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MXR M 89 Bass Overdrive

173.00 € MXR M 89 Bass Overdrive, effect pedal for bass guitar, analog, warm tube-like overdrive, clean signal blend control, volume drive and tone-controls, status LED, true bypass, 1/4" in and out, operat... Loe edasi

MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe

197.00 € MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe - octave FX pedal with true bypass, constant headroom technology and midrange boost. Made in USA, power supply optional (# 409939)

MXR M80 Bass DI Plus

212.00 € MXR M80 Bass DI Plus - solid cover with 2x metal foot switches. Clean volume, distorted volume, blend, trigger, gain, bass, mid and high controls. Switch for colour, phantom power and gate. 1x inpu... Loe edasi

MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe

178.00 € MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe effectpedal for bass guitar, fuzz tone, control for tone, fuzz, dry and wet, footswitch, works with 9V-Battery or Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter (optional not included), Made in... Loe edasi

One Control Hooker's Green Bass Machine

131.00 € One Control Hooker's Green Bass Machine effect pedal, desinged by Bjorn Juhl, bass overdrive, control for volume, treble, drive, connection in,out and power in, powered by 9V power supply or 9v bat... Loe edasi

Palmer Herrenchor

42.35 € Palmer Herrenchor, bass effect pedal, chorus, controls: rate, depth & intensity,

Palmer PEBDP Deepressor

42.35 € Palmer PEBDP Deepressor bass effect pedal, compressor, sustainer, control for level, attack, sustain, input pad, true bypass, 9V DC input (power supply not incluted)

Palmer Übertreiber Bass Overdrive

39.93 € Palmer Übertreiber Bass Overdrive effect pedal, overdrive, control for gain, clean, tone, level, input pad, true bypass, 9V DC input (power supply not incluted)

Radial Engineering Bassbone OD

457.00 € Radial Engineering Tonebone Bassbone OD, 2 channel bass preamp, Bass overdrive with wet-dry control for extra grit, Drag control load correction for vintage basses, PZB booster and 10 meg piezo inp... Loe edasi

Radial Engineering Bassbone V2

382.00 € Radial Engineering Tonebone Bassbone V2 Two-channel bass preamp for 1 or 2 basses; Built-in Radial DI with low-Z balanced out for the PA; Combination power booster, effects loop and mute; Powerful ... Loe edasi

Sadowsky SPB-1 Preamp DI

307.00 € Sadowsky SPB-1 Preamp DI - independent bass & treble controls, active/passive footswitch with LED, mute switch with tuner out, 1/4" jack output, XLR output with ground lift, powered via 9V batt... Loe edasi

Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor

197.00 € Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor, Compressor for bass guitar, From subtle adjustments of dynamics to intense compression, Compressor with Soft-Knee characteristic (from 1:1 ratio to > 20:1)... Loe edasi

Solid Gold FX Beta Bass Overdrive

217.00 € Solid Gold FX Beta Bass Overdrive, versatile bass overdrive, the beta gets its voice from a specially tuned JFET preamp with light germanium diode clipping, this makes for a tube amp-like character... Loe edasi

Solid Gold FX Beta DLX Bass Overdrive/Preamp

318.00 € Solid Gold FX Beta DLX Bass Overdrive/Pre; Effects Pedal for Electric Bass; Individual Overdrive and Boost with Volume, Tone and Gain controls and five additional Toggle switches for more in depth ... Loe edasi

Source Audio AfterShock Bass Distortion

193.00 € bass distortion effect pedal, 3 different distortion types selectable via toggle switch: tube – subtle / but powerful vintage tube overdrive / heavy – intense germanium fuzz tones with loads of b... Loe edasi

Source Audio Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter

221.00 € Source Audio Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter, filter effects pedal with integrated distortions for electric bass guitar, 12 different low pass high pass band pass, single peak multi-peak and notch fi... Loe edasi

Source Audio Soundblox 2 OFD Bass MicroMod

221.00 € Source Audio Soundblox 2 OFD Bass MicroMod, Distortion pedal for electric bass guitar, 12 popular overdrive, fuzz and distortion sounds, cast aluminum housing,, 2 storable user presets, Dry/Wet mix... Loe edasi

Z.Vex Woolly Mammoth Vexter

286.00 € Z.Vex Woolly Mammoth Vexter, effects pedal, Fuzz, suitable for guitar as well as bass, on the contrary to standard fuzz pedals, the bass frequencies are preserved, controls: Output, EQ, Pinch &... Loe edasi

Zoom B3n

168.00 € Zoom B3n, effect pedal, 67 high-quality stompbox DSP effects, 5 amp emulators plus 5 cabinet emulators, Free ZOOM Guitar Lab Mac/Windows software, allows for downloading of additional effects and p... Loe edasi

T-Rex Bass Juice

83.50 € T-Rex Bass Juice, distortion / fuzz pedal for electric bass, warm wide range vintage tube-style tone, 2-sections: distortion section and boost section, controls for distortion section: tone control... Loe edasi

tc electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor

89.55 € tc electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor, ultra-compact studio-quality multiband compressor, simple one knob handling, perfectly tuned for Bass, TonePrint enabled for a world of signature and cust... Loe edasi

tc electronic SpectraDrive Bass Preamp

179.00 € tc electronic Spectra Drive Bass Preamp, effects pedal, High-quality bass preamp, TubeDrive & SpectraComp control with TonePrint technology, intelligent 4-band EQ stack, controls: Treble - Hi M... Loe edasi

Tech 21 Bass Driver D.I. Deluxe

361.00 € Tech 21 Bass Driver D.I. Deluxe SansAmp, multifunctional bass DI, input for 2 instruments, 3 custom tones programmable for each input or 6 for a single instrument, programmable FX loop, parallel tu... Loe edasi

Tech 21 Bass Driver D.I. Programmable

275.00 € Tech 21 Bass Driver D.I. Programmable SansAmp, programmable version of the well known 'Bass Driver DI', great for live gigs, 3 programmable sounds, metal enclosure. Powered by 9V battery, optional ... Loe edasi

Tech 21 Bass Driver DI V2

296.00 € Tech 21 Bass Driver DI V2, multi-functional bass DI, controls: level, blend, treble, presence, drive, mid & bass, switches: phantom & ground connect XLR, +10db (jack output), -20db (XLR), s... Loe edasi

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