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Ernie Ball Polish Cloth

5.15 € Ernie Ball Guitar Polish Cloth; EB4220; grey microfibre polishing cloth with edged edges; 35 cm x 35 cm, washable; with Ernie Ball Logo

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Fretboard Cond.

4.12 € Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Fretboard Conditioner EB4276; 6er Pack; moist care cloths; mixture of orange-, jojoba- and linseed oil, removes dirt and deposits on the fingerboard; suitable for guitar &am... Loe edasi

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Instrument Polish

4.12 € Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Instrument Polish EB4278; pack of 6; individually packed polishing cloths; removes rubbers and stripes; suitable for guitar & bass

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Multi-Pack

4.12 € Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Compo Pack EB4279; pack of 6; indivi dually wrapped instrument tissues; each box consists of one pack Fretboard Conditioner, two pack Instrument Polish and 3 pack String Cle... Loe edasi

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes String Cleaner

4.12 € Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes String Cleaner EB4277; 6er Pack; wet wipes; removes acid, dirt and deposits from strings; suitable for guitar & bass

Evh Guitar Workstation

71.39 € Evh Guitar Workstation - soft pad with secure neck support cup, holds the guitar at the proper angle for maintenance and adjustment, neck support cup doubles as a storage compartment, rolls up for ... Loe edasi

fader AID 8Clean

27.83 € fader AID 8Clean Spray

Gewa Micro Teflon

11.50 € Gewa Micro Teflon, for tuners or nut, 4g

GHS Fast Fret

8.35 € GHS Fast Fret - not a spray, contains no silicone. It’s a liquid in an applicator, use it on strings, fretboard, back of neck, lets fingers slide freely, keeps strings clean, good for wood

GHS Gorgomyte

26.50 € GHS Gorgomyte fret cleaning cloth for guitars and basses. 1 cloth.

GHS Guitar Gloss Non-Wax

13.19 € GHS Guitar Gloss, Politur for deep and long Gloss, Non-Wax and that´s why no clouding, cares and protects modern and traditional Finishes, also to use for Hardware (Tuners, Controls, Pickguards, P... Loe edasi

GHS Treated String Cloth

5.97 € GHS Treated String Cloth; Cleaning cloth specially for strin gs; suitable for electric and acoustic guitar as well as bas s strings; cleans and restores the string tone; dimensions ( L x W) 30 x 20... Loe edasi

Graph Tech Chops PrePlay Finger-Condition

12.10 € Graph Tech Chops PrePlay Finger-Conditioner & pH-Balancer Skin care product, balances skin pH level, Protects instruments, hardware and strings from damage caused by oily and/or acidic hands, H... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Hardware Polish

2.96 € Harley Benton Hardware Polish Polishset with Soft Cloth, Polish for Fret Wire, Machine Heads and other Hardware

Harley Benton Vanilla Speed Wax

6.05 € Harley Benton Vanilla Speed Wax, high gloss finish with high content of high strength carnauba wax, without abrasive and solvent, applicable to all smooth and non-absorbent surfaces such as guitars... Loe edasi

Heyday's Laquer Protection

18.03 € Heyday's Laquer Protection, coating for laquered instruments, protection against hand sweat, and other

Ibanez GWS100 Guitar Tech Powerpad

59.29 € Ibanez GWS100 Guitar Tech Powerpad workstation with secure neck support cup, stress free way to maintain your guitar, foldable for transport, dimension open 970 x 370 x 145mm, folded 370 x 280 x 35mm

Ibanez IGC100 Guitar Polishing Cloth

6.05 € Ibanez IGC100 Guitar Polishing Cloth, high quality Microfiber Cloth, Dimensions: 300 mm x 300 mm, Washable and designed to be long-lasting, Can be used wet and try, Colour: Black

Ibanez PGC 1000 Prestige Guitar Cloth

19.36 € Ibanez PGC 1000 Prestige Guitar Cloth, Shinetex super-fine m icrofiber development, Dimensions: 240 mm x 240 mm, Complete ly washable and designed to be long-lasting, Can be used wet and dry, two d... Loe edasi

Kontakt Chemie Kontakt 701 Vaseline

10.77 € Kontakt Chemie Kontakt 701 ; Vaseline-Spray; 200ml;

Kontakt Chemie Solvent 50

10.77 € Kontakt Chemie Solvent 50, for removing labels, with orage oil, 200ml

Lakewood Microfiber Polishing Cloth

9.62 € Lakewood Polish Cloth high-quality micro-fibre polishing cloth, Dimension 40cm x 50cm, 80% Polyester + 20% Polyamid

Lapella No.33 Fingerboard Oil

9.56 € Lapella No.33 Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil for fretted instruments, 15ml/ 0,5oz, visibly restores and preserves natural characteristics of ebony/ hardwood fingerboards, Item contains 15ml/ 0,5o... Loe edasi

Lapella No.34 Cleaning Wipe 10pcs

5.97 € Lapella No.34 Intensive Cleaning Wipes 10pcs for fingerboard and strings of fretted instruments, single packed wipes for cleaning of fingerboard and strings of fretted instruments, contains 10 sing... Loe edasi

Micro-Mesh Soft Pads Set

24.08 € Micro-Mesh Soft Pads, 1 soft pad in each grit 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, 12000, Suitable for every contour, precise and easy to use for intermediate grinding, polishing and var... Loe edasi

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