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Apogee - Ensemble Thunderbolt

Apogee - Ensemble Thunderbolt
Hind: 2149.00  
Tootekood: 350352
Tarneaeg: 1-3 nädalat (eeldatav saabumine 15-19.06.2020)
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Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt, thunderbolt audiointerface 24-b it/192khz, proprietary thunderbolt audio driver and ess sabr e32 dac offer full 32-bit playback, core audio-optimized har dware engine frees your mac cpu, groundbreaking low latency performance, remote controlable via software (free), iOS Ap p (free) and Apogge Control Hardware (optional available: 39 9527), 30 in-/outputs (analog and digital), 10 analog inputs - 4x mic/line/instrument, 4x mic and 2x hi-z with direct ou t, channel 1 and 2 with insert send-/return 6,3mm jack, mic pres with 48v, up to 75 db stepped gain, polarity invert an d soft limit, built in mic with mono omnidirectional condens or capsule on front panel for recording and talkback, 2 high -resolution oled displays show levels and settings, input se lect buttons and controller knob for convenient selection of parameters and settings, 4 assignable buttons to control: t alkback mic (built-in or external), output settings such as speaker set selection, mute, dim, sum to mono complete inpu t/output control with apogee's maestro software, 2x bal. jac k main output, out 3-10 via balanced outputs on 1 dsub 25-pi n connector, 2 independent 6,3mm jack stereo headphone outpu ts, 2x optical in-/out supports adat (16 channel, smux (8 ch annel) & s/pdif (4 channel), word clock in-/out on bnc conne ctor, 1x s/pdif in-/out, 2x thunderbolt 2 connector, Control all input and output parameters with Apogee Control Softwar e, Remote control the Ensemble Thunderbolt with the Apogee C ontrol Software iOS app, expandable via Thunderbolt with Apo gee Control, Apogee Ensemble or another Ensemble unit, compa tible with mac OS X 10.9.3 or greater, dimensions: 19" 1u, n o thunderbolt cable included.

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