate Lemon fretboard oil (Prod.-No. DL PF 00004 6554), 112 g, 1x Guitar polish and cleaner (stock... Loe edasi

Dunlop Carnauba Wax

13.41 € Dunlop Carnauba Wax, Guitar Care Product, High-quality carnauba wax, Polishes and restores surface scratches, Protects your guitar with a resistant, lasting upper layer, Comes in a dispenser bottl... Loe edasi

Dunlop Complete Guitar Setup Kit

144.00 € Dunlop Complete Guitar Setup Kit, Care and string changing toolkit for electric guitar.@+*Kit contents:*@+@+, 1 x DGT01 Gig Light, 1 x 5410 Fret Polish Cloth, 1 x DGT05 Fret Collars, 1 x DGT07 Str... Loe edasi

Dunlop Formula 65 Body & Fingerb. Kit

15.87 € Dunlop Formula 65 Body & Fingerb. Kit, Body and Fingerboard Polish and Cleaner for Instruments, Used by the world's best guitar technicians, Set contains 1x Guitar Polish & Cleaner 1 oz / ... Loe edasi

Dunlop Formula 65 Fretboard Kit

26.94 € Dunlop Formula 65 Fretboard Kit, Fretboard Kit, 1 Bottle cleaner, 1 Bottle of conditioner, 1 Cloth to polish the frets, As well as a 100% cotton cloth, Not suitable for painted fretboards!

Dunlop Formula 65 Polish

12.18 € Dunlop Formula 65 Polish, Cleaners For Guitar & Bass, Polish and cleaner, Contents: 118 ml (4 oz)

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