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Tama CBA5 Cowbell Holder

37.51 € Tama CBA5 Cowbellholder L-Rod with MC5 Multiclamp fitted for 10mm Diameter Boom

Tama CBA56 Percussion Holder

43.56 € Tama CBA56 Percussion Holder, multiclamp with 3/8" / 9,5mm rod to attache different percussion instruments like cowbells, tambourins etc.

Tama CBH20 Cowbell Holder

27.83 € Tama CBH20 Cowbell Holder with Bass Drum Mount

Tama CBH50 Cowbell Attachement

42.23 € Tama CBH50 Cowbell Attachment, cowbell holder for mounting on the bass drum, L-Rod can be attached on both sides, rubber hoop protector

Tama HCA20 Accessory Mount Arm

24.08 € Tama HCA20 Accessory Mount Arm, angled holder with 8mm thread for cymbals or tambourins, adjustable length, fits to Tama MC8 Hoop Grip,

Tama HOW29WN 2x Octoban Stand

158.00 € Tama HOW29WN Octobanstand, for 2er Set, doublebraced, Road Pro Series,

Tama HPGP Hoop Grip

10.77 € Tama HPGP Hoop Grip, for mounting every Star Cast tom system to nearly every hoop (exept wood hoops)

Tama LCB Cowbell Holder

13.19 € Tama LCB L-Rod Cowbellholder 9mm (Multiclamp optional)

Tama MC8 Hoop Grip

30.13 € Tama MC8 Hoop Grip, hoop clamp with l-rod holder, fits to all flanged and die cast hoops except of wood hoops, l-rod holder can be mounted left and right,

Tama RWH10 Rhythm Watch Holder

16.82 € Tama RWH10 Rhythm Watch Holder, Holder for Tama RW200, RW105 & RW100, fits 10,5mm percussion rods and tom holders

Tama ZCB Z-Rod for Cowbell

15.61 € Tama ZCB Z-Rod for Cowbell, fits for Tama MC8 Hoop Grip,

Tama ZCYE Z-Rod for Cymbals

21.66 € Tama ZCYE Z-Rod for Cymbals, including felts and Tama QC8 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate, fits for Tama MC8 Hoop Grip,

Tama ZCYEL Z-Rod for Cymbals long

22.87 € Tama ZCYEL Z-Rod for Cymbals, long version, including felts and Tama QC8 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate, fits for Tama MC8 Hoop Grip,

Tama ZHH Z-Rod for Hi-Hat

42.23 € Tama ZHH Z-Rod for Hi-Hat, including felts and clutch, fits Tama MC8 Hoop Grip,

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