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Aguilar Agro Pedal

296.00 € Aguilar Agro Pedal, Effect Pedal, Bass Overdrive, Separate saturation and output volume knobs, Contour knob with wide range, Midscoop at about 900 Hz, Presence control (+ 6dB/ - 20dB > 4 kHz), ... Loe edasi

Aguilar Chorusaurus

318.00 € Aguilar Chorusaurus, Effect Device for Electric Bass, Analogue chorus, Controls for: Blend, Width, Rate and Intensity, True bypass, Battery and mains operation possible (both not included), Suitab... Loe edasi

Aguilar DB 599 Bass Compressor

253.00 € Aguilar DB 599 Bass Compressor, Effect Pedal for Electric Bass, Compressor, 2-Band boost, Controls: Comp, Gain, LED: Effect On, Foot switch: Effect Bypass, Input: 6.3 mm jack, Output: 6.3 mm jack,... Loe edasi

Aguilar DB 925 Preamp/ Boost

221.00 € Aguilar DB 925 Preamp/ Boost, Effects Pedal for Electric Bass, 2-Band boost, Controls: 40 Hz bass, 4 kHz treble, LED: Effect on, Footswitch: Effect bypass, Input: 6.3 mm jack, Output: 6.3 mm jack,... Loe edasi

Aguilar Filter Twin

339.00 € Aguilar Filter Twin, Bass Effect Pedal, Dual envelope filter, 2 Low-pass filter (up-attack/ down-attack), single use or together, Controls for blend - threshold - 2x velocity, Gig-saver bypass, Po... Loe edasi

Aguilar Fuzzistor

275.00 € Aguilar Fuzzistor, Effect Pedal for Bass Guitar, Fuzz, Blended, level, tone and fuzz controls, Analogue, True bypass, Can be operated by battery and mains (both not included, matching power supply... Loe edasi

Aguilar Octamizer

275.00 € Aguilar Octamizer, Effect Pedal for Electric Bass, The Octamizer adds a tone that is one octave lower to the original bass signal, Controls for Octave Level - Clean Level - Octave Filter - Clean T... Loe edasi

Aguilar StormKing

275.00 € Aguilar StormKing, Effect Pedal for Electric Bass, Analogue distortion/fuzz, Tube-like, saturated tone, Controls: Gain, Shape, Master, Switch: Kick, Input and output: 6.35 mm jack, Power supply vi... Loe edasi

Aguilar Tone Hammer

392.00 € Aguilar Tone Hammer, Preamp & DI Box, Typical aguilar sound in a compact format, Foot-switchable 3-band EQ with parametric mids, bass, treble, gain and master volume, AGS (Adaptive Gain-Shapin... Loe edasi

Ampeg Liquifier Chorus

142.00 € Ampeg Liquifier, Effects pedal for electric and bass guitar, Analog chorus pedal, Dual chorus circuit provides full chorus sounds for bass and guitar, Controls: rate - depth - effect level, LED: e... Loe edasi

Ampeg Opto Comp Compressor

142.00 € Ampeg Opto Comp, Effects Pedal, Analog bass compressor, Controllers for compression, release and output levels, True bypass, Power supply with 9 V battery or 9 V power supply (both not included, s... Loe edasi

Ampeg Scrambler Bass Overdrive

142.00 € Ampeg Scrambler Bass Overdrive, Effect Pedal, Bass Overdrive, Analog design, Separate Drive & Blend (Wet / Dry) controls, Treble & Volume controls, True bypass, Metal housing, Power supply... Loe edasi

Amptweaker Bass TightDrive

183.00 € Amptweaker Bass TightDrive, Effects pedal for electric bass, Bass overdrive, From easily tightening up the attack to building a thicker distortion, TightDrive circuit has been optimised for bass, ... Loe edasi

Amptweaker Bass TightDrive MOD

212.00 € Amptweaker Bass TightDrive MOD, Effects pedal for electric bass, Bass overdrive, Modded version of the bass TightDrive, Additional dry lowend, From easily tightening up the attack to building a th... Loe edasi

Behringer BOD400

32.67 € Behringer BOD400, Bass Overdrive Effect Pedal, Balance knob between overdrive/ clean signal for maximum punch, Controller for level - 2-band EQ - gain, Battery operation 9V or power supply connect... Loe edasi

Boss Bass Driver BB-1X

211.00 € " Boss Bass Driver BB-1X, Electric Bass Effects Pedal, Overdrive, Controls: level/ blend, low, high and drive, 1 Input, 1 Output, 1 Line out (balanced DI out), ""Adaptive distortion"" - optimal dis... Loe edasi

Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor

242.00 € Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor, Effects Pedal, Intelligent multiband compression, Intelligent circuit adapts the pitch and style of the game, resulting in a natural compression that preserves the fund... Loe edasi

Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

142.00 € Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus, Bass Effect Pedal@+Effects for bassists are always a bit tricky. Too much modulation impairs the directness and precision of the sound; moreover, normal guitar effects gene... Loe edasi

Boss LMB-3

131.00 € Boss LMB-3, Bass Limiter / Enhancer@+With the LMB-3, you can straighten the output levels of your pickups to get a consistent sound of your bass over the entire dynamic range. For the most accurat... Loe edasi

Boss ODB-3

142.00 € Boss ODB-3, Bass Overdrive Pedal@+As the first bass overdrive in the BOSS Compact Effects series, the ODB-3 has been specifically tailored to the needs of today's bass players. It delivers everyth... Loe edasi

Catalinbread SFT

241.00 € Catalinbread SFT, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass, Preamp and overdrive, Vintage Ampeg growls for bass and guitar, Controls: Treble, Bass, Volume and Gain, Stones/Stoner switch,... Loe edasi

Darkglass Adam

610.00 € Darkglass Adam, Effects Pedal for Electric Bass, Overdrive with audio interface, The most versatile bass distortion from Darkglass with integrated audio interface, speaker simulation and Bluetooth... Loe edasi

Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra V2

497.00 € Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra V2, Effects Pedal for Electric Bass, Preamp with additional Aux In, 2 Distortion circuits, High dynamic range, Active 6-band graphic EQ, True bypass, Headphone output, ... Loe edasi

Darkglass Alpha Omicron Bass Distortion

241.00 € Darkglass Alpha Omicron Bass Distortion, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Provides the distortion and flexibility of the alpha-omega in a smaller format, With the two distortions, it offers the s... Loe edasi

Darkglass Alpha-Omega

332.00 € Darkglass Alpha-Omega, Effect pedal for electric bass, Preamp / distortion, Controls: Blend, Level, Drive, Mod, Bass, Mid, and Treble, Switch: Growl and Bite, XLR DI output, Power consumption: 30 ... Loe edasi

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