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Aston Microphones Element

202.00 € Aston Microphones Element; Class-A active studio microphone; Side-fire single pattern cardioid; 38 mm (1.5") Capsule with Ridyon-Technology; active moving coil technology with super-fast transient ... Loe edasi

beyerdynamic Classis RM 30

585.00 € beyerdynamic Classis RM 30; Revoluto vertical line-array mikrophone, black, 3-pin-XLR connector, with built-in preamp and low cut Filter, an electret-condenser microphone in the operating principle... Loe edasi

Catchbox Mod

497.00 € Catchbox Mod - throwable microphone; Catchbox Mod converts any wireless beltpack transmitter into a Catchbox throwable microphone for audience engagement; Catchbox Mod comes with an integrated prof... Loe edasi

DPA 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun

455.00 € DPA 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun; Shotgun microphone; supercardioid; MicroDot; 10 cm gooseneck; dynemic range: 110dB; max SPL, THD 10%: 135 dB SPL Peak; weight: 10g; microphone length: 10,4cm; colour: b... Loe edasi

DPA 4097 Interview Kit

517.00 € DPA 4097 Interview Kit; set comprising of: 1 x 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun microphone (black, MicroDot, 10 cm gooseneck); 1 x MicroDot-cablel 2,2 mm, length 1,8 m (CM2218B00); 1 x plate for transmitter... Loe edasi

DPA 5100

3095.00 € DPA 5100, mobil surroundmic, plug-and-play for 5.1-recordings, incl. 5m multicore with 6 x XLRm, incl. Outdoorcover OC5100 and screenadapter, size and weight: width:248 mm, height:139 mm, depth: 20... Loe edasi

Earthworks Audio PM40

3307.00 € Earthworks Audio PM40; PianoMic System for mounting in a Piano (not visible from outside of the piano (needs no stands or mic booms); Condenser Microphone; Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional (random in... Loe edasi

IK Multimedia iRig Mic

58.08 € IK Multimedia iRig Mic, handheld high quality condenser microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Android, perfect for on field interviews, podcasting and reporting, as well for vocalists an... Loe edasi

Lewitt DGT 650 USB

527.00 € Lewitt DGT 650 USB All-in-one stereo recording solution and interface for PC, Mac and iOS devices, XY capsule arrangement, OS X Core Audio and dedicated ASIO driver for Windows, Line-in and MIDI-in... Loe edasi

micW i266 Kit

149.00 € micW i266 Kit, Microphone set includes: i266 Mikrophone, CB011 extensioncable 2m, CB012 Splitcable, CL013 Clip, WS013 Windjammer, AC011 The TUBE (storage/shockmount), microphone data: Type: electre... Loe edasi

micW i436

117.00 € micW i436, external Mini Microphone for iPad 1/2, iPhone 3gs (and newer) and iPod touch, also calibrated measurement microphone, complies with IEC61672 Class 2 Sound Level, Meter standard, turn you... Loe edasi

micW i436 Kit

138.00 € micW i436 Kit, set includes: i436 Mikrophone, CB011 extensioncable 2m, CB012 Splitcable, CL013 Clip, WS013 Windjammer, AC011 The TUBE (storage/shockmount), microphone data: type: electret condenser... Loe edasi

micW i437L

179.00 € micW i437L; Miniature clip-on microphone for the iPhone/iPad with lightning connector; condenser measuring microphone certified according to IEC 61672 class 2; Principe of Operation: Omni Direction... Loe edasi

micW i456 Kit

128.00 € micW i456 Kit, set includes: i456 Mikrophone, CB011 extensioncable 2m, CB012 Splitcable, CL013 Clip, WS013 Windjammer, AC011 The TUBE (storage/shockmount), microphone data: type: electret condenser... Loe edasi

micW iShotgun

198.00 € micW iShotgun, super cardioid shotgun mic for smartphones such as iPhones, tablets and DSLR cameras, Type: Electret Condenser, Diameter: 8mm, Principe of operation: Interference tube, Polar Pattern... Loe edasi


105.00 € MXL AC-40EXT, extension mic for mxl ac-400 series; frequency response: 40 - 16000 hz; connectors: 2x 3,5 mm jack; mute switch; includes 180 cm 3,5mm jack to 3,5 jack cable and foam windshield; requ... Loe edasi

Rode NT-SF1

1005.00 € Rode NT-SF1; Ambisonic Microphone; for creating 360° recordi ngs, 3D audio, VR sound and immersive audio; equipped with 4 true condenser cardiod capsules (1/2“) in tetrahedral array ; Frequency R... Loe edasi

Saramonic Sound Bird T3

329.00 € Saramonic Sound Bird T3; directional shotgun microphone; directional pattern: cardioid; frequency range: 75 to 20k Hz (selectable HPF 150 Hz); sensitivity: -38 ± 3dB(OdB=1 V/Pa,at 1 kH 1.5V 2.2K);... Loe edasi

Saramonic SR-M3

71.39 € Saramoinc SR-M3; directional condenser microphone; extra 3.5mm mic input; headphone monitor jack; integrated shoe-mount; low cut filter (200 Hz); 3.5mm audio output to camera; foam windscreen inclu... Loe edasi

Saramonic SR-NV5X

95.60 € Saramonic SR-NV5X; directional Condenser microphone; broadcast sound quality; low noise circuitry; rugged metal construction; polar pattern: cardioid; frequency response: 40-18000Hz ±3dB; sensitiv... Loe edasi

Saramonic SR-PMIC2

83.50 € Saramonic SR-PMIC2; stereo condenser microphone; X/Y stereo cardioid condenser capsules; battery-free operation; switchable Low-Cut Filter at 75 Hz; integrated rubber shock; foam windscreen include... Loe edasi

Saramonic SR-XM1

30.13 € Saramonic SR-XM1; mini microphone for cameras; universal for all devices with a 3.5mm TRS jack; Plug and play; improved sensitivity and signal to noise; flexible angle-free design; foam windscreen ... Loe edasi

Sennheiser Ambeo VR Mic

1513.00 € Sennheiser Ambeo VR Mic, 3D condenser Ambisonics Recording- and video microphone with four matched KE 14-capsules, 360° recording, AMBEO A-B format converter Plug-in to control and convert the rec... Loe edasi

Sennheiser Memory Mic

221.00 € Sennheiser Memory Mic, high quality condenser microphone, om nidirectional, captures amazing sound in broadcast quality, 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.1 transmission, records up to 4 hours o f audio, one tou... Loe edasi

Shure Motiv MV5 Black

129.00 € Shure Motiv MV5 Black, digital USB and Lightning Condenser recording Microphone for PC, Mac, IOS units with Apple Lightning connector , adjustablee DSP Modes: Voice / Instrument / Flat, Cardioid, 2... Loe edasi

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