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EBS Bass IQ Blue Label Env. Filter

208.00 € EBS Bass IQ Blue Label Envelope Filter; Effects Pedal for Electric Bass; Flexible Envelope Filter/Autowah; Preserves the low range; Low Pass, Band Pass & Full Range filters; Internal controls f... Loe edasi

EBS Billy Sheehan Ult.Sign.Drive

258.00 € EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive, overdrive / boost effect pedal for electric bass, analog design with extended gain and seperate boost footswitch, drive controls: drive, tone, level and ... Loe edasi

EBS DynaVerb SE

226.00 € EBS DynaVerb Bass SE Studio Edition, Bass effect pedal, 24bit digital hall, 8x different reverb types, controls for reverb and tone, switch for reverb type, true bypass, power supply optional (# 40... Loe edasi

EBS MD MultiDrive SE

158.00 € EBS MultiDrive SE, effects pedal, bass overdrive, preserves low range for a slightly overdriven bluesy tone with lots of sustain and body, controls: Dirve - Volume, switches: Tubesim/Std/Flat,: foo... Loe edasi

EBS MultiComp Blue Label

198.00 € EBS MultiComp Blue Label, el-bass effect pedal, compressor, 3 switchable compression modes: Tubesim/Multiband/Normal, controls: Comp/Sens, Gain & 3-way mode switch, true Bypass, dimensions: (W)... Loe edasi

EBS Octabass Blue Label 2020

198.00 € EBS Octabass Blue Label 2020 version; Effects Pedal for Electric Bass; Preserves the low range; A new Range-switch makes possible to move the optimized focus area of the tracking to either higher u... Loe edasi

EBS Stanley Clarke Wah

348.00 € EBS Stanley Clarke Wah Signature Wah Pedal, 4 diferend Modi, Low Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass and Boosted Band-Pass, control for Bandwidth and Frequency-Range, Wah-Wah/Bypass or Wah/Volume, True Bypass

EBS Uni Chorus SE

198.00 € EBS Uni Chorus SE Studio Edition, high quality, low noise chorus, true bypass, power supply optional (# 409939)

EBS Valve Drive DI

365.00 € EBS Valve Drive DI, Tube Bass Distortion - preamp or overdrive pedal (vintage or modern), class A tube overdrive, true bypass, XLR DI-out, includes AC adapter.

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