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Dunlop 5400 Polishing Cloth

5.15 € Dunlop 5400 Polishing Cloth – suitable for lemon oil, polish and string cleaner, 1 pcs.

Dunlop 5430 Polishing Cloth

21.78 € Dunlop 5430 Polishing Cloth Cotton Micro Fibers, fo all finishes

Dunlop Accessory Pack Electric Guitar

35.09 € Dunlop Accessory Pack Electric Guitar GA 50 Accessoire Pack for E-Guitar:with Tortex Gauges 0.60 and Nylon Gauges 0 .60 Pick, Shell Classic medium Pletrum, Dunlop Pickholder, Formular No. 65 Politu... Loe edasi

Dunlop Carnauba Wax

11.50 € Dunlop Carnauba Wax - high grade carnauba wax polishes while hiding and sealing small cracks, leaves a moisture and stain resistant barrier. Weight: 112g.

Dunlop Complete Guitar Setup Kit

120.00 € Dunlop DGT102 - System 65 Complete Guitar Setup Kit; setup, maintenance and string change kit for electric guitars; included: 1x DGT01 Gig Light, 1x 5410 Fret Polish Cloth, 1x DGT05 Fret Collars, 1... Loe edasi

Dunlop Formula 65 Fretboard Kit

22.39 € Dunlop Formula 65 Fretboard Kit - comprises 1 bottle of cleaner, 1 bottle of conditioner & 1 polishing cloth, not to be used on lacquered fretboards

Dunlop Formula 65 Polish

9.56 € Dunlop Formula 65 Polish and cleaner - for bass and guitar. 4 oz.

Dunlop Formula 65 Polish Kit

22.99 € Dunlop Formula 65 Polish Kit; includes 1 Bottle Polish&Cleaner and 1 Bottle Carnauba Wax

Dunlop Formula No. 65/16 oz

26.62 € Dunlop Formula No. 65/16 oz, guitar polish and cleaner, 16 oz/472 ml.

Dunlop Formula65 String Cleaner

9.08 € Dunlop Formula 65 String Cleaner - shields strings against tarnish and corrosion, extends playing life, gives a silky smooth string surface, eliminates finger squeaks, 2oz applicator.

Dunlop Lemon Oil

9.08 € Dunlop 6554 fretboard No.65 ultimate lemon oil - the best oil for rosewood fingerboards, not suitable for maple fingerboards.4oz/118ml

Dunlop Maintenance Kit

56.87 € Dunlop Formula 65 Maintenance Kit - guitar care set.

Dunlop Neck Cradle Maint. Station

64.13 € Dunlop Neck Cradle Maintenance Station - guitar/bass setup and repair aid. The self-aligning cradle rotates on an axis to provide full support to the back or front of the neck for increased stabili... Loe edasi

Dunlop Platinum 65 Care Spray Wax

26.62 € Dunlop Platinum 65 Guitar Care Deep Clean&Spray Wax, Deep Clean and Spray Wax instrument care set, includes two Platinum 65 Suede Microfiber Cloths (178 mm x 178 mm), made with all-natural Mont... Loe edasi

Dunlop Platinum65 Guitar Care 4oz Set

13.31 € Dunlop Platinum 65 Guitar Care Cleaner Polish 4oz, Instrument two in one cleaner and polish, includes a Platinum 65 Suede Microfiber cloth (178 mm x 178 mm), made with all-natural Montan Wax, non-t... Loe edasi

Dunlop Superlube Gel Pen 6567

14.52 € Dunlop Superlube Gel Pen 6567 2 ml, universal lubricant for stringed instruments, viscous gel that does not drip or penetrate, spatula tip for precise application, safe lubricant for all maintenanc... Loe edasi

Dunlop System 65 Guitar Setup Mat

26.62 € Dunlop System 65 Guitar Set; workbench mat; protects instruments during repairs, thick padding; Tight webbing keeps debris from getting stuck, easy to clean; Made from no-mar neoprene; dimensions (... Loe edasi

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