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78.66 € AKG MPA VL Male - phantom power adapter with mini XLR male plug for MicroMic connectors (L-plug). Bass roll-off switch. Cable length 50 cm

ART Phantom II Pro

115.00 € ART Phantom II Pro, 2-Channel Phantom Power Supply with Battery Support, for up two Condenser Microphones, XLR connectors for balanced inputs and outputs, Low power, high efficiency CMOS circuitry ... Loe edasi

Audio-Technica AT8538

119.00 € Audio-Technica AT8538, Remote Power module, In-line , Powered by phantom power only, suitable for Audio-Technica AT831R, U853R, U875R and PRO35

Audio-Technica AT8539

142.00 € Audio-Technica AT8539, Phantomadapter for Audio-Technica wireless microphones with 4pin connection

Audix APS 2

148.00 € Audix APS 2, 2 channel phantompower adapter, 2x XLR female Input, 2x XLR male Output

Audix APS-910

58.08 € Audix APS-910, phantomadapter for condenser-microphones, Mini-XLR 3-Pin to XLR-male, suitable ADX40, ADX60, MicroD, HT5

Behringer PS400

35.09 € Behringer PS 400 - 1 channel +48V phantom power supply. Includes 12volt DC power supply.


115.00 € DPA DAD4099-BC, phantom power adapter with fixed 80 Hz LowCut Filter for DPA 4099 Instrument Series, incl. belt clip


115.00 € DPA DAD6001-BC - XLR connector with 48V phantom power adapter for DAD 4060, includes belt clip.

JTS MA-500

38.72 € JTS MA-500; Phantom power supply adapter for electret microphone with 4-pole mini XLR connection; 10 dB attenuator; 2 switchable low cut filters; Metal body with belt clip, Phantom power DC 12-48 V... Loe edasi

Millenium Pocket Phantom

35.09 € Millenium Pocket Phantom, 2 channel +48 V Phantom power supply for condenser microphones, 2x XLR Input, 2x XLR Output, switch for +12 V oder +48 V, incl. power supply

Millenium PP2B Phantom Power Supply

38.72 € Millenium PP2B Phantom Power Supply, dual phantom power adapter, 12V/48V switchable, 2x XLR input 2x XLR output, operating voltage: 12V/150 mA (power supply included) or 2 × 9 V battery, dimension... Loe edasi

Neumann MCM 100

120.00 € Neumann MCM 100; Output stage for MCM System; connectors: input 3.5 mm minijack, output XLR; requires 48V phantom power; Dimensions: 77 x 22 mm (length x diameter); weight: 96g

Palmer PAN 48

179.00 € Palmer PAN 48, 2 channel phanompower for condenser microphones and active direct box, XLR in/out, fixed power cable, LED, On/Off switch, dimensions 110mm x 110mm x 45mm

Rode VXLR Pro

54.45 € Rode VXLR Pro; Plug adaptor with transformer and power converter; TRS mini jack (3.5mm) to XLR3M; integrated voltage converter from phantom power (12 - 48V) to plug-in power (4V); for connecting Vi... Loe edasi

Rode VXLR+

29.04 € Rode VXLR+, mini jack to xlr adaptor with power convertor; 3.5mm female trs socket to male xlr3 output; converts phantom power (12-48 v) down to plug in power (3-5 v); allows connection of rode hs2... Loe edasi

Rolls PB 223

152.00 € Rolls PB 223, Mic Power II, Phantompower-Adapter, Phantompower for 2 Condenser Microphone, 48-V-Phantompower, XLR IN-Outputs,Powered by external power supply included

Rolls PB 224 B

189.00 € Rolls PB 224, Mic Power II B, Phantompower-Adapter, Phantompower for 2 Condenser Microphone, 48-V-Phantompower, XLR In- and Outputs, Powered by external power supply included or from battery power ... Loe edasi

Rolls PB 23

119.00 € Rolls PB 23, Mic Power I, Phantompower-Adapter, Phantompower for 1 Condenser Microphone, 48-V-Phantompower, In/Output XLR, Powered by external power supply included

Rolls RPB 486

286.00 € Rolls RPB 486, Phantom Power supply unit, Can power up to 6 condenser microphones with 48 volts phantom power, 6x XLR inputs, 6x XLR outputs, Can also be used for digital multitrack use, 19" 1HE, D... Loe edasi

SD Systems LP Preamp

208.00 € SD Systems LP Preamp, 9V block or phantom powering, EQ and volume automatic controller, switch, XLR output, suitably LCM micro series!

Sennheiser MZA 900 P-4

212.00 € Sennheiser MZA 900 P-4, phantomadapter from 3 Pin Lemo female to XLR for example for. MKE 2-4-3

Sennheiser MZA 900P

211.00 € Sennheiser MZA 900 P, Phantom adapter from EW plug to XLR e.g. for E 908 B EW, tough metal housing, Switchable gain (0/-12dB), Switchable low-cut filter (125 Hz (-3 dB), 12 dB/oct), Two-colour cont... Loe edasi

Shure RK100PK

275.00 € Shure RK100PK, Microphone -preamp for all Shure microphones with 4 pin TQG-connector,like. WCM 16, not for BETA-Series, incl. beltclip and allen key

Shure RPM 626

111.00 € Shure RPM 626 Phantom Adaptor for Shure microphones with 4 pin TQG connector, XLR Male -> TQG 4 Pol, Male, includes belt clip, fits for all Microphones with TQG connecter except WCM16, SM93 and ... Loe edasi

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