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On-Stage MS7255PG

39.93 € On-Stage MS7255PG, Dome Base Mic Stand, one-handed Pro-Grip clutch for height adjustments, base diameter: 25.4 cm (approx.), base weight: 4 kg (approx.), height adjustable from 96,5 to 155 cm (appr... Loe edasi

On-Stage MS7325

33.88 € On-Stage MS7325, Stackable Mic Stand, perfect for tight storage space, weighted base provides excellent stability, rubber feet on the bottom of each stand align with notches on the top of each base... Loe edasi

On-Stage MS7613

47.19 € On-Stage MS7613, Hex-Base Low Profile Mic Stand, base threading: M20, upper threading: 5/8" (27 tpi), height adjustable from 91 cm up to 165 cm (approx.), low profile base ensures stability while m... Loe edasi

On-Stage MS7701TB

47.19 € On-Stage MS7701TB, Telescoping Boom Mic Stand, all metal leg housing, height adjustable from 81 to 156 cm, threading: 5/8" (27 tpi), boom length adjustment from 51 to 91 cm, t-screw angle adjustmen... Loe edasi

On-Stage MS7801W

47.19 € On-Stage MS7801W, Microphone Stand (White), all metal leg housing, height adjustable from 94 to 162 cm, threading: 5/8" (27 tpi), t-screw angle adjustment, white coloured zinc die-cast clutch for h... Loe edasi

On-Stage MS8312

54.45 € On-Stage MS8312, Angled Microphone Stand, upper rocker-lug mic stand with round base, 5/8" (27 tpi) thread with locking washer for mic clamps, rocker-lug tilts the upper shaft 40°, M20 base thread... Loe edasi

On-Stage SB96+

120.00 € On-Stage SB96+, Studio Boom with Castors, four folding legs that lock in place and attached locking castors,extra long telescoping boom with solid steel counterweight, 5/8" (27 tpi) thread, 7" mini... Loe edasi

On-Stage SB9600

115.00 € On-Stage SB9600, Tripod Studio Boom, made from steel, tripod studio boom with 7" mini boom extension, extra long telescoping boom with solid steel counterweight, midpoint breakapart boom arm, 5/8" ... Loe edasi

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