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Boss - WAZA Tube Amp Expander

Boss - WAZA Tube Amp Expander
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Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander; effects pedal; First-of-its-kin d tube amp command center, Advanced variable reactive load c ircuit for tube amps up to 150 watts, User-adjustable impeda nce tuning correctly matches the reactive load to your amp, retaining its natural tone, dynamic feel, and distortion ch aracteristics, 10 memory settings, real-time parameter contr ol via GA-FC/FS-series footswitches and MIDI I/O, Built-in 1 00-watt Class AB power amplifier with discrete analog design and seamless volume control, Powerful DSP section, Customiz able stereo effects, 22 miked cabinet emulations with five s electable close-mic types and three room-mic options, plus f our slots for loading user speaker IRs, External effects loo p with selectable series/parallel operation and control jack for switching amp channels, Parallel speaker outputs for co nnecting up to two cabs for gigging, Balanced XLR line outpu ts (mono and L/R stereo) for connecting to FOH console, stag e monitors, and recording devices, Headphones output for qui et practice with cranked-up amp tones, editor software (Mac/ Windows), USB for direct audio recording and editor communic ation; controls: Speaker Out, Line Out, Phones, Resonance-Z, Presence-Z, Rig, Reverb; push buttons: Fx Loop, Effects, So lo/EQ, Amp Ctl,; switches: Speaker Impedance, Input Level, L /R Gnd Lift, Mono (Foh) Gnd Lift, Loop, Level, Send Gnd Lift , Return Gnd Lift, Amp Ctl; LED: Power, Write, FX Loop, Effe cts, Solo/EQ, Amp Ctl, Input Sig/Peak; connections: From Tub e Amp (1/4" Jack), Speaker Out A&B (1/4" Jacks), Line Out L/ R (XLR), Line Out Mono (XLR), Phones (1/4" TRS-Jack), Send ( 1/4" Jack), Return (1/4" Jack), FX Loop (1/4" Jack), GA-FC ( 1/4" TRS-Jack), Amp Ctl Jack (1/4" Jack), USB B Port, Midi ( In, Thru/Out); dimensions (W x D x H): 381 x 297 x 111 mm (1 5" x 11,69" x 4,38"); weight: 6,8 kg (15 lbs)

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