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Bellacura Polishing Cloth Guitar

4.76 € Bellacura Polishing Cloth, polishing cloth made from high quality cotton, 35cm X 35cm. Image: guitar.

Big Bends Fret Board Juice 1 oz.

6.66 € Big Bends Fret Board Juice 1 oz., Fretboard conditioner, many fretboard conditioners contain either lemon or citric oill, many guitar players prefer a fretboard conditoner without solvents, so Fret... Loe edasi

Big Bends Gloss Sauce Polish

8.35 € Big Bends Gloss Sauce Polish/Cleaner; cleans and renews/maintains the shine, suitable for all finishes including nitrocellulose lacquer, content: 59 ml (2 oz); Made in USA

Big Bends String Cleaning Wipes 25

8.35 € Big Bends String Cleaning Wipes 25, treated cotton pads, quickly remove dirt, oil and oxides, increase string life, strings sound better longer, leave no residue, pack with 25 pieces, Made In USA

Boss BGD-01 Polish

11.98 € Boss BGD-01 Polish, for guitar and bass, this agent can be used to remove dirt, sweat and grease deposits. Ideal for daily care, Made in the USA

Daddario PW-FBC Fretboard Cleaner

7.14 € Daddario PW-FBC Fretboard Cleaner, hydrate fretboard cleaner maintains and cleans unlacquered, dark fretboard woods, protects also the wood against dirt and hand sweat, content 59ml

Daddario PW-FRP

9.56 € Daddario PW-FRP Fret Polishing System 5 Polish clothes for Guitar and Bass Necks Frets, with Polishing Template

Daddario PW-GCB-01 Inst.Care Essentials

26.50 € Daddario PW-GCB-01 Inst.Care Essentials; gives you everything you need to keep your instrument’s finish looking as great as the day you got it. This kit includes our 3-step polishing system, Hydra... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-HPRP-03 Refill Pack

26.62 € Daddario Humidpack ABSORB, PW-HPRP-03, replacement packet, 3 pcs, life period after opening app. 2-4 month (depending on temperature and air humidity (see instructions)

Daddario PW-LMN

6.66 € Daddario PW-LMN Lemon Oil, natural cleaner and conditioner, protects your guitar, removes dirt, grease, and wax build up, helps condition your instrument to resist dryness, extends the life of inst... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-MPC

10.77 € Daddario PW-MPC - high-quality micro-fibre polishing cloth, woven from microscopic fibres, removes dust, dirt and oils, requires minimal amounts of polish or no polish at all. The micro-fibre cloth... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-PC2

8.35 € Daddario PW-PC2, polish cloth, untreated, made from high-quality cotton flannel, picks up dust and dirt more effectively than ordinary polishing cloths, long lasting, essential for complete guitar ... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-PL 03 Instant Spray Cleaner

10.77 € Daddario PW-PL 03 Instant Spray Cleaner Spray cleaner and maintainer, keep your finish looking like new Erases dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections, Brings out the natural color and beauty o... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-PL01

10.29 € Daddario Restore - Deep Cleaning Cream Polish, Designed to cut through the toughest grime, Safe on all common guitar finishes, Polish out swirl marks, Help remove minor scratches, content 118ml

dAndrea Guitar Care Kit Deluxe

22.87 € D'Andrea Deluxe Guitar Care Kit GCKD, includes guitar polish, fingerboard cleaner (lemon oil), string cleaner and polishing cloth

dAndrea Guitar Polish

6.66 € D´Andrea Guitar Polish, Creme liquid with natural waxes, Cleans, polishes & seals, for all wood, metal & plastic surfaces, Content: 118ml

dAndrea Lemon Oil

5.97 € D`Andrea Lemon Oil - fingerboard conditioner for guitar and bass.

Dr.Ducks Ax Wax

10.77 € Dr.Ducks Ax Wax The ultimate Organic cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formula for all guitars and other musical instruments. (including brass, woodwinds, strings, etc.), For entire instrument (fretb... Loe edasi

Dunlop 5430 Polishing Cloth

24.08 € Dunlop 5430 Polishing Cloth Cotton Micro Fibers, fo all finishes

Dunlop 6504 Formula 65 GuitarTech Kit

54.45 € Dunlop 6504 Formula 65 - Guitar Tech Kit, incl. 654, 6554, 6582 + 2 x Polishing Cloth + String Winder, Dunlop Guitar Care Set, 1 x Ultimate Lemon Fretboard Oil (art. no. DL PF 00004 6554), 112 g, 1... Loe edasi

Dunlop Carnauba Wax

13.19 € Dunlop Carnauba Wax - high grade carnauba wax polishes while hiding and sealing small cracks, leaves a moisture and stain resistant barrier. Weight: 112g.

Dunlop Complete Guitar Setup Kit

142.00 € Dunlop DGT102 - System 65 Complete Guitar Setup Kit; setup, maintenance and string change kit for electric guitars; included: 1x DGT01 Gig Light, 1x 5410 Fret Polish Cloth, 1x DGT05 Fret Collars, 1... Loe edasi

Dunlop Formula 65 Body & Fingerb. Kit

14.40 € Dunlop Formula 65 - Mini Body & Fingerboard Kit (GA59), body and fingerboard polish and cleaner kit for instruments, used by the world's top guitar techs, set includes 1x Guitar Polish & Cl... Loe edasi

Dunlop Formula 65 Fretboard Kit

26.50 € Dunlop Formula 65 Fretboard Kit - comprises 1 bottle of cleaner, 1 bottle of conditioner & 1 polishing cloth, not to be used on lacquered fretboards

Dunlop Formula 65 Polish

10.77 € Dunlop Formula 65 Polish and cleaner - for bass and guitar. 4 oz.

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