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Suhr - Reactive Load IR

Suhr - Reactive Load IR
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Suhr Reactive Load IR; DI with Dummyload and Speaker Simulation; a simple solution to capture all of the warmth, and dynamics of your sound, without the hassle of miking a speaker cabinet during a live or recorded performance, the Reactive Load takes the place of your speaker cabinet in your signal chain, it provides an 8 Ohms load for your tube amplifier and produces a balanced and unbalanced signal that interfaces with recording devices, effects and power amplifiers, additionally to the original Suhr Reactive Load, the Reactive Load I.R. adds impulse response technology, allowing you to quickly and easily access an array of an expertly miked speaker cabinets; 16 preloaded Suhr speaker cabinet impulse responses captured by Celestion; 3rd party impulse responses loadable via the USB port; controls: IR Select, HP Level, DI Level; Switches: Signal 0/+6 dB, Hi-Cut; connections: Input From Amp (1/4" Jack), Thru to Speaker (1/4" Jack), DI/Line Out Un-Filtered (1/4" TRS-Jack), DI/Line Out IR (1/4" TRS-Jack); Headphone Out (1/8" TRS-Jack), Aux In (1/8" TRS-Jack); PSU input (5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector, center negative); current draw: 200 mA; powered by a 9 V DC power supply (included); maximum recommended input power: 100 Watts RMS; dimensions (W x D x H): 224 x 226 x 91 mm; (8,8" x 8,9" x 3,6"); weight: 3 kg (6,7 lbs)

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