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Zylia - Pro Set

Zylia - Pro Set
Hind: 981.00  
Tootekood: 448860
Tarneaeg: 1-3 nädalat (Eeldatav saabumine 29.07 - 02.08.19)
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Zylia Pro Set; 3rd order Ambisonics microphone for ambient a nd studio recordings; enables 3D audio recordings as well as multitrack recordings of the entire music scene with only o ne microphone; based on the ZM-1 microphone array with 19 hi gh quality omnidirectional condenser capsules distributed on a sphere; Zylia Studio Pro plugin (VST / VST3 / AU / AAXnat ive) for realtime decoding; presets for surround or ambient recordings (5.1, 7.1, 5.4.1, 22.2 and more); Zylia Ambisoni cs Converter converts the ZM-1 multi-channel recordings to H igher Order Ambisonics (HOA); supports B-Format, FuMa, ACN, ambiX, TBE; compatible to Facebook 360 and Youtube 360 plat forms; Zylia Studio Software for recording, editing, mixing and decoding of the microphone tracks; Automix feature adju sts level and panorama positions automatically; alternativel y every instruments volume and panorama position can be chan ged manually after the recording session is finished; extrac t individual instruments into separate tracks; export tracks into any DAW software as WAV file; connection to the comput er via USB2; recording resolution 24 bit / 48 kHz; directivi ty: omnidirectional; frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz; dyn amic range: 105 dB; Signal to noise ratio: 69 dB(A); THD: <1 % q 128 dB SPL; noise floor: -105 dB FS(A); Micro USB 2.0 po rt; 1/4" and 5/8" stand threads; scope of delivery: Tripod, thread adapter, USB cable; ZM-1 dimensions: 155 x 103 mm; Z M-1 weight: 470 g; system requirements: Win7 min., Mac OSX 1 0.9 min., Linux Ubuntu 16.04 min.; 2 GB RAM; 2 GB HD, intern et connection

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