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GHS Fast Fret

8.35 € GHS Fast Fret - not a spray, contains no silicone. It’s a liquid in an applicator, use it on strings, fretboard, back of neck, lets fingers slide freely, keeps strings clean, good for wood

GHS Guitar Gloss Non-Wax

14.40 € GHS Guitar Gloss, Politur for deep and long Gloss, Non-Wax and that´s why no clouding, cares and protects modern and traditional Finishes, also to use for Hardware (Tuners, Controls, Pickguards, P... Loe edasi


31.34 € GHS Gorgomyte fret cleaning cloth for guitars and basses. 1 cloth.

GHS Treated String Cloth

5.97 € GHS Treated String Cloth; Cleaning cloth specially for strin gs; suitable for electric and acoustic guitar as well as bas s strings; cleans and restores the string tone; dimensions ( L x W) 30 x 20... Loe edasi

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