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Adam Hall 87406MI Microphone Insert

60.28 € Adam Hall 87406MI Microphone Insert, Microphone Inlay, Sufficient for 25 microphones, Colour: black, Suitable for Thon 6U rack drawer (item: #134236#), Hole diameter: 56 mm, Dimensions: 380 x 380 ... Loe edasi

AKG Adhesive Foil for C 411/416

19.07 € AKG Adhesive Foil for C 411/416, Adhesive, Suitable for C 411/416, Length: 100cm

AKG Battery Cover for GB 40

3.71 € AKG Battery Cover for GB 40, Battery Compartment Lid, For AKG GB 40, Colour: Black

AKG PB 1000

5.23 € AKG PB 1000, Presence boost adapter, For the AKG C 1000

AKG Rubber Plate for H516

3.46 € AKG Rubber Plate for H516, Foam Rubber Plate, Suitable for H516

Audio-Technica AT8449 Rubber

4.84 € Audio-Technica AT8449 Rubber, Flat rubber article, Suitable for the AT8449/3525 shock mount

Audio-Technica AT8651

12.92 € " Audio-Technica AT8651, Threaded adapter, For connecting XLR microphone bases, Compatible with 5/8"" threaded stands, Requires wiring, For mounting gooseneck microphones to a stand"

Audix P1

20.91 € Audix P1, Microphone Pouch, Black carrying pouch for Audix microphones, Zipper, Padded, Interior dimensions: Approx. 20 x 10 cm

Austrian Audio OCDC1 Dual Case

117.00 € Austrian Audio OCDC1 Dual Case, Aluminium Case for Austrian Audio Large Diaphragm Microphones, Custom-made foam insert for 2x OC 818/18 microphones, 2 elastic mounts and accessories

beyerdynamic Cover for Opus 87/88

5.32 € Beyerdynamic Cover for Opus 87/88, Cap, Suitable for Opus 87, 88 and 53, Colour: Blue

beyerdynamic Rubber Bands for EA 19/25

5.76 € Beyerdynamic Rubber Bands for EA 19/25, Rubber Band Set, For the EA 19/25, Rubber band set includes 4 pieces

Bose Professional EdgeMax Ceiling Tile 600x600mm

72.58 € Bose EdgeMax Ceiling Tile 600x600mm, Replacement Ceiling Tile, When using EdgeMax EM90 and EM180 speakers, Dimensions (W x H x D): 605 x 13 x 605 mm, Weight: 2.0 kg

Catchbox Plus Cover Blue

125.00 € Catchbox Plus Cover Blue, Interchangeable Cover, For Catchbox Plus and Catchbox Lite, Colour: Blue

Catchbox Plus Cover Custom

186.00 € Catchbox Plus Cover Custom, Interchangeable Case for Catchbox, Suitable for Catchbox Mod, Catchbox Plus and Catchbox Lite, Colour and logo freely selectable according to customer requirements@+*No... Loe edasi

Catchbox Plus Cover Grey

125.00 € Catchbox Plus Cover Grey, Interchangeable Cover, For Catchbox Plus and Catchbox Lite, Colour: Grey

Catchbox Plus Cover Red

125.00 € Catchbox Plus Cover Red, Changeable Cover, Suitable for Catchbox Mod, Catchbox Plus and Catchbox Lite, Colour: Red

Catchbox Plus Cover Yellow

125.00 € Catchbox Plus Cover Yellow, Interchangeable Cover, For Catchbox Plus and Catchbox Lite, Colour: Yellow

Catchbox Plus Dock Charger

140.00 € Catchbox Plus Dock Charger, Wireless Charger, Compatible with Catchbox Plus clip microphone, Makes charging effortless and space management hassle-free, Colour: Black


33.22 € DPA ADH0002, Adhesive pad set, Suitable for the DMM0009 miniature concealer, One set includes 25 pieces


46.75 € DPA ADH0005, Microphone adhesive pads, Versatile, Delivery quantity: 50 pieces


25.84 € BLM6000-B, Rubber Plate for DPA Clip-on Microphones, For boundary microphone applications, Especially suitable for capturing speech and for piano, Diameter: 75 mm, Colour: Black


126.00 € DPA DAK4060, Accessory set for DPA miniature microphones@+*Consists of*:@+@+, DMM0002-B, DMM0003-B, SCM0017-B, and 8x windscreens in various colours, Includes plastic box


67.66 € DPA DUA 0523 B, Makeup and Moisturizing Filters, Suitable for DPA d:fine headsets, Colour: Black, Contents: 5 pieces


67.66 € DPA DUA0523F, Makeup and moisture protection filters, Suitable for DPA d:fine headsets, Colour: beige, Quantity included per order: 5 pieces


14.76 € DPA DUA0590, Makeup and Moisture Filter, Suitable for DPA 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063, 4066, 4266, 4466 and 4488 microphones, Colour: Blue, Quantity: 5 pieces

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