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Mooer Bass Sweeper

59.29 € Mooer Bass Sweeper pedal, dynamic envelopefilter for bass and guitar, unique funky filter sound, metal housing, true bypass, 2 modes (clean/fuzz), input jack (impedance: 220 kOhm), output jack (imp... Loe edasi

Mooer Ensemble Queen

66.55 € Mooer Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus pedal, digital, metal housing, True Bypass, Status LED, controls for Level, Tone, Depth and Rate, 6.35 mm mono IN/OUT jacks, power supply optional #409939 (not incl... Loe edasi

Mooer Fog Bass

59.29 € Mooer Fog Bass pedal, classic fuzz for bass and guitar, SQUEEZE switch for unique fuzz effect, metal housing, true bypass, input jack (impedance: 10kOhms), output jack (impedance: 1kOhms), dimensio... Loe edasi

Mooer Graphic B

71.39 € Mooer Graphic B, bass guitar stompbox, 5-band graphic EQ, +/- 18 dB gain range, level control, true bypass, dimensions (h x w x d): 52 x 42 x 93,5 mm, weight: 160 g, 9V DC power supply is needed (p... Loe edasi

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