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Gibraltar GDS Djembe Stand

135.00 € Gibraltar GDS Djembe Stand - lightweight, adjustable length and height, designed to fit various manufacturers' djembe drums, folds down for easy transportation.

Gibraltar GPDS Djembe Stand Pro

183.00 € Gibraltar GPDS Djembe Stand Pro, Chrome Finish, the best option for heavy hitters, Fully adjustable, Telescopic boom arm

Gibraltar SC-101 HH Tambourine Holder

18.15 € Gibraltar SC-101 Hi-Hat Tambourine Holder, for Mount a Handtambourim eines Handtambourines on a Drum Set Hi-Hat Machine

Gibraltar SC-170 Tom Tom Arm

53.24 € Gibraltar SC-170, Tom Tom Arm, L-Rod Diameter 9,5mm, can also used as Cowbell- or Percussionholder

Gibraltar SC-268R BD Cowbell Mount

10.89 € Gibraltar SC-268R BD Cowbell Mount, mounts on bass drum hoop, 9,5mm rod with "U" clamp and wing screw

Gibraltar SC-AM1 Accessory Mount

22.99 € Gibraltar SC-AM1 Accessory Mount, attaches to a stand to provide top or bottom mounting via 9.5mm post

Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Smart Phone Holder

46.59 € Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Smart Phone Holder, Mobile holder to attach to your bass drum hoop, strong and secure, angel adjustment arm, hoop clamp with rubber padding to protect hoop from marring

Gibraltar SC-LRAC L-Rod & Clamp

31.46 € Gibraltar SC-LRAC L-Rod & Clamp, 9.5mm ratchet L-Rod for mounting percussion with adjustable stand clamp

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