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African Percussion Djemben Strap

35.09 € African Percussion Djemben Straps, the carrying straps are used for drumming in standing or walking mode. The hook and loop fastening allows them to be attached to any size of drum head without pro... Loe edasi

Afroton ABST 435 Bass Drum Stand

61.71 € Afroton ABST 435 Bass Drum Stand, size: small, material: wood, collapsible stand, 80cm x 35cm

Afroton ABST 436 Bass Drum Stand

68.97 € Afroton ABST 436 Bass Drum Stand, size: medium, material: wood, collapsible stand, 80cm x 40cm

Afroton ADST 2010 Djembe Stand

58.08 € Afroton ADST 2010 Djembe Stand, comfortable to play sitting, lightweight metal, 2-pcs, easy to dismount

Afroton AGR794R

27.83 € Afroton AGR794R Djembe Strap - universal model for all series, padded. Finish: Rasta

Afroton AGR794S Shoulder Strap Djembe

25.41 € Afroton AGR794S Strap for Djembe, Finish: Black, universal Model for all Series, padded,

Contemporanea Belt 2 Hooks Black

22.39 € Contemporanea Belt, 2 Hook, simple Version, colour: black

Contemporanea Universal Strap

53.24 € Contemporanea Universal Strap, Strap for several bigger instruments like surdos, djembes, etc., 2 hooks, cross belt,

Dixon PA-CHM-SP Wind Chime Mount

27.71 € Dixon PA-CHM-SP Wind Chime Mount - for attaching wind chimes to a stand.

DW PDP Accessory Arm

35.09 € DW PDP Accessory Arm, PDAXAC95, including Quick Grip Clamp (infinite angle adjustment), Rod diameter: 1/2-inch and 9.5mm, DW Boom Arm Memory Lock, for attaching Tambourine, Jam Block or any other 9... Loe edasi

DW SM2141 Claw Hook Access Clamp

32.67 € DW SM2141 Claw Hook Accessory Clamp, adjustable cowbell holder for attaching to bass drums.

Gibraltar GDS Djembe Stand

135.00 € Gibraltar GDS Djembe Stand - lightweight, adjustable length and height, designed to fit various manufacturers' djembe drums, folds down for easy transportation.

Gibraltar GPDS Djembe Stand Pro

183.00 € Gibraltar GPDS Djembe Stand Pro, Chrome Finish, the best option for heavy hitters, Fully adjustable, Telescopic boom arm

Gibraltar SC-101 HH Tambourine Holder

18.15 € Gibraltar SC-101 Hi-Hat Tambourine Holder, for Mount a Handtambourim eines Handtambourines on a Drum Set Hi-Hat Machine

Gibraltar SC-170 Tom Tom Arm

53.24 € Gibraltar SC-170, Tom Tom Arm, L-Rod Diameter 9,5mm, can also used as Cowbell- or Percussionholder

Gibraltar SC-268R BD Cowbell Mount

10.89 € Gibraltar SC-268R BD Cowbell Mount, mounts on bass drum hoop, 9,5mm rod with "U" clamp and wing screw

Gibraltar SC-AM1 Accessory Mount

22.99 € Gibraltar SC-AM1 Accessory Mount, attaches to a stand to provide top or bottom mounting via 9.5mm post

Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Smart Phone Holder

46.59 € Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Smart Phone Holder, Mobile holder to attach to your bass drum hoop, strong and secure, angel adjustment arm, hoop clamp with rubber padding to protect hoop from marring

Gibraltar SC-LRAC L-Rod & Clamp

31.46 € Gibraltar SC-LRAC L-Rod & Clamp, 9.5mm ratchet L-Rod for mounting percussion with adjustable stand clamp

LP 235 Cowbell U-Clamp

15.73 € Latin Percussion LP235, Cowbell U-Clamp,

LP 332 Percussion Stand

142.00 € Latin Percussion LP332 Percussion Stand, Designed to hold a variety of mountable percussion on one convenient stand, 21" long telescoping 3/8" diameter knurled rod can hold LP Jam Blocks, LP Bar Ch... Loe edasi

LP 372 Everything Rack Large

100.00 € Latin Percussion LP372 Everything Rack - includes 4x straight holders and 2x Z-form holders. Suitable for mounting on most stands. Chrome finish

LP 388M Multi Gajate Bass Pedal

126.00 € Latin Percussion 388M Multi Gajate Holder for Bass Drum Pedal - for three mountable percussion instruments such as tambourine, woodblock or cowbell.

LP 445 Bata Stand

361.00 € Latin Percussion LP445 Bata Stand - with wheels, very durable chrome stand, easy to assemble, comes with bungee cords for securing drum shells, one player can now use all 3 sizes of batás for new ... Loe edasi

LP 453 Bar Chime Mount Bracket

24.20 € Latin Percussion LP453 Bar Chime Mounting Bracket,

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