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Gibraltar 9608HM Drum Throne Hydraulic

202.00 € Gibraltar 9608HM Hydraulic Moto-Style Drum Throne - plush oversized 17" Cordura moto seat with easy hydraulic adjustment provides comfort and player support, adjusts from 19.5" to 26" height, doubl... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 9608M Drummer Seat

195.00 € Gibraltar 9608M Drummer Seat - 9600 Series, motorcycle style Cordura/vinyl seat, spindle for height adjustment.

Gibraltar 9608MB Drum Throne

202.00 € Gibraltar 9608MB Drum Throne with Backrest - 9600 series, oversized motorcycle-style cordura/vinyl seat with contoured backrest, spindle for height adjustment (20"-28").

Gibraltar 9608MW2T Drum Throne Saddle

190.00 € Gibraltar 9608MW2T drum seat, saddle, top grade foam padding for maximum comfort, Spindle height adjustment with memory lock system, double braced throne base with Gibraltar exclusive super foot

Gibraltar 9608RW2T Drum Throne Round

186.00 € Gibraltar 9608RW2T drum seat, round, top grade foam padding for maximum comfort, Spindle height adjustment with memory lock system, double braced throne base with Gibraltar exclusive super foot

Gibraltar 9608S Drum Throne Base Low

94.39 € Gibraltar 9608S Drum Throne Base, Short throne base, Adjusts from 16" to 24" in height

Gibraltar 9608SFT Soft Drum Throne

193.00 € Gibraltar 9608SFTsoft drum stool, double braced legs, Super Lock System, "Super Foot" rubber feet, Memory Lock for height adjustment,

Gibraltar 9808ARW Drum Throne

152.00 € Gibraltar 9808ARW, Airtech drum throne with round seat, Top from breathable dry-mesh, Vinyl exterior, Diameter 35 cm / padding 9,5 cm, Double braced, 'Quick Lock' system, 'Super Foot' rubber feet, ... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 9808OS-AB Drum Throne

286.00 € Gibraltar 9808OS-AB Drum Throne, Drum throne with extra large saddle top and back rest, Cordura top / vinyl side, Width 48 cm / padding 13 cm, double braced, quick lock system, super foot rubber fe... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 9908 Drum Throne

208.00 € Gibraltar 9908 drum stool, top grade foam padding for maximum comfort, adjustable height, 4-leg Version,

Gibraltar B9608 Drum Throne Leg Base

91.97 € Gibraltar B9608 Drummerthrone Leg Base, Double Braced Throne Base, Adjusts from 20" to 28" in height,

Gibraltar GBR Back Rest for 9608HM & OS

79.87 € Gibraltar GBR Back Rest for 9608HM & 9608OS, Gibraltar Back Rest Attachment for Models 9608HM & 9608OS,

Gibraltar GUBR universal Back Rest

98.02 € Gibraltar GUBR Back Rest, Cloth Covered Backrest, Height Adjustable Clamp Section attaches directly to throne post

Gibraltar S9608R Drum Throne Top

71.39 € Gibraltar S9608R Vinyl Round Seat Top, only the round Top from the Seat, for Diameter: 22,2mm,

Gretsch 9608-2 Drum Throne

126.00 € Gretsch 9608-2 drum stool - top grade foam padding for maximum comfort, adjustable height (51cm - 70cm). 13" diametre

K&M 14000 Drum Throne Gomez Bundle

217.00 € K&M 14000 Drum Throne Gomezz Bundle containing K&M 14000 DRUM THRONE GOMEZZ (order code 193561), K&M 14003 GOMEZZ (order code 263869)

K&M 14000 Drum Throne Gomezz

202.00 € K&M 14000 Professional Drummer Throne - 'Gommezz' model, foldable 3-leg base, fixed large rubber end caps for good floor Contact, continuous height adjustment by a notched system with 10mm step... Loe edasi

K&M 14005 Back Rest for Gomezz

78.66 € K&M 14005 back rest for K&M 14000 Gomezz drummer seat, adjustable in height and depth, oval imitation leather back padding, weight: 2,5 kg

K&M 14010 Drum Throne Piccolino

95.60 € K&M 14010 Piccolino, threeleg doublebraced chrome Drummerthrone, 360 - 440 mm adjustable High, for all Drummer they like a real deep Position, excellen for Kids, adjustable over patented System... Loe edasi

K&M 14015 Drum Throne

103.00 € K&M 14015 Drum Throne - bottom piece 3 foot with doubling vines and large root circle, fold upable. Gradually hight adjustable with surface-careful wedging. Minimum seat level of 480 mm. Large ... Loe edasi

K&M 14016 Drum Throne

108.00 € K&M 14016 drum-seat, comparable with art. 14015. big padded-seat ø 325 mm. Weight: 5.5 kg. H: 500/710mm

K&M 14020 Picco

95.60 € K&M 14020 Picco, Drummer Throne for beginners and for advanced players, Baseline Series, unique clamp with patented push buttom system for easy handling, double braced steel leg construction wi... Loe edasi

K&M 14030 Grande

131.00 € K&M 14030 Grande, allround Drummer Throne, Baseline Series, precision height adjustment mechanism with a ratchet knob and clamping lever in 10mm steps, double braced steel leg construction with... Loe edasi

K&M 14032

71.39 € K&M 14032 backrest, for K&M drum seats. 325mm-adjustable, imitation leather, weight 3,1 kg, (don't fit to K&M 14000 Gomezz)

K&M 14033

73.82 € K&M 14033 back rest - adjustable to K&M drums stools ø 325 mm. Distance to seating adjustable. Oval back cushion with fabric cover (235 x 400 mm), variable height adjustable. Weigth 2 kg. ... Loe edasi

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