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Millenium DT-900 Drum Throne Round

95.60 € Millenium DT-900 Drum Throne Round, Millenium Pro Series drum throne, heavy double braced legs, round seat, height adjustable with swivel, black art leather, high stability, including memory lock, ... Loe edasi

Millenium DT-902 Drum Stool

115.00 € Millenium Pro Series DT-902 Drum Stool - with black seat, three double-braced legs, height adjustable spindle, cushion-type saddle, (min. and max. height, 48cm - 65cm)

Millenium DTRAB-1118 Drum Stool pneumat

83.50 € Millenium DTRAB-1118 Drum Stool - double-braced, 3 legs, pneumatic height adjustment, wide rider seat, back rest, comfortable throne for long gigs.

Millenium MDT2S Drum Throne Sattel

54.45 € Millenium MDT2S drum seat, saddle-type shaped seat, double braced. Height:53cm (min), 60cm (max)

Millenium MDT3 Drum Throne Saddle

54.45 € Millenium MDT3 drum stool - double braced, saddle shaped seat. Minimum height: 46cm. Maximum height: 66cm

Millenium MDT4 Drum Throne Round

42.35 € Millenium MDT4 drum stool - 11" round model, double braced, minimum height: 53cm, maximum height: 63cm, seat diameter: 28 cm, max weight capacity 400kg

Millenium MDT5S-Pro Drum Throne Saddle

71.39 € Millenium MDT5S-Pro - drum stool with back rest, saddle-type seat, double braced legs, adjustable height (52-65cm).

Millenium MDTJR Drum Throne Round

39.81 € Millenium MDTJR junior drum Throne- 11" round model, double braced, extrem deep seated adjustable, minimum height: 37cm, maximum height: 47cm, seat diameter: 28 cm

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