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AMT PE-120 Load Box

466.00 € AMT PE-120 Load Box "Power Eater", reactive load DI with attenuator and dummyload, capture the sound and dynamics of your fully driven amp at low volume or even in silent mode, built in passive cab... Loe edasi

Bugera Power Soak PS1

137.00 € Bugera Power Soak PS1, Power Attenuator, passive, max. 100 Watts, Multi-impedance input connectors (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any amplifier, Speaker Output, Emulated XLR Mic Output, Line... Loe edasi

Jet City Amplification Jettenuator

163.00 € Jet City Amplification Jettenuator, power attenuator (power soak) & Loadbox, for tube amps up to 80 watts, 4-, 8- and 16 ohms speaker outputs, volume knob, dummy load for Amp-operation without ... Loe edasi

Koch Amps LB120-II/8

371.00 € Koch Amps LB120-II/8 Load Box II, 120W, power attenuator, air cooled, speaker simulator & DI box, 8ohms version

Palmer PLB2X8

221.00 € Palmer PLB2X8, 2-channel load box, 2 jack inputs, mono/stereo-mode, impedance: 2 x 8 ohms / 1 x 16 ohms / 1 x 4 ohms, max. load: 2 x 100 W / 1 x 200 W, dimensions: w/d/h: 480 x 180 x 44,5 mm (19", ... Loe edasi

Radial Engineering Headload 8 Ohms

1311.00 € Radial Engineering Headload 8 Ohms, Speaker Attenuator and Simulator, will be inserted between speaker output of the amp and speaker, 8 Ohms, up to 120 Watt RMS (180 Watt peak), Amp/Speaker Load in... Loe edasi

Rivera RockCrusher

538.00 € Rivera RockCrusher, Power Attenuator and Load Box, natural tone balance at any level, selectable 8- and 16-Ohms capability, Reactive internal network for true amplifier/load interaction, high therm... Loe edasi

Rivera RockCrusher Recording

838.00 € Rivera RockCrusher Recording, Power Attenuator and Load Box, all analog speaker emulation, 11-Band graphic Eq., natural tone balance at any level, selectable 8- and 16-Ohms capability, Reactive int... Loe edasi

Suhr Reactive Load

518.00 € Suhr Reactive Load, DI with dummyload, is a simple solution to capture all of the warmth, and dynamics of your sound, without the hassle of miking a speaker cabinet during a live or recorded perfor... Loe edasi

Two Notes Torpedo Reload

740.00 € Two Notes Torpedo Reload, Reactive-active attenuator, DI and reamplification box, 4-, 8-, 16-Ohms real speaker Impedance, Connections: Hi-Z Instrument Input, Replay Line-In and Amp Out 1/4" TR, 1x ... Loe edasi

Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box

1336.00 € Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box; analoge Reactive Loadbox for Guitar Tube Amps; Five tuned guitar amp attenuation levels; Front-panel Rig-control for instant mic and speaker cabinet emulations; UA D... Loe edasi

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