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Dixon PSN9270 Drum Throne

66.55 € Dixon PSN9270 Drum Throne, Invader Series, round 35cm Seat, doublebraced, height adjust with Tube Screw, max High 65cm, max low 51cm

Dixon PSN9280 Drum Throne

83.50 € Dixon PSN9280, Drum Throne from the "Invader"-Series from Dixon, these Series brings a excellent Materials with double Braced Legs, doublebraced Legs with strong rubber Feets. High adjustable: with... Loe edasi

DW 3100 Drummer Throne

132.00 € Drum Workshop 3100, 3000er Hardware Series, Drummerthrone, Sturdy Tripod Base, 13" round Seat Top, 3" thick, Solid Ear Casting, An affordable throne that’s not short on quality. A heavy-duty steel... Loe edasi

DW 5100 Drummer Throne

120.00 € Drum Workshop 5100, 5000er Hardware Series, Drummerthrone, round padded with 13"-(33cm) diameter, Swivel adjustable from 53cm - 74cm, doublebraced,

DW 9100AL Drummer Throne

317.00 € Drum Workshop Drum Throne 9100AL, Air Lift Series, Pneumatic Height Adjustment (20" to 27"), Sturdy 4-leg Base, Double Braced, Special foam combination for stability and comfort, Back support separ... Loe edasi

DW 9100BR Backrest

61.71 € Drum Workshop 9100BR Backrest, Backrest for DW Drum Thrones, only compatible to 9100AL and 9120AL, 8100 and 8120,

DW 9100M Drummer Throne

287.00 € Drum Workshop Drum Throne 9100M, combination of foam for stability and comfort. The 9100 has an oversized 14" round seat top, Throne feature DW’s newly designed double locking clamp, vise lock sea... Loe edasi

DW 9120AL Drum Stool

346.00 € Drum Workshop 9120AL Drum Stool - Air Lift Series drum throne with oversized tractor seat top, pneumatic height adjustment, sturdy 4-leg base, double braced, special foam combination for stability ... Loe edasi

DW 9120M Drummer Throne

309.00 € Drum Workshop Drum Throne 9120M, combination of foam for stability and comfort, 14" oversized tractor seat top, Throne feature DW’s newly designed double locking clamp, vise lock seat clamp and an... Loe edasi

DW PDP PDDTC00 Concept Throne

115.00 € DW PDP PDDTC00 Concept Drum Throne, round seat, cloth and art leather, height adjustable with swivel, double braced, height 22"-28", seat diameter 14",

K&M 14000 Drum Throne Gomez Bundle

238.00 € K&M 14000 Drum Throne Gomezz Bundle containing K&M 14000 DRUM THRONE GOMEZZ (order code 193561), K&M 14003 GOMEZZ (order code 263869)

K&M 14000 Drum Throne Gomezz

212.00 € K&M 14000 Professional Drummer Throne - 'Gommezz' model, foldable 3-leg base, fixed large rubber end caps for good floor Contact, continuous height adjustment by a notched system with 10mm step... Loe edasi

K&M 14007 Prof. Drum Throne Round

202.00 € K&M 14007, Profi Drummerthrone, Model 14007, foldable 3-leg base, fixed large rubber end caps for good floor Contact, Continuous height adjustment by a notched system with 10 mm steps, detachab... Loe edasi

K&M 14010 Drum Throne Piccolino

90.76 € K&M 14010 Piccolino, threeleg doublebraced chrome Drummerthrone, 360 - 440 mm adjustable High, for all Drummer they like a real deep Position, excellen for Kids, adjustable over patented System... Loe edasi

K&M 14015 Drum Throne

115.00 € K&M 14015 Drum Throne - bottom piece 3 foot with doubling vines and large root circle, fold upable. Gradually hight adjustable with surface-careful wedging. Minimum seat level of 480 mm. Large ... Loe edasi

K&M 14016 Drum Throne

119.00 € K&M 14016 drum-seat, comparable with art. 14015. big padded-seat ø 325 mm. Weight: 5.5 kg. H: 500/710mm

K&M 14020 Picco

95.60 € K&M 14020 Picco, Drummer Throne for beginners and for advanced players, Baseline Series, unique clamp with patented push buttom system for easy handling, double braced steel leg construction wi... Loe edasi

K&M 14030 Grande

120.00 € K&M 14030 Grande, allround Drummer Throne, Baseline Series, precision height adjustment mechanism with a ratchet knob and clamping lever in 10mm steps, double braced steel leg construction with... Loe edasi

K&M 14042

71.39 € K&M 14042 backrest, for K&M drum seats. 325mm-adjustable, imitation leather, weight 3,1 kg, (don't fit to K&M 14000 Gomezz)

K&M 14043

73.82 € K&M 14043 back rest - adjustable to K&M drums stools ø 325 mm. Distance to seating adjustable. Oval back cushion with fabric cover, height adjustable. Weigth 3.1 kg. (don't fit to K&M ... Loe edasi

K&M 14052 Multi Purpose Stool

169.00 € K&M 14052 Drummer seat with 3 steel leg, foldable, adjustable height, seat of imitation leather 380 x 350 mm, weight 5.7 kg, black, high 560 / 930 mm

K&M 14053 Drum Stool

173.00 € K&M 14053 Drum Stool - 3 steel legs, foldable, adjustable height, 380 x 350mm black fabric covered seat. Weight: 5.7kg. Colour: Black

K&M 14055 Drum Throne Nick

131.00 € K&M 14055 Nick drum seat - sturdy, high-quality drum throne featuring an ergonomically-designed seat. Wobble-free locking height adjustment mechanism is extremely functional and user-friendly. ... Loe edasi

K&M 14056 Drum Throne

152.00 € K&M 14056 drum stool (Nick), cloth

K&M 14058 Drum Throne

202.00 € K&M 14058 Drumsitz with backrest .base with 3 feet, hight adjustabler. Ergonomic form with high-quality upholstery,removable backrest, oval back cushion-adjustable. Weight: 7.5 kg, black. K&... Loe edasi

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