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Audio-Technica AT8022

499.00 € Audio-Technica AT8022 Stereo Condenser Microphone - X/Y stereo (2x cardioid), 20Hz-15kHz, switchable lowcut (80Hz), 250 Ohms, 128dB SPL, battery power (1.5V AA), 5-pin XLR connection. Includes micr... Loe edasi

Audio-Technica BP4025

590.00 € Audio-Technica BP4025 Stereo Condenser Microphone - X/Y stereo, 20Hz-17kHz, switchable 80Hz low cut, switchable -10dB pad, 170ohms, 145dB SPL max, 11-52V phantom power, 5-pin XLR connector, include... Loe edasi

Neumann KU100

8228.00 € The KU 100 dummy head is a binaural stereo microphone. It resembles the human head and has two microphone capsules built into the ears. The KU 100 can be operated with typical 48 V phantom powering... Loe edasi

Neumann USM 69I mt

5409.00 € Neumann USM 69i MT; stereo microphone for XY and MS stereophony; two independent large-diaphragm systems with 5 directional characteristics: omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid ... Loe edasi

Rode NT4

487.00 € Rode NT4 - stereo microphone. Includes wind shield, stereo cable, clip and synthetic suitcase. 10 years Rode Warranty

Roland WPM-10 Wear Pro

12.09 € Roland WBM-10 Wear Pro; Stereo in-ear Microphone for GoPro H ERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 Cameras; binaural Recordings in 3D St ereo-Sound; plugin-powered via GoPro Camera (no Batterys req uired); Mic Ty... Loe edasi

Royer Labs SF-24

4936.00 € Royer Labs SF-24, Active Stereo Coincident Dynamic Ribbon Microphone, phantom powered version of the Royer SF-12, The output of -38dB is 14dB more sensitive than the SF-12 output. Phantom powered c... Loe edasi

Sanken CMS-50

1902.00 € Sanken CMS-50 MS stereo microphone; Frequency range: 60Hz to ~ 20kHz, sensitivity (nominal at 1kHz): -28dB (40mV), 0dB = 1V / Pa), Equivalent noise level: 18dB SPL, Max SPL: 138dB SPL, High pass fi... Loe edasi

Schoeps MSTC 64 Ug

3240.00 € Schoeps MSTC 64Ug - ORTF stereo microphone, requires 12-48V phantom power, 40Hz-20kHz, 132dB max SPL, T-housing with 2x fixed MK4g capsules, 95° angle, includes SG20 stand adapter. Colour: Grey

Sennheiser MKH 418-s

1747.00 € Sennheiser MKH 418-s, Stereo Shotgun Mic - supercardioid, 40Hz-2kHz, 5-pin XLR. Colour: Black

Shure VP 88

1244.00 € Shure VP 88, MS-stereo-condenser microphone for studio and broadcast, 40 - 20.000 Hz, 3-steps MS-Matrix switchable, works with 6V battery or phantompower, 5-Pol XLR out, inkl. Y-cable 5-Pol XLR >... Loe edasi

Soundman OKM II Classic A3

208.00 € Soundman OKM II Classic A3 - electret microphone with omni-pattern, blue colour code, frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, includes A3 power supply adaptor allowing the mic to be used on a line input.

Soundman OKM II Classic Solo

142.00 € Soundman OKM II Classic Solo - electret microphone with omni-directional polar pattern, 20Hz-20kHz, optional A3 power supply available separately. Colour: Blue

Soundman OKM II Classic TRRS

137.00 € Soundman OKM II Classic TRRS - electret microphone with omni-directional polar pattern; frequency range: 20 Hz-20kHz; colour: black; for connecting a Rode SC6-L adapter (not included);

Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio A3

275.00 € Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio A3 - electret microphone, omni pattern, 20Hz-20kHz, excellent frequency response, perfect channel match, includes A3 power supply adaptor (for direct connection to a ... Loe edasi

Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio Solo

212.00 € Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio Solo, electret microphone with omni pattern, colorcode: red, frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, excellent frequency responses, perfect channel match, A3 adaptor availabl... Loe edasi

Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio TRRS

221.00 € Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio TRRS - electret microphone with omni-directional polar pattern; frequency range: 20 Hz-20kHz; excellent frequency responses; perfect channel match; colour: black; for... Loe edasi

Superlux E523/D

82.29 € Superlux E523/D - X/Y stereo condenser microphone, frequency response: 30Hz-20kHz, impedance: 200ohms, max. SPL: 126dB. Includes 5mtr stereo cable, windscreen and clamp. Can be powered via batterie... Loe edasi

Superlux E531

35.09 € Superlux E531 MS stereo condenser microphone - frequency response: 100Hz-15kHz, 1k ohm impedance, 110dB max SPL. Includes windscreen, clamp and table stand. Battery powered. Weight: 110g.

Superlux S502

152.00 € Superlux S502 ORTF Stereo Microphone - 2 matched cardioid capsules, 1/2" gold membrane, black metal housing, 110°, 17 cm, 135dB SPL max, 200 Ohms, 40Hz-20kHz, require 48V phantom power, 5-pin XLR ... Loe edasi

Zylia Pro Have it all

1281.00 € Zylia Pro Have it all!; 3rd order Ambisonics microphone for 360° recordings; enables 3D audio recordings as well as multitrack recordings of the entire music scene with only one microphone; based ... Loe edasi

the t.bone ST 40

18.03 € the t.bone ST 40 compact cardioid stereo microphone - frequency response: 100Hz-16kHz. Includes power supply and battery, 1/8" jack (Mini Plug) and 1/4" jack connectors

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